Rustic Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer

When it comes to brightening up our home, many lighting styles and ideas come into our minds. The fashion and style of decorating and lighten up a home keep changing, bypassing the time. You can pick various lighting ideas that can beautify and brighten up your home, but DIY rustic lighting ideas are trendy nowadays. Whether you live in that country or have your home in a city, you can still pick some DIY rustic lighting ideas. As we all know, summer is a season of enjoying the outside environment, especially in the summer evenings. So, you can make your inner side and outside of your home lovely and beautiful by following these DIY rustic lighting ideas.

DIY Rustic Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home:

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By following these ideas, you would not have to spend a lot and give a country a look. I have gathered a list of DIY rustic lighting ideas to brighten up your home. You will find here the DIY rustic lighting ideas for your patio, porch, and rooms, and any place in your home. Many of these ideas super easy, and some take some time to build. But I am assured these ideas will really beautify your all spaces and make your summer evenings wonderful. If you love the country, this post will be really beneficial for you because it will inspire you to brighten up your home with your favorite home décor look.

The best thing about these ideas, you can use all sorts of material for this project for which you would not have to pay a lot. You can also use many old items after repurposing, which will help you save a lot of money. So, let’s take a look at the following list and draw some inspiration. I hope you will like all of these ideas and would love to try them out to bring a rustic look in your home and outside. So, please scroll down to get ideas on DIY rustic lighting ideas to brighten up your home.

DIY Barn Wood Rustic Chandelier:

If you have walnut barn wood, hang some bulbs of different sizes with wires with this barn wood board. Hang this board with a dining room ceiling that will brighten and give it a rustic lighting look.


Make a prestige pendant light with industrial rope:

To build a rustic lighting project, this idea great, and you do not have to buy anything for this project.  You can hang this prestige pendant light on your porch, patio, or living room to give your home a rustic touch.


A pallet headboard with rustic lighting idea:

This is one of my favorite rustic lighting ideas that can really give your bedroom an amazing rustic look. It is also one of the cheapest ways to brighten up your room in no time and a simple way.



Rustic pallet light fixture DIY with mason jars:

Make this DIY rustic pallet light fixture with the help of mason jars. Fix the bulb in the mason jar’s lids and put them in the mason jars. Fix these mason jar bulbs with a pallet board and after all, hang this board on the ceiling of your room, where it enhances your room’s brightness and gives it a rustic look.

image via:.twenty8divine.

An orbit DIY rustic chandelier:

Of course, perfect lighting makes your room bright and charming. Make this lovely orbit DIY rustic chandelier just right above your dining table. It will really change your mood and the whole ambiance by switching on the light.

image via: SLM design interiors

DIY rustic vintage wedding lighting decoration with an old ladder:

Ladders are very popular to do any vintage home decor. You can make this vintage DIY rustic ladder chandelier on a rustic theme wedding. It will make your room or place shiny and increase its grace. Moreover, it’s a very cheap idea to have lightings on any occasion.

image via: tulle and chantilly

A rustic lighting beam with Edison lights:

An Edison beam rustic lighting fixture can be made of any length and size. You can hang it anywhere you want, such as in the kitchen, living room, or on your porch. And if you are going to renovate your farmhouse, then this idea of rustic lighting fixture will go perfectly for that.

image via: idlights

A rustic barn wood light fixture:

You can add a rustic and industrial feel to your home with this rustic lighting idea. It has been made from barn wood and hanging bulbs. It can enhance the charm of any space and give it a rustic look.

image via: custom made


DIY rustic lighting idea for your bathroom:

Do you want to give your bathroom a rustic touch? If yes, then this rustic lighting idea is best for that. Take a barn wood board and place some mason jars withholding lights in them with industrial pipes. After all, is done, hang this board on the wall of your bathroom. It will make it shiny and glowing.

image via: Etsy

Handmade light fixture pulley:

Recycle some old material and convert them into a simple but unique light fixture. It is my favorite rustic lighting idea for that you do not have to pay a lot. It will give your space a great focal point and make it attractive.

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