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35 Easy DIY Shed Plans For Storage

Sheds are great for various things, from storing tools to raising chickens. But like most projects, you’ll want a plan – and with 27 easy DIY shed plans in this post, you’re sure to find one that works for you. Each of these plans is different, with different materials and building techniques (some plans even have diagrams!). Some of these plans are better for beginners; others are better for experienced builders. With these 27 amazing shed plans from DIY blogs, you can construct a simple storage shed in just a couple of weekends. And best of all, the materials for these sheds are inexpensive and readily available.

DIY Shed Plans For Storage

There are many ways to get a shed, whether you’re looking for a premade one or something you can build yourself. But if you’re up for an easy project and want to avoid buying anything, you can build plenty of sheds using various materials and tools. Some of these shed plans can be made in just a few hours, and most of them require only basic carpentry skills. Some even use recycled or easily found materials. Here are 27 DIY shed plans and ideas to get you started on your next project.

Benefits Of Making DIY Shed Plans

There are many benefits to building your shed. Here are some of the most important.

  • Cost Savings – Building your shed is a great way to save money on materials. You can often buy materials in bulk, saving you even more money.
  • Time Savings – Building your shed saves time because there is no need to wait for an installer or contractor. You can take as much time as needed and take breaks when needed.
  • Save More Space: If you only have enough space for one large item in your yard, you may choose not to buy two smaller items.

Large 10×12 Lean To Shed

Large 10×12 Lean To Shed

The DIY Large 10×12 Lean To Shed is made from durable MDF, making it the most cost-effective way of creating your garden. The large size ensures that you have plenty of room for everything you need storage for. This shed is great for storing garden tools and tins of paint but can also be used for any other form of storage you may require. The large size also allows you to use this building as a workshop or small garage, with a wide open door at one end and an optional window cut-out on the opposite side.


Backyard Shed Build In 3 Minutes

Learn how to build a shed out of recycled wood in just minutes. This DIY backyard shed is super simple to make. It can be completed in about 3 minutes, and all you need are a few tools like a chainsaw, drill, and screws. The wall slats and floor (if desired) are optional. This easy DIY shed project is perfect for storing large tools, gardening supplies, and more outdoors. It’s built with state-of-the-art materials designed specifically for this system.

Building A Lean To Shed

Enhance your backyard with this lean-to-shed. Homeowners use this lean-to-style garden shed to add extra storage or as an entryway from their backyard. This is the perfect lean-to-shed for a small garden or backyard. It has a low-maintenance design and can be built on uneven ground. The materials are inexpensive and easy to find, so you don’t have to spend a fortune making your shed.

How To Build A Storage Shed

Build A Storage Shed

Get your kids outside and away from the TV with this spacious DIY vinyl-sided shed. It will store all their toys, games, and supplies. Use this DIY shed plan to save money and do a fun project simultaneously. This shed is so easy to build even a novice woodworker can handle it. Build your very own shed! The shed is a great place to store toys, games, and anything else your kids want to keep hidden from their friends. Now that’s smart!


Build Your Simple Shed

Build Your Own Simple Shed

This shed plan is really simple and easy to build. It will take up less amount of space, as compared to other sheds. However, the good thing about this plan is that it provides many storage solutions in a very small space. Even though it might look complicated and overwhelming at first, follow the steps carefully and ensure you have all the tools required to fix everything.


Cute Little Garden Shed

Little DIY Garden Shed

If you have a small garden but with a lot of stuff, you can make this cute little shed. It is very easy to make and looks nice in your yard. This DIY garden shed is a cheap and fun project any DIYer can handle. No power tools are needed, just a hammer, drill and saw. In the time it takes to watch a movie, you can have a safe little space in your garden. You need some old windows and doors to create this unique garden shed (It will only cost about $100 to build)


Cedar Fence Picket Storage Shed:

DIY Cedar Fence Picket Storage Shed

The perfect-sized garden shed, a cedar fence picket storage shed, is easy to build and maintain and also great for the budget! You can have a nice shed in your garden with this amazing metal shed. With the help of this metal shed, you can store all your stuff safely inside. It is built with the best quality materials and lasts longer than other sheds. It comes with double doors with drop-down handles. This is a must-have product if you want something like this that will last longer and be durable and maintenance-free.


