18 Of The Best Summer Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Summer is here, and we are ready to say welcome to this season with open arms. We should welcome this warm weather with cheer and lighten up our homes. As we update our home every season, similarly with the start of summer, we update and freshen up our home with some Summer Decorating Ideas. Only with some changings, can we make our home different and charming. We can turn our boring home into colorful and bright looking living spaces. As it’s a warm season, so we should have that kind of change, which gives a relaxing, breezy, and cozy look.

18 Of The Best Summer Decorations Ideas For Your Home:

Summer is a season of all about the beach, outdoor enjoyment, and full of fun. But you can make your homes like outdoor spaces like indoor beach idea or a coastal-inspired cottage. But for this, you do not have to spend a lot of money to make your home summer-ready. With just little Summer Decorating Ideas, you can make your home beautiful and summer-ready. You have to pay a little time and imagination to your home and its small changes. Home interior decoration and the interior changing idea is the best way to make your home summer-ready. You have to keep in mind that you should not overdo anything. With just a few changings you will get your desired results.

Match some neutral colors with bright colors, and it will brighten up your home. I have prepared a very interesting post on 18 of the best summer decoration ideas for your home. All of Summer Decorating Ideas are very creative and amazing and will make your home beautiful. Here you will find summer decorations for all your rooms. All of them are easy to create, and you do not have to spend a lot of money. So, move ahead and make your home creative and beautiful with these Summer Decorating Ideas and DIY projects. Enjoy this summer with a few changings and interior decorations.

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Beautiful bright color summer decorations:

This is a very beautiful summer decor idea for those who do not love warm and pastel colors in the summer. Summer is a season of flowers and sunshine, so make your home sunshine inspired decor. It will make your home amazing and bright. Yellow paint with white furniture and green plants make your bedroom bright and bold. You can use this theme for your hallway, too, or bold pink will go well. So, choose this beautiful theme this summer to brighten up your home.

Beautiful bright color summer decorations


Pastel color pinwheel centerpiece for this summer:

This pastel color handmade pinwheel centerpiece an amazing idea to make your home summer-ready. Pinwheels are always popular, and memorize your childhood. You can create some pinwheel and can add some pop of colors to make an attractive centerpiece. These paper pinwheels are not very difficult to create and very inexpensive projects. You have to need colorful cardstock, scissors, wires, and a few fasteners for this project.  After making these pinwheels use a glass jar to display them.  It will enhance the beauty of your living space.

Pastel color pinwheel centerpiece for this summer


Colorful tissue paper globes for summer decorations:

These colorful globes look really charming and increase the beauty of your dining table in the summer evening. These globes or lanterns have been made from tissue paper, and they are very easy to create. This project will give your home a Japanese touch and look. These bright colors add an attractive element to your home and grab the attention of the visitors. These globes can not only use for indoor, but also you can use them for your outdoor lighting ideas.

Colorful tissue paper globes for summer decorations


Beach inspired candle holders for summer decor:

This amazing candle holder idea is great for indoor summer decor. You can buy them from the store, but it would not be difficult to create them with your own hands at home if you have a creative mind. You have to need some see stuff, rope for wrapping, and glass jars to display these candles. This project will make your boring nights romantic and amazing. It’s an expensive yet beautiful project that will make your summer nights wonderful.

Beach inspired candle holders for summer decor


Vibrant and bold color floral pillow:

Colorful and decorative pillows enhance the beauty of the living space. Especially in summer, you must use vibrant color pillows for your living room and bedroom to give a beautiful summer touch. You can use a white pillow cover and choose any three vibrant colors of fabric to make flowers. This kind of pillow cover fit the neutral themed living room and bedroom. So, get ready for the summer with this great project of summer decorations.

Vibrant and bold color floral pillow


Sea inspired coastal shadow boxes:

To give your room a coastal them, these shadow boxes with seashells is a perfect idea. These shadow boxes can be easily found from the stores, but you can make these shadow boxes with your own hands if you are a DIY lover. You can take various seashells and can paint them in different shades and colors. For more attraction, you can spray some glitter on them. These boxes will increase the beauty of your home decor and make it more attractive. You can hang these boxes on your bedroom walls or on any other way you like to hang them. This is a great summer decorations idea that will make your home more creative.

Sea inspired coastal shadow boxes


Colorful and beautiful bedroom look for your summer decor:

Make your bedroom summer ready with this colorful and amazing idea of summer decor. If you don’t want to change your kitchen or living room’s look, then make your bedroom summer-ready. It’s not very difficult to decorate your bedroom in summer, and you can easily give them a vibrant look for summer. Using the vibrant color of sheets, bed sets and matching them with a white lamp and white theme will make your bedroom amazing and wonderful. You can also use rugs for the more attractive look of your bedroom.

