DIY Wall Clock Ideas That Will Make Your Home Beautiful

Wall clock is the most important accessory of the home. Every home has one or more clocks. Almost every room’s wall needs a clock that does also increases its beauty. It’s not necessary to any home, but also we can see the clocks everywhere we go out of our home. Time is very important for all of us, and clocks the wall clock helps us make this thing important.  Clocks give a very classy and perfect look to our home and its walls. It can make your boring wall a fresh and bright one. So, it’s important to have at least one clock at a single home. This post of DIY Wall Clock Ideas will inspire you to make a beautiful clock at your own home. In this way, you would not have to pay much money, and you will get your desired wall clock.

You can make wonderful wall clocks in any shape, size, and color as DIY projects purpose to recycle and reuse old things so you can also use old things for this purpose. These DIY Wall Clock Ideas will really help you to make your DIY clock amazing and beautiful. These homemade clocks look really amazing and eye-catching. These DIY Wall Clock Ideas have also enhanced the beauty of your home and make it more creative. So let’s have a look at the following gallery to get inspiration. I hope you will find all of them really amazing and love to try them out at your own home. So, let’s have a look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration.

DIY Colore Block Clock

Decorative wall clocks come in many varieties and are easily available. Some are handcrafted and made of wood; others are made up of metal, plastic, and acrylic. Precious metals like silver are also used to make clocks. If you want to make a sturdy clock using wood for your home, this one Amazing DIY Wall Clock Ideas That Will Make Your Home Beautiful is perfect. The color block makes this piece more adorable and cute. You can use this cute project for a long time in your home. Click below for materials and tools that are used in this plan.

 Image/Tutorial almost makes perfect

A Garden Clock

Suppose you are looking for a fun way to teach your kids how to tell time. Then this one, A Garden Clock, is only for you. You can use this floral clock to increase the beauty of the wall of your home if you are a nature lover. The basic needs for this plan are round tabletop or woodcut into a circular shape, chalky paint, old brushes and rags for wiping to achieve the weathered look, 2 “D” ring picture hangers, 4 galvanized buckets, 4 pipe clamps to hold the buckets, can be found in the plumbing section at any home improvement/hardware store, 4 screws to attach the pipe clamps to the tabletop, screwdriver, gardening tools of your choice and click below for more and complete information about this cute plan!

 Image/Tutorial worthing court blog


The most important thing to remember when decorating with wall-clocks is to choose something that you feel that will represent you and, in some way, enhance the décor of your room. So, make this DIY CLOCK that shows the creativity of your mind. This elegant plan uses Birch plywood (or a similar substitute), a Clock movement kit, Pencil.
Ruler, Paintbrush, Paint, Wood glue, Sandpaper, Scroll saw Drill and click below for more and complete instructions. This unique plan will definitely increase the beautification of the wall of your home.

Image/Tutorial planet green recycle

Upcycled Pot Lid Clock

A Wall clock is an inexpensive way to increase the beauty of the home. Make this Upcycled Pot Lid Clock by using the lid of any pot. This plan will make for you when you want to make something decorative for your home by using leftover things. You can use this cute plan as a gift for your friends. Click below for more and complete information!

Source/Tutorial: maker mama

DIY Wooden Spool Clock

Add a bit of glamourous and elegant to the beautification of your bedroom with this DIY Wooden Spool Clock. The list of material that is used in this plan is given below in the link. This is not important to use this plan in your bedroom, but you can definitely use it all over the home. Here the given plan is perfect for you when you want to make something special in your spare time. This plan is perfect for those who want to know more than just the time and want to increase the charm of any place. Click below!

 Source/Tutorial the Hamby home

Wood clock project

A clock is an instrument used to measure and indicate time. And the clocks play an important role in the decoration of the home also. If your answer is yes, then this one Wood clock project is only for you. You can hang this wooden clock in your bedroom and hang this on the home’s front wall. You can do this cute project by using the small wood disk, pencil, scissors or x-acto blade, the clock mechanism and AA battery, larger-sized clock hands (optional, depending on the size of your wood disk), wood-burning tool, red enamel paint, small foam brushes, polyurethane, a power drill, and drill bits, paintbrush, 220 grit sandpaper and click below for more and instructions about this plan.

  Source/Tutorial design sponge

Recycled Magazine Clock

We look at clocks all the time because these devices help us regulate our lives, telling us not only when to get up but when to eat, sleep, play, and work. If you agree with this statement and want to make a gorgeous clock with your own hand, you can make this Recycled Magazine Clock. You will feel astonished that this plan is made with some magazines when you come to know. This elegant clock will surely change the decor of the wall of your home. You can use this fabulous project for a long time. Click below for more and complete information about this plan.

  Source/Tutorial brandy fisher

DIY Moon Clock

Many people are passionate about clocks and face much trouble searching for the perfect watch to match their home interior. But now, don’t worry, this one DIY Moon Clock is a solution to your problem. You can add a bit of glamourous to the decoration of your home with this plan. This is really easy and cheap to make. You can make this by using a 7″ NASA moon printout onto cardstock (click the link to download), a Clock kit (the hour hand in my kit is about 2.35″ long), a 6.75″ clock face with a pre-drilled hole, Spray mount, Black acrylic paint, Paintbrush, Enamel model paint in a bright color of your choice (muted blues, gray, and white will not show up against the moon), Scissors, Pencil. You can make this cute plan in your spare time at your home.

   Source/Tutorial hello bee

Colorful Kitchen Clock DIY

A clock can become the focal point of a wall as a decorative piece. Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, hallway, or any other room, the perfect gorgeous decorative wall clock will work well as a great decor as well as the functional accessory for your room! So, make this Colorful Kitchen Clock DIY that is perfect for your kitchen. You can make this fabulous clock by using residue things. Give a colorful touch to your kitchen with this Use clock kit (can be found at most craft stores), wooden round (a circle or oval), 12 wooden spoons, primer, optional if your wood piece is darker, craft paint (in 12 colors), painter’s tape, paintbrushes, Krazy Glue to make this plan. Click below for more and complete information about this project.

 Source/Tutorial a beautiful mess

DIY wood pallet clock

Nowadays, a wide range of unique modern wall clocks is available in various design backgrounds, shapes, sizes, materials, and styles. But if you want to make a cute wall clock for your home with your own hand, then this DIY wood pallet clock is only for you. This plan is perfect for you when you want to make something sturdy and cute for your home. The basic needs for this plan are given below in the link.

 Source/Tutorial Liz Marie blog

Family Photo Wall Clock

 Source/Tutorial Diy cozy home

DIY Clock for Kids

Source/Tutorial cutesy crafts

DIY Lego Clock

Source/Tutorial bit rebels

Creative UpCycling

Source/Tutorial the green divas

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