Build Gable Shed With This Free Shed Plan:

Build Gable Shed

Building a shed is a great way to get the job done. You don’t need a lot of space, and it can be done with the help of family or friends, especially if you are trying it for the first time. The best part is that you can use this free gable shed as storage for all your gardening tools and toys. This free shed plan includes detailed building drawings, a materials list, and a cutting diagram that makes construction easy. This shed plan is suitable for advanced DIYers with previous construction experience.


How To Build  Schoolhouse Storage Shed

Schoolhouse Storage Shed

A simple and elegant storage shed design is just what you need to organize your backyard. It has double doors for wide access, a covered entry, and fiber-cement siding for low maintenance and durability. It also has a stylish and stunning look. These DIY shed projects are perfect if you need to store equipment, tools, and more. If a simple shed is all you need, we offer a wide selection of basic sheds that suit most needs.


How to Build Your Pallet Shed

Build Your Own Pallet Shed

Building a pallet shed is easier than you think! This tutorial will show you how to build a pallet shed with this step-by-step guide. The best part is that it’s cheap and easy to do! You can make one just like this or get creative and add some extra features to create your special design. The possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking for a great way to get rid of unwanted pallets or need a place to store some tools, this shed is easy to build and requires no power tools.


DIY Easy Pallet Shed:

DIY Easy Pallet Shed

This is an easy pallet shed plan. The best part about this project is that it only requires 10 square feet of space for its construction, making it an ideal weekend DIY project. This shed is the most economical, easiest, and fastest way to make wall pallets diy shed. You can build it with your hands in just a day or two. The good part about this pallet shed is that it will only take up a little space.


Pallet Shed Using Pallets Old WindowsDIY Pallet Shed Using Pallets

Ever thought about making a little shed to store all your lawnmower and gardening tools? If so, you’re in luck. With this pallet shed plan, you can have a woodworking project that will be perfect for your yard. You can also make it as big or small as you like to fit your needs. The best part is that everything used to build this shed is recycled, making it an eco-friendly addition to your home!


Hexagonal Shed

DIY Hexagonal Shed

This Hexagonal Shed is made on a concrete base and is beautifully painted. It’s designed to increase the beauty of your lawn while providing a place to store tools and gardening equipment, among other things. Whether you’re looking to extend your living space or create additional storage space in the garden, a hexagonal shed is a practical and stylish way. The design of this particular type of shed makes it perfect for small spaces, with plenty of headroom for you to work safely inside.


How To Build This Potting Shed

Build This Potting Shed

Building a potting shed is an easy DIY project for the weekend and a great way to add extra storage space without spending a ton of money. This basic plan is designed for small pots and plants, but you can modify it to suit your needs. A simple building can be built in one weekend! The project can be completed on the weekend and will work great for storing your gardening tools or creating a space to house an air garden.


Improve The Looks Of A Storage Shed


Improve The Looks Of A Storage Shed

This easy-to-build shed has large windows for an open feel and a simple box shape to keep it affordable. The plans are designed to be easy enough for anyone to complete in just a weekend or two. The shed uses common materials and is ideal for storing yard equipment, gardening tools, and much more! As long as you have a few basic tools and supplies, you can learn how to start your DIY shed plans right away!


Rustic Garden Shed

Rustic Garden Shed

Look no further if you are looking for the easiest and best way to build your garden shed. The plans and guide provide all the information you need to create your custom-designed shed by accurately designing the size of your shed and its location on the land. You will also learn to properly calculate all materials needed and cut them according to your building’s measurements.


Multifunctional Potting Shed

DIY Multifunctional Potting Shed

This storage shed is well-suited for storing tools and equipment, offering you a place to get organized. With an included potting bench and gardening supplies, this shed will drive your passion for outdoor activities. Large double-door access makes it easy to haul larger items like dirt or mulch. The wood frame design is a great option for keeping out pests like mice and squirrels. You can easily build with basic skills and a few common tools or have it professionally installed by a construction company.



