31 DIY PVC Pipe Projects For Your Home

If you are searching for some cheap and easy ideas that would brighten up your home and give it a luxurious look, then how about creating something fun and crafty with PVC pipes? Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it’s amazingly refreshing to create DIY PVC pipe projects, especially if you want to decorate your home with cheap ideas and cheap DIY PVC pipe projects. PVC pipes are an ordinary construction item that you can be found easily and from everywhere. It is usually used for the conveyance of water, gas, and chemicals. Moreover, it comes in different varieties and sizes, and it is mostly used in the construction world.

DIY PVC Pipe Projects:

It is also popular due to its strength and its versatile advantages. But as DIY projects always teach us to reuse old or useless things and recreate something amazing by them, and for the last few years, DIY lovers have been using these pipes in many different ways for different purposes.

That’s the reason, after a long search, I have collected many attractive and gorgeous DIY PVC pipe projects that will brighten up your home. All of these projects are so cool and innovative that they will blow your mind. Moreover, you will see how you can convert useless and remaining parts of PVC pipes into many useful things.

So, you can do a lot of DIY PVC pipe projects, from home décor to organization racks. You can also create many DIY PVC pipe projects for your kitchen, garden, and outdoor places too. So, let’s have a look at the list given below that is inspirational. Moreover, for your easiness and more information and details, links have been provided below with each idea. So, scroll down!

Make A Monogram Organizer Using Pvc Pipe:

Make a super organizer for your smaller-sized useful items by getting inspiration from this unique DIY PVC pip idea. It will serve excellent to keep your things managed and avoid cluttering in your room, plus it will ensure the availability of items whenever you need them. You can put the marketers, paint bottles, even the cell phone charger in this monogram organizer; it will fit excellent for your study or office table. Besides all the superb features, it is very inexpensive to add this project to your favorites list surely.


Super Fun & Easy Diy Pvc Bracelets:

Follow this super fun, easy, and inexpensive DIY PVC pipe bracelet idea to get rid of the expensive store-bought bangles and bracelets. It will be a superb admirable option to add handmade pieces to your stylizing collection. Get the suitable sized PVC pipes, cut them carefully and then sand down the rough sides to make them excellent smoother. You can finally select the paint or washi tapes, according to your will to make these bracelets fit your desire.


DIY Photography Backdrop Stand:

Make a fabulous useful photography backdrop stand following this easier DIY idea. Its creation will be too easy; you need appropriate-sized PVC pipes to make them fit with joints and make a frame-like appearance with the supportive base at the bottom. It will be an inexpensive option to create beautiful scenes behind your snaps and make your photograph sessions more professional and admirable.


Pvc Pipe Succulent Planter With Bosch:

Make a super stylish PVC pipe succulent planter for your guest room table by getting inspiration from this easier idea. It will be an excellent masterpiece to make an impressive addition to your home décor and best show off your hospitality nature in front of your guests. You have to get a medium-sized PVC pipe make some parallel holes to one side, then make both ends of the pipe close and fol it with the garden’s soil. Finally, add the succulent flowers, and a super sophisticated piece for your home décor will get ready.


DIY Pvc Pipe Table:

Use industrial PVC pipe to make a great decorative piece for your home decor; it will be a great option to add an impressively unique appearance. You can use this admirable table to add a lovely beautifying touch to your farmhouse; it can serve as a side table, coffee table, or whatever way you want. I suggest painting the PVC pipes before starting creating this DIY table; it will make this project easier and great to make your table sophisticated and unique.


Pvc Pipe Wreath:

This beautiful DIY PVC pipe wreath idea will be a great option to make a sophisticated piece for your home walls. Because of the easier making and the numberless possibilities for variation, you’ll surely desire to add this decorative idea to your home stylization. You can embellish your PVC wreath by adding faux parrots, admirable laces, and several other beautified pieces; it will be an excellent choice to make things sophisticated and inexpensive.


DIY PVC Pipe Projects For Your Home

PVC Pipe Coffee Table Idea:

PVC Pipe Coffee Table Idea:

Here I will tell you how to make a super useful and stylish coffee table for your home décor using PVC pipes. Because of the gorgeous appearance and sturdy structure, this coffee table will surely be your favorite. You have to work with the PVC pipes, joints, and dowels in an organized manner to make this stunning coffee table; it will be your favorite handmade project and an excellent option to make things useful. The size of this coffee table will depend upon your needs, but the creation method will be the same.


