DIY Home Décor Crafts For Youre Home

Everyone wants a beautifully well-decorated home where he can enjoy most of his time with his family and friends. He wants to impress his family and friends with his wonder décor and how he did it. Adding your personal touch to your home décor make your home more charming and attractive. But unfortunately, the costs of the things and home decorating items can be expensive. That’s the reason most of us cannot fulfill our desire to have a beautifully decorated home. The homes we see on the TV costs of thousands of dollars to decorate and furnish. You buy a beautiful place but don’t have to go through a process. However, you want a beautifully decorated home but you can’t afford. Luckily, here I have a solution to this problem. I have gathered 20 home décor crafts to make your home well-decorated.

DIY Home Décor Crafts To Make Your Home Beautiful:

All of these home décor crafts easy to make, cheap, and the most important look gorgeous and fantastic. These crafts will turn your ordinary and simple home into luxurious without spending a lot. Moreover, these crafts will also make an inexperienced person into an expert home decorator which can change the look of any dull and boring home. If you have been thinking about to adding some creative and unique flair to your home then move ahead and follow the following ideas to make your home most beautiful.

Because these home décor crafts will help you out to make your home gorgeous as well as save your money. So, now you do not have any excuse to renovate your home in a different but create style. This style will give a personal touch to your home and make it more interesting.

So, let’s have a look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration. I just hope that you will love all of these home décor crafts lovely and like to add them to your own home by making yourself. So, make your home beautiful with these affordable home décor projects and save your money too. Have fun!

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DIY Floating Shelf:

DIY Floating Shelf

Try this beautiful diy floating shelf idea you will surely admire it, because of its simplicity and easiness. It will be a really admirable addition to your home decor. Make one project o fit for your bedroom and one for the garden you will definitely love it. Just take the round wooden plate, scissors and yarn to make this easy diy craft within a few minutes. To get more information about this craft click on the below link.

DIY Copper Pipe And Wood Slice Table:

DIY Wood Slice Table

Make this diy copper pipe with wood slice paper to keep aside from your bed in the bedroom. It gives a tremendous look and you can keep different things upon it while going to sleep. This diy craft is quite easy to make and lift so you can use it anywhere according to your needs. You’ll need the copper pipes and a bold wood slice about (about 4-6) inches, bench vice, saddle clips, screws & screwdriver. Bend the pipe and make a stand type structure. Now fix the wood slice on it with a screwdriver. To get further information about this diy craft click on the below-given link.

Pastel Mini Planters on Simple DIY Shelf:

Planters on Simple DIY Shelf

As the plants give a beautiful appearance in any home decor. Make this pastel mini planters on a simple diy shelf to give a unique look to your plants. It will be a fascinating addition t your home decor. Just take a long wooden board, plaster powder, powdered tempera paint, silicone shot glass molds, paintbrush and sandpaper to make this diy project. To get more information about this project just click on the below-given link.

Stencil Drop Cloth Curtains:

Stencil Cloth Curtains

If you have crafty nature and decorate your home with the handmade accessories, then surely you are going to try this awesomely beautiful stencil drops cloth curtains. Just take the required materials like the canvas drop cloth, sample sizes latex paint,  fabric or textile medium, dense foam roller, and refills, to make this diy project. To get more information about this craft click on the below link.


Storage Ottoman:

Storage Ottoman

Make this beautiful and very useful storage ottoman, you will surely love this diy craft. By using very simple and wasted materials you can easily make this diy project. You can use it to sit and can also use it as a storage place to keep books and to keep many other things fit this size. Just take the empty wooden wine boxes and rolling tires and start making this diy project. To get more information about this project just click on the below link.


Hexagon Shelf:

Hexagon Shelf


DIY Lightbulb Terrariums:

DIY Lightbulb Terrariums

DIY Water Lilies:

DIY Water Lilies

DIY Floating Leaves & Flowers:

DIY Floating Leaves

DIY Himmeli Geometric Sculpture:

Himmeli Geometric Sculpture

DIY Feather Pendant:

DIY Feather Pendant

Colorful DIY Tufted Pillows:

DIY Tufted Pillows

DIY Tassel Wall Hanging:

DIY Tassel Wall Hanging

DIY Hanging Shelves:

DIY Hanging Shelves

Cut and Paste Art:

Cut and Paste Art

Candle Lamp Shades:

Candle Lamp Shades

DIY Home Décor Crafts To Make Your Home Beautiful

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