Build A Cheap Storage Shed:

Build A Cheap Storage Shed

Build A Cheap Storage Shed Building a cheap storage shed is easy if you follow these step-by-step instructions. With the guide, you will learn how to build the perfect shed for your needs with enough room for all your outdoor equipment, tools, and gardening supplies, so you don’t have to worry about storing things in the house anymore. And even though this is an unheated storage shed, it can be built with cheaper materials readily available at most building supply stores.


Schoolhouse Storage Shed

DIY Schoolhouse Storage Shed Plan

The Schoolhouse Storage Shed is a fun project that is easy to build. It offers lots of storage inside, plus additional space for outdoor toys or gardening gear. Designed for lighter outdoor use and constructed from inexpensive materials, this shed can be built for a fraction of the cost of a similar shed purchased from a home center. With this easy DIY shed plan, you will learn how to build a storage shed using the most common materials used in any do-it-yourself project.


Pavilion Kitchen Shed

DIY Pavilion Kitchen Shed Plan

Whether just setting up a small garden shed or building something extra large like a pavilion, it takes lots of planning and preparation to get things right. This basic shed plan features an open, spacious design with plenty of windows for natural light. With a simple square shape and spacious interior, it’s perfect for setting up as your own personal kitchen shed – or use this construction for your next vegetable garden project!


Build A Drive-Thru Backyard Shed

Build A DIY Drive Thru Backyard Shed Plan

Have you ever wished you could have a backyard shed to store your tools, lawnmower, and other gardening equipment? Now you can! This easy shed plan will show you how to build a virtual drive-thru shed that is big enough for everything and anything. This charming outdoor storage shed is made with an A-frame roof and has lots of windows so you can see what is inside!


Building A Wood Storage Shed

Building A DIY Wood Storage Shed Idea

A wood storage shed is a great addition to your backyard. It will offer you more space for all your garden tools, bikes, and other goodies and keep them dry and safe from pesky burglars. A good storage shed will mean that you no longer have to put up with the mess in your garage or outside; instead, you can keep everything organized neatly in one tidy space. Follow these eight steps to ensure your new shed is built correctly and safely!


How To Make Garden Shed With Pallets

How To Make Garden Shed With Pallets

This Easy DIY Shed Plan will help you easily build a garden shed with pallets. It is designed for every skill level, so you can also do this project. Here you’ll learn how to make the frame, install doors and windows, install flooring, add shelving, and even stain your new shed! All materials used in this tutorial are common and easily available at home depot or lowes stores. They are inexpensive yet strong and durable enough for any purpose you want them for.


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Shed Chicken Coop

How To Make Chicken Coop

Are you interested in having your chicken coops and other free-range birds? If yes, then this is the right plan for you. Take a look at this simple DIY shed chicken coop plan. If you follow these instructions carefully, you can build a well-designed shed perfect for your chickens. This easy DIY chicken coop plan shows you how to build a shed for your chickens, complete with nesting boxes and roosts. It’s so simple; even a novice woodworker can make it!


Pallet Shed

Build The DIY Pallet Shed Idea

The pallet shed is a cheap and practical outdoor storage for your garden or backyard. You can build it by yourself without any special skills. It’s a great alternative to expensive sheds that don’t fit your budget. The pallet shed is easy to assemble, environmentally friendly, and will save you a lot of money. Read through this plan’s steps and angles before starting so you save time building your pallet shed.


Pallet Shed Build

This DIY Pallet Shed is a great weekend project. It has everything you need to make a professional-looking, sturdy, durable shed. Make it perfect by adding windows and doors or setting up a loft! This Shed Build is a great project that requires no prior carpentry experience. It’s super easy and will only take your weekend. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to build a shed out of pallets.

Pallet Tool Shed

This shed is perfect for keeping gardening tools, sports equipment, and other miscellaneous items in your yard or garden. This DIY Pallet Tool Shed is easy to make and requires minimal building experience. It can be built with or without windows, and the door will open outwards, allowing you to place it where it works best for your home. In this simple DIY pallet tool shed plan, you’ll learn how to make a storage shed using nothing but pallets. It’s simple, cheap, and fun to build.