DIY Home Decor Projects To Make Your Home Cute

Do you want to update your home but worried about the high costs of things and items? If yes then read this post carefully because here we have brought interesting, useful and beautiful DIY home décor projects that totally change the look of your home. Here we have presented very cheap and easy DIY home decor projects that all have been made from outdated home materials. That’s the reason for all of these projects you would not have to spend even a little money. There are a lot of lying in our homes which have much recycling-potential. All of them can be DIY and turned into something different and new. It is the best way to recycle a maximum of these retired and useless things and turn them beautiful ones for different projects and purposes.

There are a lot of things that can be recovered and made beautiful things such as an old and broken photo frame can be turned into beautiful jewelry hanger or jewelry storage stand. Not even this you can also use them as a candlestick holder or for any other home décor displayer can be used. And of course, mason jars have many recycling ideas and ways on their own. So, move ahead and with a little yet creative modification bring them in reuse. Like just by paint an art onto them or installing knobs to their lids they will become different yet beautiful storage pot for your food or other accessories. DIY home decor projects are being very popular among the people because they are cheap and most of them take no much time to build.

DIY Home Decor Projects To Make Your Home Cute:

DIY Home Decor Projects To Make Your Home Precious

Not only these things but also but also reclaimed wooden boards can also be used for DIY home decor projects.  Such as, you can make a peg board to instantly find the socks or any other accessory at the time of necessity and this pegboard can be made beautiful by drawing some silhouette letters or paint them in a beautiful way. The possibilities are endless to make DIY home decor projects by the recycling old things. For example, a trash bin, a cool ladder shelves, even you can make your old furniture by repainting and updating it.

DIY Home Decor Projects

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So, I have a big list of DIY home decor projects that will guide you that how you can reuse the old things. I hope you will enjoy this list and have fun. So, let’s take a look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration. I am sure you will like them a lot and would love to try them out at your own home.

DIY Home Decor Projects

DIY Blanket ladder:

This is a very easy and interesting project to add extra decor to your living room. It will keep your space well organized as you can hang blankets and towels onto it. So, learn how to build a blanket ladder by following the link given below. Tutorial here

DIY Wood Arrows Projects:

Try these DIY wood arrows to make your blank wall beautiful and to give it a rustic look. The procedure to make these wood arrows is so easy even everyone can make it. So, if you have some leftover cedar planks at your home then bring in use them for DIY home decor projects.

DIY Wood Arrows

Tutorial here DIY Wood Arrows

DIY Mason Jar Wall Lanterns:

If you want to make your home that kind of decorating that fits your personality then try these DIY Mason jar wall lantern. It will not only make your home pretty but also give it a rustic look. For this project, you just have to wooden planks, mason jars, and hooks. To get step by spet instructions to click the link given below.

DIY Mason Jar Wall Lanterns

Tutorial here Rustic DIY Mason Jar Wall Lanterns

DIY Handmade Thrift Store Frame Tiered Trays:

Use your old picture frame to make DIY handmade thrift store frame tiered trays. Fill those photo frames with wooden planks and patch up them with thrift store extra wood to make like these trays. It can be used for holding some decorative items or for storage purpose.

Handmade Thrift Store Frame

Tutorial here what treasures await

Rustic Farmhouse Entryway:

This rustic farmhouse entryway has an industrial look that is blended with a rustic charm and beauty. It has organized very beautifully and intelligently. To get more instructions click on the link below.

Rustic Farmhouse Entryway


Tutorial here Rustic Farmhouse Entryway

Mason Jars into Cool Storage Jars:

To get these Mason jars into cool storage jars, paint the lids of Mason jars and add custom knobs onto the lids to give them a classy look. Now you can store everything in them which you want and put them anywhere.

Upcycled Mason Jars into Cool Storage Jars

Tutorial here hauteandhealthyliving

DIY Photo Ladder:

Do you want to display your family photos in some different style? Then what about this idea and project? so, turn old wood logs into the ladder and hang your photos to display. For more decorations, you can add cherry boughs in it.

Rustic DIY Photo Ladder

Tutorial here Rustic Photo Ladder

DIY Rustic Three Tier Wood Slice Stand:

You can make this fabulous DIY rustic three-tier wood slice stand just by an old or useless a tree stump. It will be perfect for your farmhouse or to give your home a rustic look. Just cot the stump into three pieces, take two pretty glass candlesticks (or vases) to give a classy look and of course, three wooden cabinet knobs that you can get from your old furniture from your own home and glue.

