Interesting Ways To Make Window Boxes To Beautify Your Home

Make window boxes is the best way to add some floral touch to your home and shrink a garden in a small box. A window box is hooked with the bottom of the window that makes this window gorgeous and attractive. It gives a colorful touch to your home as well as the beautiful and pleasant fragrance which freshen up you. It also displays your style and choice that how you brighten up your home with gorgeous plants and flowers. It also makes your front porch attractive and summer ready. If you don’t have enough space to make a garden or to do planting then think about this idea. It will make your outside of the home floral and colorful and you do not have to worry about to not have a space for gardening.

window boxes

You can make these window boxes from the different wooden material. Even you can make this box from a chalk box. Old wooden boxes, crates, pallets and many other broken types of furniture can be used for this purpose. You can grow different and beautiful plants and herbs in them and can make them colorful window boxes. You can paint them in different colors to make them more attractive and beautiful. If you don’t want to make a box then you can let board flat and can be attached it to the window. Then put the flower pots and planters onto this board and make the DIY window box.

I have made a big collection of some beautiful and attractive window boxes. They will make your home beautiful as well as attractive and colorful. So, let’s have a look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration. I hope you will find all of these ideas really effective and impressive and you would love to try them out at your own home. So, let’s be creative with these interesting ideas of window boxes.

Interesting Ways To Make Window Boxes To Beautify Your Home:

Gorgeous window box with colorful flowers:

This is an amazing idea to create a window box with colorful flowers. This idea will take only two weeks to build and plant. It will look really amazing in front of your front yard and make it more attractive. As summer is the season of blooming and blossoms of the flowers so you can grow different and colorful flowers and herbs to make your window box attractive.

Gorgeous window box with colorful flowers

DIY Details: the Lilypad Cottage

An elegant way to create window boxes:

AS we all know that spring summer is just here and we are ready to say welcome it. Everyone wants to make his patio loveable so let’s make our home floral and spring ready. Try these elegant window boxes ideas to make your boring space and window to spruce up. You even make these boxes along your sidewalk or edges of your deck.

An elegant way to create window boxes

DIY Details: remodel Aho Lic

Lopsided window boxes idea:

This is a lopsided window box that looks great along with your window. If you do not assemble in the right fashion your plans will be overgrown that will affect its beauty. So, you should keep in mind the potting tips and water retention.

Lopsided window boxes idea

DIY Details: crocker nurseries

Amazing DIY window boxes:

This is an outstanding idea to create window boxes and add colors to your home this spring. For this project, you have to take two boxes of wooden pallets and paint them. Fix them with your window and fill them with soil and fertilizer ingredients. After all grow different and beautiful flower planters and herbs in them. It’s a super easy and quick make window box idea. Easy to do itself and creative idea to say welcome to summer.

Amazing DIY window boxes

DIY Details: Ella Claire Inspired

The way to hang a window box:

If you facing problems of how to hang a window box then look at these tips for hanging a window box. Read these instructions and follow them to get the good result. Add some splash colors of flowers and paint the window which color do you want.

The way to hang a window box

DIY Details: this old house

Easy to make flower window box:

This simple yet beautiful window box has been made from pine wood that adds beauty as well as easy to create things by this wood. It will give a lushness to your home decor and the bright greenery at the bottom of the window box making it more charming and beautiful. It’s a very classy project and easy to shape the project.

Easy to make flower window box

DIY Details: Jenny Steffens

White coated gorgeous window boxes:

This gorgeous white coated window box has been made from just the cedar wood. You can get this delightful window box after measuring and matching the size of your window and that box. Fix it and followed by drilling holes for maintenance of water drainage.

White coated gorgeous window boxes

DIY Details: how does she

Bright color floral window box:

This monochromatic window box looks amazing with bright color flowers. It will grab the attention of others and make this space charming and wonderful with all these flowers. Red flowers and green plants making this place more charming and attractive.

Bright color floral window box

DIY Details: how does she

Graceful and beautiful window box with pink flowers:

This graceful window box looks amazing with its beautiful pink flowers. The hanging herb branches making this window box more attractive and charming. The bright color scheme is really effective and good idea for spring and summer.

Graceful and beautiful window box with pink flowers

DIY Details: how does she

White window box with lush green plants:

Sometimes a simple pallet shows its magic and makes a beautiful thing as done in this project. This simple white window box is looking amazing with all its green plants and herbs. It’s enhancing the beauty of this place and making it attractive.

White window box with lush green plants

DIY Details: pin

DIY window boxes made from vintage crates:

It’s not necessary that you have to build a new window box to create beauty. As DIY projects teach us how we can use old stuff and give them a new life and new shape. Similarly, in this picture, I have shown you DIY window boxes made from crates which are looking so amazing. Pink and greens looking perfect with wire wreath. It’s a ver inexpensive and easy to build project for your outer home decor.

DIY window boxes made from vintage crates

DIY Details: pin

Create A black window box:

Black color contrast looks amazing with the bright floral scheme. In this project black shutters adding more depth of beauty with yellow, green and white color flowers. It an amazing project to try this spring and summer.

Create A black window box

DIY Details: Flickr

Do-it-yourself window box project:

It’s a very good idea to make a window box by yourself. It’s a window box made of cedar wood fill with flowers. place it with the bottom of the window brackets. It’s not a very difficult idea to create wonderful outdoor home decor idea.

Do-it-yourself window box project

DIY Details: DIY Network

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