DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Rocks And Minerals

Home decorating with DIY ideas and crafts have been very popular nowadays. And when it comes to décor your home with natural accents play an important role to beautify your home. Stones, Pebbles, rocks and minerals are the most effective and popular natural accents that are being used to enhance the charm of indoor and outdoor spaces of your home.

As DIY projects always teach you that how you can bring in use all of that stuff which is considered useless and wastage. So, in this post, you will learn that rocks and minerals can beautify your home surprisingly. Home interior is the most important thing of the home that everyone wants to have best for his home. By the rocks and minerals, you can increase the charm of your patio, garden, and home. The best thing about these projects, for most of them you would not have to spend much money. These natural treasures can be found easily especially if you live near the beach or river then it would be easier for you to collect them.

minerals and rocks

You can create a tiny project to a big one by these wonderful rocks and minerals. Such as you can beautify a flower pot, a vase, a table and even your garden with the projects of rocks and minerals. They add an elegance to your interior and your outdoor place and make them more interesting and charming. Rocks and minerals can be found in different colors and sizes. So it would not be difficult for you to adjust them on the pots or where you want to place them.

Minerals are mostly found in crystals and they give a natural shine so they will make your home bright and shiny. So, just because of all of these reasons I wanted to share with you some DIY ideas to decorate your home with rocks and minerals. That’s why I have prepared a post on minerals and rocks projects that will beautify your home. So, let’s have a look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration. I hope you will find all of these ideas stunning and would love to try them out to beautify your home.

DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Rocks And Minerals:

 DIY Beautiful stone flowers:

The DIY beautiful stone flower is made by the stone of different colors.We can decorate the wall by this stone flower,s board.The flowers are looking like a sunflower.No money is required to make this flower.By this cheap idea, we can make our home stylish and decorative.The flowers are made on the Decker.

 DIY Beautiful stone flowers

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DIY beautiful vase made by rocks:

There are many ways to use the rocks and give them a new shape.By this idea, you can make a beautiful vase from rocks.With this beautiful vase, you can give a luxurious look to your home.It is not a difficult task and not take a long time to build.With the small effort, you can make this beautiful and charming flower vase.You can bring a new creativity in your home.

DIY beautiful vase made by rocks

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DIY beautiful bucket covered with rocks:

The beautiful plant bucket is made from white and blacks stones.By this idea, you can turn the old bucket into a beautiful vase.The bucket is covered with the rocks.If you want to make a planter you can recycle the old bucket or tin into the plant holder.It enhances the beauty of the home.It is not a difficult task and you will enjoy this idea when you go to try this.

DIY beautiful bucket covered with rocks

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DIY mirror design with mineral:

The mirror is always looking very beautiful in the living room and bedroom.By DIY project, you can design the mirror with different sea shells, mineral and glass stones.Ye can decorate your home with the mineral mirror.The mirror is decorated with the mineral. The mineral is attached to the border of the mirror.It also enhances the beauty of the wall.

DIY mirror design with mineral

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DIY candles made by designing rocks:

There is an endless way to beautify the home by the rocks.You can give a stunning look to your home, by the river rocks, you can make a home decor crafts by your own hands.The candles are made from different designing rocks.First, you will design the rocks and then place them step by step to give a candle shape.It enhances the glory of home.

DIY candles made by designing rocks

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DIY stone planters:

You can make your entry or front porch more creative by these DIY stone planters. The old pot is covered by the rocks and turn into a beautiful planter.You can decorate your home by this cheap idea.In this idea, you will not worried about the money because you would not have to buy anything from the market.You can enjoy the natural beauty by this project.

DIY stone planters

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Amazing lamp decor with minerals:

Make your home beautiful and attractive with your handmade crafts.DIY projects give you many ideas to decor your DIY project, you can give your personal touch to decor the things and make it more beautiful and charming.The stand of the lamp is decorated with the mineral.It is looking very amazing and increasing the beauty of the home. You can buy a lamp from market then decorated with your choice.

Amazing lamp decor with minerals

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Decor the table with mineral:

These footprints are looking very nice and can create different footprints by this can choose different size of stones to make this project.if you want to give an attractive to these footprints then you can paint them.this project will be suitable for your patio or garden.

Decor the table with mineral

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Decor the table with mineral:

This craft is not only inexpensive but also very can give a new shape to old pots.It is a very cool idea to make the home beautiful and creative.For this project, you just have to collect the rocks then paint them with different colors.These painted stones are placed into the pots to make them beautiful and colorful.If you want to decorate your home and give it a creative shape then natural accents will be perfect for this.


Decor the table with mineral

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Decor the table with minerals:

When we talk about the home decoration then the decoration with natural things is more effective and creative.You can Decor your home in various style but the decoration with natural elements is great.The mineral is a natural element.With this, you can design the bedroom, sitting room, and dining room. The piece of the mineral is placed in the middle of is increasing the beauty of the room.

Decor the table with minerals

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A beachy candle with river rocks in glass:

It is a really easy way to use the river rocks to make the handmade craft.These candle glasses will enhance the decor of your dining table in the evening.The candles are floating in the glass.It is a simple way to decorate the home and enjoy the dinner or tea party with the friends and family.The bottom of the glass is covered with the stones.the candle glasses are placed on the tray of sand.

A beachy candle with river rocks in glass

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DIY planter box made from different rocks:

If you want to give a fresh look to your home then you should think about this project.This project is very interesting and easy.The old wooden box is recycled into the planter.Pebbles of different size are placed in the box.With these stones, it is looking very nice and charming.It enhances the beauty of the home.The grass is growing in the box that is looking very beautiful.

DIY planter box made from different rocks


The teapot and other things place on the DIY rocky tray:

river rocks are considered very popular and inexpensive material among the is easy to bring in use them, you can design anything with the rocks. if you want to design the dining table then you can think about this will make your dining table creative and beautiful.the teapot and other things are placed on the rock trays. trays of different design are made on the dining table they are looking very beautiful.

The teapot and other things place on the DIY rocky tray

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A DIY sea glass of colorful stones:

You can use the mineral in making the garden stepping stones.If you have an old pancake then to use it to mold the concrete and a perfect portion of stepping stones.Just mixed the concrete and the glass stones.It will make your landscape or any other place where you want to lay it more beautiful and amazing. Glass stones of different colors have been used in this project.

A DIY sea glass of colorful stones

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DIY stones planter bowl:

add the river rocks in your home decoration is a good way to give a beautiful and new look to things.this project will give an amazing look to old just have to give some time to make the things beautiful and creative.the simple bowl is covered with the rocks and then turned into the is looking very nice and increasing the beauty of the home.

DIY stones planter bowl


Decorate the DIY picture frame with the minerals:

By using this DIY idea you can make your picture frame fabulous and beautiful. You can design the frame with your choice. Not even for your home decor but also you can gift them to your friends, mother, and children. It will also enhance the beauty of your room.The frame is decorated with the mineral crystals.The mineral crystals are placed at the border of the frame.The frame placed on the table, that is increasing the beauty if the room.

Decorate the DIY picture frame with the minerals

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