DIY Rustic Three Tier Wood Slice Stand

Tutorial via Personally Andrea

DIY Mobile Bird Wall Art:

This is an outstanding DIY mobile bird wall art that will make your boring and dull wall superb decorative and beautiful. Moreover, it is one of the most creative DIY home decor projects and hacks.

DIY Mobile Bird Wall Art

Tutorial here apartmenttherapy

DIY Shelving Made with 2 Ladders:

This is a super cool idea to make your entryway more decorative and to avoid to be massive. It has been made after putting together two ladders instead of one to put and decorate different baskets and things onto it. This will give your home a rustic look and enhance its beauty.

Shelving Made with 2 Ladders

Tutorial via Funky Junk Interiors

Precious Paper Orb Light:

Want to add a different yet stunning decorative vibe to your home? Yes? Then this precious paper orb light will be perfect for this purpose.It is very easy to build this amazing lighting project and creative also. So mo, ahead and crafty with some of these DIY home decor projects.

Precious Paper Orb Light

Tutorial here design sponge

DIY Pom Pom Throw:

If you have bought a throw blanket from the store and it looks simple yet then you can give it a personalized touch by adding some pom pom on it. You can easily make those pom poms at home with your own hands and save much money. After adding the pom poms, your throw blanket will look very pretty and gorgeous. So, move ahead and make your own pom pom throw by following this tutorial.

Pom Pom Throw

Tutorial here   In My Own Style

DIY Wooden Tilt-out Trash Can Cabinet:

want to store your trash fastly without spreading it all along the way? Then this DIY wooden tilt-out trash can cabinet is perfect for it. It has been made from just trash wood and material.

Hand-built wooden Tilt-out Trash Can Cabinet

Tutorial here bydawnnicole

DIY Reclaimed Wood Octagon Mirror:

If you have some pallets at your home then you can make this DIY reclaimed wood octagon mirror at zero cost. Yes at zero cost because you can bring in use those wood pallets and put together them with your simple or old mirror. For learn to how you can click the link given below.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Octagon Mirror

Tutorial here View Along the Way

Missing Socks Board:

Sometimes we find just one sock while the other we missed. For that kind of situation, you can make this missing socks board. Take the piece of wood board, pain it, draw some letters onto it and in the end fix the cloth pegs with the help of the screwdriver.

Missing Socks Board

Tutorial here 100things2do

DIY Reversible Folding:

You can build this DIY reversible folding or room divider just from old doors after the makeover and paint it. It is a very nice project that will make your room more gorgeous and attractive. This is one of my favorite DIY home decor projects.

DIY Reversible Folding

Tutorial here In My Own Style

Cool Ladder Shelves:

It is another way to add the beauty and decoration at your home if your home does not have enough space for more decoration. You can add shelves across the spindles of this ladder and use them for putting some decorative pieces onto them.

Cool DiIY Ladder Shelves

Tutorial here apairandasparediy

Turn a Charger into a Mirror:

Do you want a well decorative mirror but afraid to their heavy prices? Now you should not worry because by bring in use your those chargers that you never use to make beautiful and decorative in mirrors less than 15 minutes. So, for learning to how you can turn a charger plate into a mirror click the link given below.

Tutorial here Sand and Sisal

Tin Can Cutlery Organizer:

What a nice use of old and retired tin cans? Is it fabulous? Yes, it is because you can recycle the old cans and make tin can cutlery organizers. To get the step by step instructions click the link below.

Tin Can Cutlery Organizer

Tutorial here madamecriativa

DIY Seashell Mason Jar:

This DIY seashell Mason jar is inspired by sea or beach. It is the best way to make a centerpiece or to make the gift for your friends. Just glue up the outer side of the jar and paste the rocks, broken seashells or sea treasures onto it.


Tutorial here apumpkinandaprincess

Cool Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden:

Mason jars can also be used for plating the herbs and tiny plants. Moreover, plants grow up better in the glass pots instead of plastic pots. So, grow the plants and herbs for a classy look and get a cool hanging Mason jar herb garden.

Tutorial here industry standard design

Wooden Boxes into Geometrical DIY Wall Shelves:

Be creative and play with the wooden boxes by hanging them on the wall. By just adding a little creativity, you can turn wooden boxes into geometrical walls shelves. For full tutorial click the link below.

Wooden Boxes into Geometrical Wall Shelves

Tutorial here ispydiy

DIY Home Decor Projects

DIY Home Decor Projects

DIY Home Decor Projects To Make Your Home Precious



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