DIY Ideas To Recycle Magazines For Home Décor

If you are a magazine reader and have so many magazines in your shelves but you do not know what to do with them then there are many suggestions for you in this post of your problem. Yes, there are many ways that will inspire you to bring in use them for home décor items and crafts. You can create so much interesting things by recycling them. Recycle magazines is a new but very interesting fun and art that is making its own place. And you all know how much I love repurposing and recycling so I have brought many recycle magazines ideas for your inspiration. The options of recycle magazines are endless so you would not have to face any difficulty to pick suggestions and ideas of making new things.

DIY Ideas To Recycle Magazines For Home Décor


So, my dear guys! Don’t throw your old magazines in the trash again. Because there are hundreds of useful and better uses of these magazines that can make your home creative as well as beautiful at the same time. Such as you can make a wall clock from the colorful pages of the magazine and a beautiful wall art can be created by them. The picture frame to mirror frame can also be created by them. By this post of turning trash to treasure, you will be able to turn your old magazine into so many beautiful and interesting home décor items and things.

So, let’s take a look at the following gallery that I have prepared for your inspiration. I am so much excited to share all of these ideas with all of you guys. There is no matter how many magazines on your hands you are just going to create so many interesting projects by them for your home decor. And I am sure these projects will really grab the attention of others and really admire you on these creations. So, let’s get started to make wonderful and awesome home décor’s things by recycle magazines ideas.

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17 DIY Ideas To Recycle Magazines For Home Décor:

Upcycle Old Magazines Into 3D Wall Art:

This 3D wall art will make your boring wall bright and colorful. Moreover, you can bring some creativity and versatility in your home by using this art and old magazines. Of course, in this way you can make your walls unique and magazines can be used for a new purpose.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: Brit Co

DIY Recycle magazines Coaster:

Now you would not have to worry about your old magazines because you can create so many interesting and useful crafts by them such as a coaster. You just have to take the old magazines, cut the pages into strips and create these little but beautiful woven coasters. This is not a difficult technique to create these pretty coasters nor take much time.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: How About Orange

DIY Recycle magazines bowl:

This is a unique and creative way to upcycle the old magazines and make new things. This up-cycled bowl is very easy but beautiful that can be used to put your fruits and veggies that don’t have to be refrigerated. You can also use it as a makeup or jewelry storage pot.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: Saved by Love Creations

DIY Magazine Page Ceramic tiles:

What about this creative idea of upcycling the old magazines? I really love this idea to make my own ceramic tiles by using magazine pages. It is very easy and quick makes ceramic tile design that can be used for a new and unique look of any space of your home. You can make different designs by using different pages and pictures.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: Brit Co

DIY Magazine Collage Art:

If you love art work then this is the best idea to create an interesting wall art with help of magazines that you already have at your home. For this purpose, you just have to cut the pages and place onto a cardboard or wooden board and that’s it. It is really inexpensive as well as easy way to decorate your walls and places.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: All Put Together

DIY Magazine Vase:

It is a great idea to make a vase by your own hands just by using news papers and magazines pages. Just cut the papers into strips and roll them down as shown below. Then glue them all and paste them with one another. It is inexpensive and easy to make the project that will enhance the beauty of your place.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: Sarah Grand

DIY Rolled Magazine Frame:

Old magazines can also be turned into this beautiful wall frame. It is not very difficult and takes no much time to create it. In this way, you can get an extraordinary item from an old and ordinary thing.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: Ben Franklin Crafts

Recycled Magazines Record Clock:

What about this amazing clock? It has been made from all repurposed material that is often everyone has at his home. Of course, you can make very creative and unique things by using your inner art and all of these ideas which I have shown you in this post.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: Instructables

Upcycled Rolled Paper Frame:

This stunning frame has a lot of texture due to its pops of color. You just cut the papers and roll them out into flowers as shown. Of course, it will take a little extra time to create this project but the results will be outstanding.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: Instructables.

Upcycled Magazine Wreath Idea:

Upcycling is great and I love it very much because we can create any thing from it. By using old materials we can get a lot of interesting things such as this lovely upcycled magazine wreath. So, don’t throw out your old magazines and make beautiful and colorful door wreath with them.

recycle magazines


Make a Gift Bag Out of a Catalog or Magazine:

Making a gift bag by magazines is an interesting idea and way that is budget saving and creative thing. To get this beautiful bag follow the instructions given below.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: lifewithcrazyrachel

Upcycled Magazine Trash Can:

Use your old magazines to make this ironic trash can instead of putting those magazines actually into it. You just have to take a simple wire trash can and decorate it with different and colorful pages of magazines and newspapers. In this way, you will get a beautiful and well-decorated trash can without spending money.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: re playground

Recycled Magazine Mirror Frame:

You can turn your room’s focal point into the creative and interesting item by using old magazines. Just cut the pages of magazines and roll them in the shape of sticks. After it places them on the frame of the mirror and makes it decorative and attractive at the same time.


recycle magazines

Tutorial: Fleeting Thing

Make a Recycled Magazine Pencil Holder:

Take a toilet paper cardboard and wrap the magazine paper strips all around it. It will make a beautiful and awesome pencil holder that will make this holder bright and colorful.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: the craft corner

Make A Newspaper Basket:

Weave your own basket with newspaper strips to keep all your mini but essential things such as car keys, tissues, and sunglasses. It’s not harder to create but time-consuming.

recycle magazines


Recycled Magazine Paper Flowers:

Making flowers from the old magazines is a wonderful idea and usage of old magazines. This is a very easy project that you can make in a few minutes. By these flowers, you can decorate any part of your home and make it creative.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: here


Newspaper Recycled Vase:

This beautiful and chic newspaper recycled vase has been made from a wine bottle after wrapping the cut pieces of magazines and newspapers. Paste the non-toxic glue onto it and then those cut pages. This is a very easy but beautiful and creative idea to make your own decorative vase.

recycle magazines

Tutorial: a gr3een)

DIY Ideas To Recycle Magazines

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