Cheap DIY Crafts For Home Decor

Are you going to renovate your home and need some creative yet inexpensive ideas to beautify your home? So, you would not have to wait longer because here we are going to present some of the best and interesting DIY crafts for home decor.  As DIY projects always help you out to make your home and life beautiful without spending a lot of fortune so if you are crafty and love to work with your own hands by following the DIY projects then this post is going to prove very beneficial for you. All of these DIY crafts for home decor are easy and less time consuming that will make your home more creative and unique. I always try to give you my best after searching the web so similarly today a have made this list after a long struggle and search.

DIY Crafts For Home Decor

The best part of these DIY crafts for home decor will be you would not have buy material from the market. You could use and recycled your useless or old material that you already have at home. In this way, you could get your home improvement projects in a cheap and inexpensive way. So, let’s have a look at the following gallery that I have prepared for your inspiration. I hope you will find all of these ideas amazing and stunning give your place a new look.

Cheap DIY Crafts For Home Decor:

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Here you are going to see from wall décor projects to display your plants in a creative style. DIY home furniture to DIY woven veneer lamp and creative branch pendant too. All of these DIY crafts for home decor going to make you crazy to upgrade your home. So, don’t wait for anything move ahead enhance your inner skills and creativities by following these DIY crafts for home decor.

Waxed Paper Transfer:

diy crafts for home decor

This is very interesting and unique way to transform any picture into a wood. You just have to need a wax paper, regular inkjet printer and a wood where you want to print. This is a great way to memorize your photos or special moments which you have captured in the front of your sight for years.


DIY Wooden Utensil Box:

DIY Wooden Utensil Box - diy crafts for home decor

Storage is a big problem for everyone and every home whether you live in a big home or small. Similarly, there is a same condition for the kitchen too. This DIY wood utensils box will solve this problem for you and make your kitchen well organized. Now, you would not have to see cluttered kitchen utensils when you enter the kitchen. Moreover, this idea will prove very inexpensive and quick make.


Etched Wooden Spoons:

Etched Wooden Spoons - diy crafts for home decor

This is very cool and easy project that can be used to give a gift to upcoming events. The procedure of it is full of fun and the usage of creative tools which are called Dremel, heated tool for etching the spoons and drawing on the spoons. After applying this procedure just tie the spoons together with red ribbon and your gift is ready to give.


DIY Cutting Board:

DIY Cutting Board - diy crafts for home decor

Cutting board is an essential thing for every kitchen and we pay a lot for buying it. But today we are going to share with you an easy way to create a DIY cutting board from the scrap of woods which we have shown you in the picture above. This will look gorgeous and amazing and everyone will ask you about it that how did you make it.


Rug Wall Art:

Rug Wall Art - diy crafts for home decor

If you want to add an interest to your room then hanging on this large rug wall will be a perfect idea. It will change the whole look of your room and make it crafty as well as creative. This idea will be also for those who want to add a boho style to their home. It is really inexpensive and easy to make.


DIY Wood Leather Plant Hanger:

DIY Wood Leather Plant Hanger - diy crafts for home decor

This is a thrift store bought bowl project that will take only $ 1.99. Take this bowl and drill some holes into it and pass the leather cording for hanging. This will become a great boho plant hanger where you could plant tiny plants and hang it in your corridor.  You can also paint it with to make it more interesting and beautiful.


DIY Affordable Branch Pendant:


DIY Affordable Branch Pendant - diy crafts for home decor

If you want to add a cuteness and elegance to your space then try this DIY wood branch pendant. You can fix it above your dining table to give it a nice look and well touch of decorating. It is a very cheap yet unique way to brighten up your space.


Make a Modern Dreamcatcher:

Make a Modern Dreamcatcher - diy crafts for home decor

Wall art make our boring and dull walls attractive and interesting such as this project. This a lovely, cheap and less time-consuming way to upgrade your boring and simple walls. Just take rattan hoops, colorful feathers, wooden beads, threads in different colors and glue.


DIY Moroccan Candle Holders:

DIY Moroccan Candle Holders - diy crafts for home decor

If you love candles and love decorating candle holders as I do then try these DIY Moroccan candle holders. These will be the perfect little decorating accessory for any room. Just by adding different and bright colors paint to any candle holderor a glass jar or glass bottle you will be able to get this kind of candle holders to beautify your place and give it a romantic touch.


DIY Wood Slice Picture Frame:

DIY Wood Slice Picture Frame - diy crafts for home decor

This is a just wow project that can transform any ordinary picture frame to an extraordinary. You just have to adorn some little wood slices and place them to the picture frame as shown. It is one of the really easy and quick make DIY crafts for home decor.


DIY Patterned Box Vase:

DIY Patterned Box Vase - diy crafts for home decor

Do you want a new but creative yet inexpensive vase to add a bit decor to your home? This one will be perfect to add a beauty to any place without spending a lot. You can make this amazing DIY patterned box vase by from a little scrap from your surroundings. This vase has been made from a wooden board after cutting and a glass jar has been placed in the center of it.


DIY Color-dipped Clothes Hamper:

DIY Color-dipped Clothes Hamper - diy crafts for home decor

This is one of the coolest DIY crafts for home decor. This DIY color-dipped clothes baby hamper to organize and put your all baby clothes in one place. It will help you out to make your space neat and clean and well organized as well as decorative.


DIY Live Edge Walnut Bench:

Live Edge Walnut Bench - diy crafts for home decor

What about this super easy and super functional DIY live edge walnut bench? Its really cool and nice idea to add a bench near to your door to put your shoes, bags or other needy things. If you have already had all the material at home then it will prove zero cost or if you have to buy this walnut board from lumber shack then also will be cost effective. francoisetmoi

DIY Woven Veneer Lamp:

DIY Woven Veneer Lamp - diy crafts for home decor

This is a DIY woven veneer striped lamp that will be perfect for hanging just above to your dining room or even beside it. This is very easy and quick make project that will prove really inexpensive to add bit decor to your home.


DIY Tobacco Basket:

DIY Tobacco Basket - diy crafts for home decor

If you want to add a country or a farmhouse style decor to your home then this DIY tobacco basket will work perfectly.  It’s really creative yet easy as well as the cheap project to beautify your home.


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