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28 DIY Vanity Table Ideas

Makeup is a must-have and an important thing every woman has at home, but its storage and management are also important.  There are many ideas to decorate and set your DIY Makeup vanity table, no matter which plans you select and use.  The important thing is which item makes it great and charming. You can buy many beautiful makeup vanities from the market, but they are expensive; it does not mean you cannot have a makeup vanity in your bedroom. You can make your own beautiful and charming DIY Makeup vanity table on a meagre budget. DIY vanity table ideas teach you how to organize your makeup products in a maintenance style. All of these are cheap and can be done and made very quickly.

You can make makeup storage and space-saving drawers, making your life much more comfortable. The mirror is the most important part of the vanity table to ensure that it should be in front of you whenever you sit. You can choose a corner to build a DIY vanity table too. It will not only save your space but also look good. There are many designs and options from corner DIY tables so that you can select anyone.

DIY Makeup Vanity Table:

Today, I will show such easy and cheap ideas in which you will see how you can organize your makeup vanity. Therefore, I have made a collection of unique DIY table ideas for your inspiration. So, let’s look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration. I hope you will like them very much and would love to try them out at your own home to make them more attractive and charming.

Other Projects

Cheap Makeup Vanity Table

makeup vanity table

Updating a teenager’s room is such a fun and exciting thing that really raise excitement in your body and work. But we always try to choose those updating projects that prove cheaper more functional, and sturdier too. This fantastic Easy, And Cheap DIY Makeup Vanity Table will cover all your desires with its outstanding capabilities and functionalities. Using two kitchen stools, after coloring spray paint in greys, aqua, salmon, touches of yellow, and black and white, it performs a great job as an innovative piece of furniture. Reclaimed wood, after staining used as a top, baskets are added to the stool rungs to hold supplies, and of course, the most crucial mirror is to sit on the top. Lovely glittery letters add joy and more fun to this vanity table, making it more stunning!

Image via: beyond the picket fence

How To Build A Glass Top Makeup Vanity Tablemakeup vanity table

If you want to add a glam and luxurious feel to your vanity space, try this Glass Top Makeup Vanity Table that will serve you as stylishly as you want. So, just skip the old wooden desks that even make you bored while being ready for the office or attending special parties and alternate that boring desk with this modern glass-top vanity table. If you think that will it will cost you too much, then you are wrong because it will demand lesser than any store-bought vanity table that often does not prove reliable or does not meet our criteria. It has a big storage solution to organize your cosmetics, brushes, facial products, and other items separately so they can maintain their value and original look.

Image via: liz marie blog

How To Make Makeup Vanity On A Budget

How To Make DIY Makeup Vanity Table On A Budget

Furniture is an important and incredible home accessory that plays a vital role in home organization. So, if you are looking for how to make a DIY makeup vanity table for your bedroom, then this How To Make DIY Makeup Vanity Table On A Budget proves best for you. This easy and super vanity table will prove best for the decoration of your home. The usage of red color is enough to give a rock look to this plan. Best to handle your all-important things in one place, like your make-up accessories. You can make this DIY plan by using many leftovers and cheap things.


Vanity Mirror With Lights Under $150

Vanity table ideas often prove very expensive and out of criteria that cross our budgets, especially when we need a perfectly built-up vanity table with storage and lights that can reflect on our face so we can clearly see our face. So, what would be great if we went to a DIY plan? Try this amazingly created DIY Vanity Mirror With Lights Under $150 that will prove very functional and glam up your space with its clever look and appealing appearance. With a big storage solution, you could organize and store a significant amount of cosmetics, perfumes, brushes, hairdryers and curlers, and many other appliances you use in your daily routine for getting ready for the office or attending any party.

Plus, the use of lights on the mirror increases its functionality and makes it more practical. You can also make a matching stool covering it with a furry cover that will make an attractive and exciting piece of furniture that will give your whole room a really luxurious feel! So, just grab the materials described in the tutorial and watch the video carefully to get step-by-step instructions to build this DIY vanity table perfectly with your hands!

