11 Free Crochet Curtain Patterns For Home Decor

Are you tired of watching bared windows, and you want to add a quick yet interesting way to spice up them? Perhaps, your crocheting skills and inner abilities can brighten up your living space, kitchen, and bathroom in a creative and crafty way. Yes, you can crochet a curtain with your own hands and add a bit of décor to your spaces. Because sometimes, it is hard to find perfect and inexpensive curtains from the market. And in this way, we destroy our lot of time and money to get the right curtains. But if you are a crocheter, then it will not difficult for you to crochet beautiful, gorgeous, and inexpensive free crochet curtain patterns on your own. Moreover, beautiful and well-crocheted curtains work like magic. They can make any space of your home fabulous and gorgeous even without having furniture at all.

Crochet Curtain Patterns:

Free Crochet Curtain Patterns

So, are you looking for some beautiful and attractive crochet curtain patterns to decorate your home for the upcoming season? Then stop looking because here I have gathered a list of 11 gorgeous crochet curtain patterns for your home, they will serve great to make your windows beautiful and unique and make it quick-ready for any upcoming season or occasion. So, give your hands and crocheting hooks to craft something amazing and magical for your home. Even if your windows are not bare, it can be interesting to give a fun change to your space by changing the crochet curtain.

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So, let’s have a look at the following interesting list and draw some inspiration. I hope you will find all of these ideas stunning and gorgeous. These patterns will definitely invoke a new mood in your home, whether you want to make your home seasonally ready or want to add a bit of décor for any instant occasion. In all the ways, these crochet curtain patterns will really brighten up your home.

Free Crochet Rose Ties Pattern:

Make a super unique rose tie to knot your window curtains excellently following this superb crochet pattern. It will act as a cute band to keep your curtains in place and add a sophisticated touch to your home décor. You have to make a simple crochet belt, some pretty roses, and leaves separately. Then stitch those roses and leaves over the belt to finish in this admirable rose tie for your bedroom curtains.


Crochet Curtain Free Pattern:

Here we come with a super sophisticated lace curtain pattern for your home décor, which suits excellent with any yarn; you can go with the simple stitches for this unique masterpiece. It will be a great hanging decorative pattern to beautify or room’s window and be an excellent gift-giving option. I suggest working with the creamy white shaded yarn for this curtain pattern; it will look adorable and fit your modern home décor.


Free Crochet Cafe Curtain Pattern:

Try this crochet cafe curtain pattern to make worthy and unique additions to your home décor. Because of the great stylized appearance and the easier creation, you’ll surely love this curtain pattern and desire to make it in different solid-colored yarn. You can go with the DK weight yarn for this adorable crochet curtain pattern; it will be a superb handmade decorative piece, and you’ll surely desire to make multiple copies of it.


Free Crochet Colorful Noren Curtain Pattern:

Make stripe crochet garlands for your home décor or hanging in front of your windows following this easier pattern. It will provide a suer sophisticated appearance to your home decor. Adding it to your favorite list will be great fun; you can go with the fingering weight yarn in different cute colors to make this admirable crochet curtain garland pattern. It will be a worthy, fun craft, and you’ll surely admire making it also.


Free Crochet Curtain Cafe Curtain Pattern:

Crochet a super admirable, fun, and unique crochet curtain pattern for your home décor using the fingering weight yarn. Because of the stylized texture and the cute design, you’ll surely love this pattern and will desire to add it to your favorites list for the home decoration. This admirable crochet curtain pattern look soo adorable in solid-colored yarn, although working with a different color blend will surely be a fun task.


Big Bold Chevron Free Crochet Curtain Pattern:

Big Bold Chevron Curtain

This beautiful crochet curtain uses tall stitches, and it works quickly. These stitches make it more elegant and stunning, especially two contrast neutral colors increase its beauty. The design uses a big chevron crochet pattern that can be completed in any color contrasts with neutral colors to vibrant hues to have the rainbow touch.


Flower Power Valance Crochet Curtain Pattern Tutorial:

Flower Power Valance Tutorial - crochet curtain

This is a very different yet gorgeous floral crochet curtain pattern in a big size flower pattern. This design is contained big, bold flower shapes that worked just around the outside edge of the window. This is a fabulous way to add quick decor to your home and make it gorgeous. Use bright and bold colors that will really grab the attention of everyone.


Beaded Net Crochet Curtain Pattern:

Beaded Net Curtains - crochet curtain

Do you want to add a glamorous touch to your home decor? Then crochet an elegant crochet curtain pattern by incorporating bead crochet. When the light passes throw these beads, then they will give a stunning effect. This net curtain pattern is without beads, but you can add beads to make it more effective and gorgeous.


Just a colorful Crochet Curtain Pattern:

Just a colorful curtain - crochet curtain

Do you want to add a colorful touch to your kitchen? Then no other idea will work greater than that of this beautiful and colorful crochet curtain pattern. It is so nice and gorgeous especially using the bold colors in this crochet curtain to brighten up your kitchen.


Valance Crochet Pattern:

Valance - crochet curtain

Give your Crochet curtains a modern look just by adding few ruffled trims at the edges. I assure you that guests will really appreciate you for this regardless home decor project created by you.


Yawaraka Lace Café Free Crochet Curtain Pattern:

Yawaraka Lace Cafe

This beautiful crochet curtain pattern is really easy to crochet if you know the basic stitches. This is really elegant and superb idea to make your home sophisticated and stunning.



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