DIY Pvc Pipe Napkin Rings:

DIY Pvc Pipe Napkin Rings

PVC pipes can be used for different projects that make you stunned. These DIY PVC pipe napkin rings are one of those DIY projects that prove functional and cheap. These gold-painted PVC pipe rings will add a royal touch to your dining table, and even no one guesses that what they are made from.


Pvc Pipe Lights:

Pvc Pipe Lights

Lamps add beautiful decor as well as provide a cool light to your room. But it is also a fact that a good lamp has a very high cost. So what about making your very own lamp that will not only beautiful but also will b inexpensive too? These PVC pipe lights add cool light to not only your room but also a glam touch to your space too. Plus, you can also make curves in the PVC pipes according to your own choice and give a light effect to your room as you want.


Pvc Pipe Tool Storage:

Pvc Pipe Tool Storage

No doubt, it is big trouble to have good tool storage in your garden, especially if you have a small space. These DIY PVC pipe garden tool storage ideas will inspire you to use some leftover pieces of PVC pipes. It is an easy and cheap DIY project to store all of your tools without spending a lot of time and a lot of money and without requiring a lot of space for storage.


Rotating Craft Caddy:

Rotating Craft Caddy

This is a wonderful and stunning PVC project that I loved a lot. This beautiful rotating craft caddy is perfect for organizing your pencils, markers, paintbrushes, and even your makeup brushes. Just cut the pipes in curve shapes, glue them up from the bottom, and set them up on the lazy-susan. After all, paint the lines inside in your favorite colors and place them onto the table or study table to increase the grace of that place.


Tilted Pvc Desk Organizers:

Tilted Pvc Desk Organizers

Here is another PVC pipe desk organizer that is a super-cute storage idea. It is so much easy and will cost only less than $10.00 including paint, or watercolors of your own choice. You can also paint them in colors that match your interior too. It might look so stunning and more beautiful.


Pvc Pipe Tooth Brush Holder:

Pvc Pipe Tooth Brush Holder

So much easy and cheap PVC pipe toothbrush holders are perfect for organizing your kid’s brushes, especially for those who have small storage spaces in their bathrooms. They can be easily hidden away on the inside of the cupboard door. They are easily accessible and removable if you want.


Pvc Pipe Kitchen Tool Organizer:

Pvc Pipe Kitchen Tool Organizer

Instead of hooks, use PVC pipes to organize your kitchen utensils. This is an easy DIY project that will help you make your kitchen well-organized and save a lot of money. So, give your kitchen a crafty look in a genius by adding these PVC kitchen organizing hooks.


Cool Pencil Case Out Of Pvc Pipe:

Cool Pencil Case Out Of Pvc Pipe

There is no limit to DIY PVC pipe projects, and this pencil case is the perfect example of this thing. Just picking up the plumbing pieces from the hardware store and using the PVC pipe, you can make this beautiful and creative pencil case that will describe the creativity of your mind in front of the others.


Pvc Pipe Tape Dispenser:

Pvc Pipe Tape Dispenser

Every home needs an organization of tiny to big things. Similarly, this DIY PVC pipe tape dispenser, It’s an enjoyable building, and even kids will love to help you with this project because it’s so much easy. So, make your home more organized just by building this beautiful tape dispenser.


Pvc Chicken Waterer:

Pvc Chicken Waterer

It is a straightforward way to keep your flock watered and also keep your surface cleaned. And the plus point is that you will not have to spend a lot of extra money if you have some leftover supplies at your home. This project needs some stores, but all of those are not essential to infect. They are optional. So you can leave some of those supplies if you want to go in a budget-friendly way.


Festive Holiday Wreath With Pvc Pipes:

Festive Holiday Wreath With Pvc Pipes

not only for functional purposes but also you can use PVC pipe projects to decorate your home. And this festive holiday wreath is perfect for bringing in use small pieces of PVC and making an amazing decorative piece. It’s so easy, simple to make, and when it comes to its supplies, you will need only a few pieces of PVC, glue, and some paints, and that’s it.


Pvc Kids’ Table And Stool:

Pvc Kids’ Table And Stool

This gorgeously made PVC pipe project will increase the grace of your space, especially if you make it for your kids, then it will become more fun and interesting. And it will prove really cheap but so functional too.