Build A Makeup Vanity Table

Build A DIY Makeup Vanity Table

You can change the decoration of your room with this classic look Build A DIY Makeup Vanity Table. It will prove good for you if you want to make a vanity table project on a low budget. You must buy the vanity supplies from the market and then fit them together. This means this adorable DIY project takes not too much time to complete. So, changing the adoration of your room with this will be one of the best cheap DIY projects. Everyone will like this masterpiece of furniture. Click below for more and complete information!


Vanity Mirror With Lights | ONLY $40

It’s great to have a fabulous vanity with lights, especially if it does not exceed your budget limits. Here is a beautiful DIY Vanity Mirror With Lights plan that will not only meet your needs but save a lot of money you had to spend to buy a valuable vanity table from the market. It’s really functional and has a lot of drawers and side cabins, it will solve your problem of shortage of storage space. Moreover, the addition of lights on the mirror will add a glam touch to your home decor and beautify your space wonderfully. So, click on the center of the video to learn how to easily make a DIY vanity table with lights. Its complete construction will demand you only $40 if you have basic tools and materials in your hands!

Homemade Vanity Table Makeover

Homemade DIY Makeover

If you don’t need to buy a new vanity table or a dressing table from the market, you can make a new and stylish table with your hands using cheap and residue things. You can give a new and chic makeover to your old dressing table and make a beautiful and interesting DIY vanity table according to your bedroom interior and fashion trends. But you don’t have to use this DIY vanity table for the room. You can use this for your front door as well as best for your garden. Make this plan by using One quart of Old White.
The link below gives one quart of Graphite, Clear Soft Wax, and many others.

image via:girl-Inthe garage

Hairpin Makeup Vanity Table

Hairpin DIY Makeup Vanity Table

If you have some wooden planks, then bring them to build a DIY Makeup vanity table using hairpin legs that are easy to make and stylish. It is a very creative and interesting idea to make a vanity table for your bedroom quickly. The appearance of this vanity table looks like a coffee table when it shuts down, and at the time of opening, this is a very functional vanity table, and it will prove good for you. Click below and read the complete instructions about this splendid plan.

image via:pneumaticaddict

Do It Yourself Makeup Vanity Table

DIY Makeup Vanity Table

If you want to purchase a dressing table that holds all your dressing accessories and cosmetics items in a well-order, then look at this idea. The amazing and interesting fact about this plan is that you can make this by using cheap and easy things, which will prove not too expensive for you. This DIY Makeup vanity table will keep all your cosmetics nicely organize in apple-pie order. Moreover, it is such a beautiful and chic vanity table that will enhance your bedroom’s home decor and beauty. You can find your all-important cosmetics things in one place in your room without creating any mess. Click below for more and complete information!

image via: fashionablylo

Building A Makeup Vanity

DIY Makeup Vanity Table Idea

Here is the best solution for people who have a small bedroom but still want a beautiful vanity table in their bedroom. This corner DIY Makeup vanity table will surely save your space and, of course, money too. This sturdy and cute DIY project will enhance the beauty of your room’s beauty and you can use this plan for many years. This DIY makeup vanity makes it super easy to find all of your beauty products. Make this vanity plan using some leftover planks of wood and many other tools given in the link below.

 beneath my heart

How To Make A Makeup Vanity:

DIY Vanity Table

This makeup desk will benefit you for both purposes. You can use this as a bookcase with a slight change. In this way, you can organize all your cosmetics items well-ordered with this DIY Makeup vanity table that is made without spending a lot. Adding electric bulbs plays an important role in the chic decoration of this vanity plan.


