DIY Pillow Ideas That Will Change Room Look

Do you want to give your room a new look with something creative? Nothing can change the look of your room faster than fun DIY pillow or cushion. They not only add style to your space but also they are functional.  Learning how to create your own DIY pillow is full of fun and an art in which every can become the master. As DIY projects always help us to make our home decorative and enhancing its charm so you can pick DIY ideas to create homemade pillows and cushions.

You can make very beautiful and adorable cushion and DIY pillow covers with just a little effort and art. You just need to let the imaginations grow up in your mind and have to act upon them. After it, you will love the amazing and interesting results of some cozy and unique DIY pillow and cushion covers. All of these ideas will make your space sweet and your family happy. Charming and cute looking pillows allow adding an accent on your beds and couches. Not for your own home but also you can make them for your friends to give as gifts.

They can be created with different shapes and sizes and you can add some pop of colors for more attractive and charming look. You can choose any color and design of them which you want and which shows the taste of your personality. So, I have collected a list of 16 creative DIY pillow ideas that will change your room look. This list will really inspire you to make your own DIY pillow and cushion. So, let’s have a look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration.

I hope you will find all of these ideas interesting and creative and would love to try them out your own home. So, please scroll down to take a glance at the 16 creative DIY pillow ideas that will change your look.

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16 Creative DIY Pillow Ideas That Will Change Your Room Look:

Make A Felt Circle DIY Pillow:

This DIY pillow looks really beautiful and chic when it decorated on any couch or bed. The procedure of sewing it is lengthy but not very difficult. You just have to cut many circle pieces of this fabric and after folding then from their center sew them with one another. So, make this chic and lovely DIY pillow with the pop of color which you want to take to beautify your space.

diy pillow

image via: whatsurhomestory

A Cake Slice Shape DIY No-Sew Pillow:

If you want to add some fun to your room or any place then pick this idea to make your space stylish as well as unique. This beautiful pink color DIY pillow will perfectly fit your kid’s room and enhance its charm. And if you think that it would be difficult to create this then you are wrong. It is very easy to sew and of course time-consuming. Choose the colors that you or your kids like and add some fun to your space.

diy pillow

image via: awws am

DIY Pillows Made With Fabric Glue:

If you are not master in sewing machine but you want to add beauty to your room with the unique and stylish designs of pillows then you should not worried about it. I have brought a great solution of this for you. You can make these no-sew DIY pillows with the help of fabric glue.  They can be created easily and no time-consuming. They are simple but unique and chic.

diy pillow


image via: live love DIY

A Kid’s DIY Pillow:

If you want to give your kids a cozy surprise that must be comfortable as well as functional then this DIY pillow is perfect for that. This DIY pillow is really is to sew and look so cute. The best this pillow you can fold as well as lay down it on the floor as you want.

diy pillow


image via: snip

DIY Jelly Roll Floor Pillow:

This is a very chic idea to add some fun to your space. With just a jelly roll and some fabric, you can make these cozy oversized pillows that will give you beauty and comfort at the same time. You can choose different colors to beautify it.

diy pillow

image via: Moda bakeshop

Make A Cute Puppy DIY Pillow:

Do you want to make something extra than for sleep? If yes, then this cute puppy pillow will really make your space cute and chic. You would love to hug this puppy pillow and feel comfort and pleasure.

diy pillow

image via:tutsplus

DIY Anchor Away Pillow:

Everyone loves to have some fun on the beach in summer. So, you can make this beach inspired  DIY anchor pillow to show your love and passion for the beach. This pillow also featuring the navy, that’s why navy color, dots, stripes, metallic gold color and pink color are shown in this pillow that will go fit with the white couch.

diy pillow

image via: Blog Lovin’

DIY Water Color Pillow:

This pillow color is so much easy to create and full of fun. You just have to mix the paint with the water and try it onto the fabric. Remember, you should keep thinner the paint and lighter the colors. It will give very beautiful effect and make your cushion and pillow cover charming.

diy pillow

image via:teendiy.blogspot

DIY Cuddle Floor Pillow To Give A Cozy Touch:

If your children love to sit and play on the floor whether the play with cars, trains, paints or with any other toy, they always like to lay and play on the floor, then look at this idea. This DIY pillow will keep your children cozy and comfortable even in the winter days when our floors are cold.

diy pillow


DIY Oversized Pom Pom Pillows:

If you are going to prepare pillows for the floor then try to pick patterns and colors to mix up. They will fit perfectly according to the weather. For more charm, you can add pom pom in different colors. For this, you would not have to pay a lot.

diy pillow

image via: snip

DIY Modern Art Pillows:

Spring is time to have fun with colors and add them to your life and home decor. So, why not try them in an art to make the DIY pillow? Yes, you can add the splash of colors in a pillow cover that will make it charming and beautiful.

diy pillow

image via:allthingswithpurpose

DIY Chalkboard Art Pillow:

It is not necessary that you always to add some sewing or glued items in your space in the shape of pillows and cushions. But also you can beautify your cushions and pillows with something else such as a chalkboard. Make your simple pillow cover and draw All is calm All is bright on it to say welcome to the Christmas. This will give a chic look to your home and make it creative.

diy pillow

image via:homestoriesatoz

DIY Ruffle Rosette Pillow:

This is my favorite DIY pillow from this list and this attracts me a lot. Of course, this project will take much time to complete but the result will be amazed you. This pop of color pillow can be made on the spring arrival to say welcome to it. This single pieces of the pillow will beautify your whole simple room and make it charming.

diy pillow

image via: thrifty and chic

DIY Big Bow Pillow Cases With Bright Colors:

These easy to sew but very attractive and charming pillow cases are perfect for Valentine’s decor. These are 10-minute ready pillow cases that will definitely make your whole room bright and awesome.

diy pillow

image via: Rae-gun ramblings

DIY Anthro Inspired Pillow:

This is really beautiful and stunning piece of  pillow that can enhance the look of your room. It’s not very difficult to create it. Follow the instructions to get the perfect result.

diy pillow

image via: the gilded hare

Make Your DIY Pillow With Buttons:

Buttons are not just for stitching but also you can make different crafts top beautify your home. In this project, buttons have been used on the bright color of pillow that is looking very nice and effective. Put the all button in the center of the pillow to cover up the central area of it.

diy pillow

image via: make it love it

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