DIY Pvc Pipe Chicken Feeder:

DIY Pvc Pipe Chicken Feeder

This PVC pipe chicken feeder is perfect for feeding your chickens in your backyard. Instead of Commercial chicken feeders, these will be suitable and convenient too.  It might not be a PVC pipe project for home decor, but it gives you the idea of how amazingly you can use PVC pipes for different purposes. Plus, this DIY project is so much easy and required not too many supplies to complete. Just cut them joint them, and fit them, and that’s it.


Pvc Pipe Tree As Wall Art:


Pvc Pipe Tree As Wall Art

What about this PVC pipe tree as wall art? It’s an amazing idea to make wall crafts using PVC pipe and all of your toys and ornaments. Instead of throwing toys and ornaments here and there, paint them in different colors, put them in this tree of PVC pipe, and make wonderful wall art that will surely become the focal point of others.


Pvc Candy Canes:

Pvc Candy Canes

These PVC-lighted candy canes are a perfect and cheap way to make your home Christmas ready in a fun way. This is easy and quick to make to that will become the reason to gain the appreciation of others.


Pvc Floating Accent Lamp:

Pvc Floating Accent Lamp

This beautiful mini lamp adds glam and romantic touch to any place. And when it comes to its functionality, it has endless choices and options to make and use. Such as you can use it from patio furniture to elegant sculptures. It’s easy to make and easy to work with. Use light in any color you want to add to it and create your very own lamp without spending too much.


Colorful Vases Made From Pvc Pipes:

Colorful Vases Made From Pvc Pipes

It’s a cool DIY project to make vases from PVC pipes. It seems weird, but after doing this project, you will surprise to see its amazing results. So beautifully and easily made up without spending a lot of fortune. Just by using pipes of different sizes and beautiful paints, you would complete this project.


Craft Paint Storage With Pvc Pipe:

Craft Paint Storage With Pvc Pipe

You can make very clever and interesting storage ideas with PVCV pipes, and here is the perfect example of this thing. This crafts storage idea with PVC pipe is so much easy to build up. You have to cut pipes of 6 inches and glue them up in a design you want to create, and in the last, hang them on the wall. To make this craft storage more decorative and fascinating, grab the washi tape for a quick makeover and made life better. It will take only a few hours to complete this project.


Colorful Diy Pvc Pipe Laptop Stand:

Colorful Diy Pvc Pipe Laptop Stand

If you are one of those who have to spend most of their time in front of the computer or laptop, this amazing laptop stands made up of PVC pipes in a colorful design. It such an easy and interesting project that will provide you extra height to your screen. You will find it money-saving as well as very creative too.


Pvc Two-faced Clock:

Pvc Two-faced Clock

It’s such a nice and creative idea to make a tw0-faced clock with the help of PVC pipes. This will be perfect for keeping track of the time difference in another time zone—easy to make and cheap, instead of buying a new clock from the market.


Pvc Succulent Planters:

Pvc Succulent Planters

It always exciting and so much fun to create something amazing with ordinary things. These succulent pots are made up of PVC pipes that will not guess anyone made up of PVC. You will only need to have PVC couplings for this project, and caps are from the plumbing department if you do not have them at your home. It will prove really inexpensive and so much fun!


DIY Pvc Pipe Utensil Organizer:

Pvc Pipe Utensil Organizer

It is a  multi-purpose centerpiece that can use to hold utensils, flowers, and napkins. Whatever the purpose of making this amazing PVC pipe centerpiece will work perfectly for all purposes mentioned above. Set in your outdoor patio’s table or inside of your home, it will increase the beauty of your place.


DIY Pvc Pipe Vase For Mother’s Day:

DIY Pvc Pipe Vase For Mother’s Day

Are you looking for a handmade mother’s day gift idea? If yes, you will not go wrong with these mother’s day photo vases from PVC pipes. You can add personalized photos to make it a perfect gift. Get the supplies and start making this admirable gift-giving piece; it requires lesser time but produces fruitful outcomes.


DIY Pvc Pipe Bow And Arrow For Your Kids:

Pvc Pipe Bow And Arrow For Your Kids

Doing something for kids always makes you more fun and gives you more pleasure, and if it becomes budget-friendly, then there is nothing better than that.  This beautiful and amazingly created PVC pipe bow and arrow is a wonderful way to do something enjoyable and interesting for your kids without spending a lot of fortune.


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