Vanity with Dimmable lights for under $250 (50 Inch Vanity)

Build A DIY Makeup Vanity Table Brilliant Setup:

DIY Vanity Table

This is another cute DIY project that is also a space-saving idea, especially when you live in a small apartment. You can save space of your home without spending too much but in a creative way. Adding wall-hanging chairs, residue, and cheap things make this vanity table more splendid and attractive. This DIY vanity table idea will be perfect for those who have a small bedroom or who do not have enough space to build a vanity table on the floor. It is perfect for your room and good for your kid’s room to display their ties. Click below for more and complete information!


Makeup Vanity

DIY Vanity Table

Spend your spare time making something adorable and cute for your home if you are a home decoration lover. This DIY vanity table is the best solution for you in these circumstances and conditions. The drawers will give you an extra storage space where you can easily organize small stock and hide your vanity items without the fear of losing your things. A mirror is then placed on top of the wood, but you can change its place according to your desire.

image source

Light Up Vanity Mirror (HOLLYWOOD STYLE):

Here is another complete tutorial that will lead you to learn how to make your own light-up vanity table from scratch. The light fixtures that are used in this project have been taken from the bathroom after repurposing you can also buy them from a thrift store. LED bulbs and dimmable light switches have been used to stitch on the lights on the mirror frame, which also adds creativity to this project. It’s an easy project if you have a little bit of woodworking and wiring skills, so you may not have to take help from an electrician or carpenter. Just brighten up your room by adding this exciting project to your bedroom, and get ready every morning in a fun and exciting way!

Do It Yourself Makeup Vanity Table with Lights:

DIY Vanity Table

Looking for a glamorous and lovely DIY vanity table light project that can make the beauty of your bedroom? Then your wait is over now! You will surely like to make this Do It Yourself Makeup Vanity Table with Lights that is fantastic in design. So this one is super unique and uses some leftover and cheap things for completion! This is a small vanity table that you can fit in your small bedroom. Its white color will give your room an elegant look and appearance. The one-side drawers of this dressing table make it adorable and unique.

image source

Corner Vanity Table

DIY Vanity Table

This is a lovely and brilliant DIY vanity table with great storage and perfect for all rooms of your home but damn true for your bedroom. The color scheme and comfortable fur chair make this idea more interesting. But you can replace the color of the paint according to your choice. If you want to live in the black and white color scheme, use one bright object like a book with a red cover or a bottle of perfume; in that case, this plan is suitable for your fond.

image source

Wall Mounted Makeup Vanity Table

DIY Vanity Table

Try something sturdy and cute for your home that proves good and best for your use. The makeup desk is an essential thing for women. This is the type of furniture where you can collect all basic and nice cosmetics things on this dressing table. The addition of electric light makes this plan more outstanding and perfect for all. The cost to create this makeup table room is also affordable enough. Like you can make these by using some cheap and residue things. So, make this plan and increase the charm of your home. Click below for more information!

image casual home furnishings

Makeup Vanity Table in Bedroom

DIY Vanity Table

If you’re on a tight budget and want to make something adorable for your home at an affordable price, then try this DIY Makeup Vanity Table in the Bedroom. There are so many ways to make your DIY makeup vanity. Get creative and make it your own, but you will surely like this plan. The appearance of this table is stunning. Organization is essential for any place or thing, but you can organize your important things in a disciplined manner with this plan in your bedroom. Click below!

image ultimatehomeideas

Dreamy Vanity

DIY Vanity Table

You can make this Ikea makeup vanity using your favorite color to match your home interior. This a vintage-style DIY vanity table with a stool that will fit a grand bedroom. So, if you have a big room, you can DIY this vanity table. So, you can increase the charm of your elegant room quickly with this cuter DIY plan. It will prove best and good for all due to its shape and structure. The amazing fact about this plan that you can reuse your old dressing table to make this plan. This plan is a complete package for you. By using you can assemble your all-important things in one place. Click below for more and complete information!


