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When it comes to a baby blanket or a big sized blanket, crochet afghan blanket patterns are the most popular and most demanding patterns for winter accessories. They are easy to crochet whether you choose a big project or a blanket for your baby, crochet afghan blanket patterns can be crocheted without having any trouble even if you are a newbie in the world of crocheting.

They have a huge variety of colors, designs, and sizes, so you do not have to limited to any one size, color or design. That’s, why have added many unique and interesting crochet afghan blanket patterns for you in this rounded up so you can discover new free crochet afghan patterns here without wandering here and there.

Plus, you will also find Afghans of all skill levels here. From corner to corner, baby, granny square Afghans, and more, all you will see here to keep you cozy from spring’s cold nights to fall season’s chilly days!

Winter Chunky Ribbed Crochet Afghan Pattern:

Winter Chunky Ribbed Crochet Afghan Pattern

This super soft and super chunky ribbed crochet afghan will keep you warmer and cozier into the throes of winter. It’s really easy to crochet and quick to make. And when it comes to its style and design, then it’s the color combination and its timeless style make it different but gorgeous than other afghan patterns. Its made with a half double crochet herringbone stitch and it uses super bulky yarn and a large crochet hook, that make this project easier to complete. Find its complete tutorial just by clicking the link shown below.


All Double Crochet Afghan:

All Double Crochet Afghan

I love this gorgeous all double crochet afghan blanket. It has a beautiful color combination and only one stitch texture. It is like a throw size afghan that uses only double crochet and a “J” or 6 mm hook, to complete this pattern with 18000 stitches. The most amazing part of this blanket is its inconsistent stripe pattern which makes it gorgeous and allows you to choose the colors according to your own choice. You can find its complete tutorial and instructions just by clicking the link shown below!


Simple Granny Stripe Afghan:

Simple Granny Stripe Afghan

This simple granny stripe afghan has its own beauty. Its waves make it stunning and this afghan uses SC and DC, stitches. It might seem a little challenging but actually its fairly easy to crochet. This simple granny stripe afghan is made up of cluster stitches, DC, SC and joined at the end with a slip stitch. So, try this one with your own hands just by following the link and all basic instructions shown in the link below!


Crochet Petal Stitch Baby Blanket:

Crochet Petal Stitch Baby Blanket

This dainty crochet petal stitch blanket has antique and classic crochet look. The beautiful and innovative color texture peach yarn from makes it fabulous and mind-blowing. Crochet petal stitch makes this afghan more attractive and fun to crochet with white, gray and peach colors. It is a baby blanket sized afghan but you can customize it according to your desire. Learn how to crochet this petal stitch afghan blanket at your own home just by going on its original link that we have shown you under this statement.


Free Crochet Afghan Pattern, Falling Petals Afghan:

Free Crochet Afghan Pattern, Falling Petals Afghan

Want to snuggle in a very cozy, super soft and beautiful hues crochet afghan blanket pattern? This crochet blanket pattern has a beautiful texture with creamy, grey and maroon colors. As from the name, you can guess its pattern, this pattern seems like petals are falling that’s why it is called falling petals afghan. It uses cotton yarn and a big 6mm hook to make this afghan. You can change the colors if you want according to your own taste.


Free Larksfoot Afghan Pattern:

Free Larksfoot Afghan Pattern

Here is another free crochet afghan blanket pattern with beautiful bright hues. It uses Bernat Waverly yarn and different stitches. It’s customizable, so you can adjust its size as you want and color scheme can also be changed such as you can choose only one color or more than one according to your taste. Learn how you can combine these colors in one project just by clicking the link shown below!


Discover a big list of free crochet afghan patterns here that are contained on mind-blowing and interesting crochet afghan patterns. Whether you are searching for new, advanced and unique free crochet afghan patterns to cover your king-size bed or looking to crochet something cute and special to wrap your babies in, these crochet afghan patterns will cover you all. With a huge variety of color combinations, sizes, stitch textures, and shapes, this collection is ready to amaze you. So, be ready to take a look at some of the gorgeous and latest free crochet afghan patterns that will surely hit this year.