Colorful and beautiful bedroom look for your summer decor


Beautiful and colorful living room for summer decorations:

A colorful and vibrant color living room adds a wonderful beauty to your home and inviting touch. Whenever you are going to decor your living room for summer, you should keep in mind that you have to choose bright and vibrant colors. Bold color with neutral color interior combinations make a good effect and make your living room more attractive and summer-ready. You can use bold colors for your walls, and the addition of greenery will make it awesome.

Beautiful and colorful living room for summer decorations


Beach inspired summer decorations:

As summer is all about the enjoyment of the beach and outside of the home, so this is the perfect idea for beach cottage room decor. This is a handmade seashell craft that will really beautify your cottage. You can easily find them from the shop, or you can collect them from the beach. This idea is perfect for coastal summer decor, and it will make your room beautiful and cool.

Beach inspired summer decorations


Amazing colorful DIY glittery vase summer decorations:

Suppose you want to decor your indoor spaces with some floral, then it’s a perfect idea for summer decorations. But it does not mean that you have to buy this type of candle jars from the shop. You can make them with your own hands at home with the help of this great idea and empty and clear glass jars. Glitter these glasses half of them and make beautiful and colorful paper flowers to make them more beautiful. This idea will make your summer decorations amazing and wonderful. You can also use real flowers to give a fresh impression.

Amazing colorful DIY glittery vase summer decorations


Wooden box centerpiece with fresh flowers:

Pastel colors are the symbol of summer, so that you can use pale pastel colors for your summer decorations.  This DIY pastel pink centerpiece box with flowers will enhance your dining room’s beauty and make it more creative and beautiful. This elegant wooden box can easily be made with your hands at home, and you don’t have to spend enough money to create it. This will also give a rustic look to your home, and its pale color will show the summer decorations.

Wooden box centerpiece with fresh flowers


Give a fresh sunshine to your sunroom:

You can use soft and vibe colors for your sunroom to give a summer effect as summer is all about the fresh and bold colors, so you can use bold colors and colorful floral pillows to make your room summer-ready. Floral wallpapers and greenery will also make it more charming and awesome. Whether you use bold or soft colors, you should always keep in mind that the colors’ matching should be perfect because combinations of the colors keep much importance for your home decor.

Give a fresh sunshine to your sunroom


Colorful floral umbrella door wreath:

Diy projects always teach us how to recycle things and give them a new shape and a new life. The door wreath doesn’t need to be round or circular; you can make different kinds of wreaths for your front door. Here I have shown you an umbrella with a flower door wreath that gives a beautiful and charming effect to your front door. This project is not very difficult and would not take much time for you. You have to take an umbrella and a bunch of colorful fresh flowers, and that’s it.

Colorful floral umbrella door wreath


Beautiful yellow theme floral decoration:

If you don’t want to use a glass flower pot, then look at this flower pot. This is a great idea to make floral arrangements this summer with the yellow theme. This floral arrangement idea will increase the beauty of your dining room. You have to take care of this thing that if you are using a bold color vase, you have to take neutral colors flowers, and if the vase is of neutral color, you can choose different and bold color flowers. You can make this floral arrangement for daily decor or any special party decor.

Beautiful yellow theme floral decoration


Colorful and decorative summer garlands:

This amazing summer decoration is a perfect idea for your Tiki party decor. Summer is all about fun, so move ahead make a party with your friends with these special handmade garland decorations. You can also use these pop of color garlands for your outdoor party and enjoy outside your home like indoor party enjoyments. This a very cheap idea to decorate your home in summer for your birthday or wedding party.

Colorful and decorative summer garlands


A bright and cheerful living room summer decorations:

Bright color decorations in your living room make it charming and attractive. You can try something different this summer to make your living room cheerful and awesome. Use bold colors of pillows with the white color of sofa, wall, and lamp with two colors. Center tables can be in two colors, which will make your living space more creative and wonderful as summer is the season of planting, so you can put planters aside of the sofa to give a fresh look to your space.

A bright and cheerful living room summer decorations


The Charming hat floral wreath to try this summer:

If you have an old straw hat and don’t use it now, don’t throw it out. You can create a wonderful door wreath with this straw hat for your front door. You have to wrap a few nets around it or buy a fresh color ribbon for this purpose. This project will be completed within 15 minutes, and you would not have to pay much money for creating it. Choose fresh or artificial flowers to give a complete look to this wreath, but the flowers’ color should be matched with the ribbons.

The Charming hat floral wreath to try this summer


Rainbow paper flower passing way decorations:

Move ahead and give your neutral or boring walls a colorful effect with these rainbow paper flowers. You can choose all vibrant colors for this DIY project, and this project will fit all kinds of ages. This project is not too difficult, but you have to pay a little extra time to create these colorful flowers. These flowers will make your walls charming and wonderful.

Rainbow paper flower passing way decorations

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