Built a Makeup Vanity

If you are updating a room for your daughter that is going to grow from 8 to 18, then you should try this very innovative and easy-to-build DIY Makeup Vanity. It’s versatile and will perform many jobs at a time – like a drawer slider, dressing table, console table, accent table, or any way you want to use it. Organize your cosmetics on their top or hide them in drawers to keep them safe, it will be a great space to get ready every morning in a stylish and modern way. Plus, it will add a glam touch to your room decor due to the use of light blue stain and fixing of lights on the mirror, which will also help you get ready for any occasion perfectly!

Lavish White Makeup Vanity

DIY Vanity Table

This is a splendid white makeup vanity table that has IKEA side shelves. You can organize makeup on the shelves in a cute way that will make your vanity table more stylish and beautiful. It will prove beneficial for you when you are in a hurry and ready quickly. So, you can find your all-important things from this cute table.


How To Build Makeup Vanity

makeup vanity table

It would be great to repurpose a suitcase to build up a vanity table. It will be amazing, especially for those who have a shortage of budget as well as want to give a rustic or country decor to their places. The functionality of the suitcase in this project goes beyond our thoughts, and the owner of this craft has described his brilliant thinking very seriously. The mirror is attached to the lid of this suitcase from inside, while its box part has been used to store vanity items. And the addition of lights inside the lid just works as icing on the sugar. Overall. It’s a fabulous and gorgeous plan to build up a cheap and inexpensive DIY vanity table without applying any effort.

Image via: homedit

Minimalist Corner Makeup Vanity

makeup vanity table

This significantly builds up Minimalist Corner Makeup Vanity Table will be a smart choice to save your space as well as create a fabulous vanity table within your budget. Adding shelves and attaching mirrors to the wall make this vanity table ide creative and more sophisticated. But you can buy drawers instead of storage baskets to place your cosmetics and other items in them to personalize this plan. The idea of floating shelves provides you with more space under them for storing anything else and organizing items on them cleverly. Overall, it will be a very brilliant and nice DIY vanity table plan that your neighbors and guests will envy too!

Image via: voce precisa decor

Glass Top Makeup Vanity

Vanity tables with glass tops look so fabulous and stylish as well as they are very trendy. This DIY Glass Top Makeup Vanity Table will not only serve you all of these benefits but provide you with a lot of storage space too. Cheap, sturdy, and easy to build up, this vanity table will add royal and luxurious decor to your home. A plain glass top not only keeps your beauty items and other essentials in front of your easily but makes them well organized and easy to access. So, this DIY vanity table plan will prove so versatile and really exciting, too, that it will be easy to build and affordable.

image via: Liz Marie

Makeup Vanity Makeover

It is just amazing to renovate old stuff and materials, especially when it comes to wooden projects. You can completely dress up your old desks, windows, doors or any other useable furnished item to build up a city table just like this project. This DIY Makeup Vanity Makeover Table has been turned out from an old desk after staining and applying silver leaf to its whole body. This procedure has really increased its beauty and made it priceless and precious. Although it would be a messy project with paint flakes in the air or anywhere else, finished results will satisfy you!

image via: live loveday

Makeup Vanity Table

If you have been bored by standing in front of the bathroom mirror to get ready, then skip this tedious way of being ready and build your vanity in your bedroom. This  DIY Makeup Vanity Table will prove a very easy project to tackle, and its expenses will not allow you to cross your budget limits. Its glass top will make organising stuff inside and on its top easier, while an oval-shaped mirror has been attached to the wall separately, giving this project a creative and unique look. So, now stay organized and look beautiful at the same time by constructing your makeup vanity!

image via: diviners diva

Ikea Alex Makeup Vanity

Add comfort and a luxurious feel to your daily life with this DIY Ikea Alex Makeup Vanity Table. It’s straightforward to build a project that will bring glam and fab look to your home and change the way you get ready. You will find this project inexpensive. Plus, its lighted mirror will brighten up the decor of your room and give it a very nice and cool feel! Whether you want perfect storage space for your cosmetics, hair sprays, and other items or need a stylish vanity, this DIY makeup vanity table will be a great option!

image via:blushinginhollywood


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