Granny Crochet Afghan:

Granny Crochet Afghan

This Granny Crochet Afghan pattern is really easy to make and uses Bernat Blanket Breezy yarn and series of basic crochet stitches. The elegant and bold colored vibes make this afghan pattern more splendid. If you are new in the crocheting and want to make any big project then start from it. After making this elegant blanket you will be able to make a big project. It will surely keep you warm and cozy in the chiller days. Click below for more and complete information.


Wonky Square Afghan Crochet Pattern:

Wonky Square Afghan Crochet Pattern

Add a bit of style and fashion in your bedroom with this Wonky Square Afghan Crochet Pattern. This afghan pattern uses Bernat Super Value yarn and slip, chain and many other stitches. The pop of colors play an important role in the beauty of this elegant blanket. You can use this pattern as a throw as well as you can use it as a blanket by increasing its size. Click below for more and complete information.


Crochet Corner To Corner Afghan:

Crochet Corner To Corner Afghan


Learn how to make corner-to-corner crochet and then you can create so many different types of blankets. You can make square blankets that are worked strictly from one corner to the next. If you really want to learn how to crochet a corner to corner blanket or afghan pattern then click in the link below of this Crochet Corner To Corner Afghan. You can make this gorgeous pattern if you are a beginner. Click below!. The addition of pom makes it more adorable. 


On The Bias Rectangular Free Crochet Afghan:

On The Bias Rectangular Afghan

Want to make a cute and sturdy object for your fall season then this On The Bias Rectangular Afghan is only for you. You can make this cuter pattern by using Lion Brand Yarns Wool-Ease Cakes in Poseidon yarn and some simple crochet stitches. This pattern is beginner-friendly. It will definitely keep you warm and cozy in the chiller days. You can change the colors according to your desire. Click below for more and complete information!


Aubergine Afghan Free Crochet Pattern:

Aubergine Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

The usage of bright and bold colors makes a thing more adorable and splendid. This one Aubergine Afghan Free Crochet Pattern uses a bold and bright color. If you are interested to make this afghan pattern at your home then you would have to require Lion Brand Yarns Vel-Luxe in Eggplant yarn and a large crochet hook. It will surely keep you warm and cozy in the chiller days. Click below for complete information.


Bulky Triple Free Crochet Afghan Pattern:

Bulky Triple Crochet Afghan Pattern

You can make this Bulky Triple Crochet Afghan Pattern when you think that you have spare time at the weekend and you want to make something good. The usage of a zink color makes it nicer. This warm and cozy pattern uses Bernat Blanket Brights yarn and a series of crochet stitches. You can use this afghan pattern as a gift in chiller season when you want to give a cute and useable thing to your friends. Click below!


Fields And Furrows Free Crochet Afghan:

Fields And Furrows Crochet Afghan

Caron cake yarn and a large crochet hook are the two important things that are used to create this Fields And Furrows Crochet Afghan. It seems intricate to make but actually not you can make this easier if you are an expert crocheter but not impossible for beginners. The variation of soft colors makes it nice and eye-catching. Click below! It will prove a good project for all in the winter.


Stripe Crochet Afghan Blanket:

Stripe Crochet Blanket


Fields And Furrows Free Crochet Afghan:

Fields And Furrows Crochet Afghan


Crochet Flag Afghan Blanket – Free Pattern:

Crochet Flag Afghan Blanket – Free Pattern


Crochet Afghan Blanket Baby Ripple:

Crochet Blanket Baby Ripple Afghan


Chunky Afghan Free Crochet Pattern:

Chunky Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Afghan Free Pattern, 3D Flower Afghan:

Crochet Afghan Free Pattern, 3D Flower Afghan

Ripple Afghan, Free Crochet Pattern:

Ripple Afghan, Free Crochet Pattern

Color Kaleidoscope Crochet Afghan Blanket Pattern:

Color Kaleidoscope Crochet Blanket Pattern

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