12 DIY Closet Organization Ideas

As a woman, I want to be everything well organized, and the storage of everything should be perfect. Sometimes we cannot find anything just because of poor organization. Hence, it comes to a closet organization; then, it becomes more important to keep everything in its perfect place to make easiness in the future. It becomes very easy to find everything due to your closet’s good organization, even you have a small closet. If you have determined to use your closet in the right and perfect way, then here you will find  DIY closet organization ideas and projects.

I have prepared a post on them and make a gallery of genius DIY closet organization ideas and projects. So, let’s have a glance at the following gallery and draw some inspiration. I hope you will like all of these ideas very much and would love to try them out at your own home. So, please scroll down to get ideas on  DIY closet organization ideas and projects.

DIY Closet Organization Ideas:

genius DIY closet organization ideas and projects

Stop leaving and spreading your shoes, clothes, bags, and other stuff in your closet all around the house and in a closet too. Pick any one or more ideas of DIY closet organization ideas to keep your all stuff of closet in its right place and well organized.  Even you can make your own plywood closet instead of buying a new one. In this way, you can save almost half the money for yourself and make your own desired closet to organize all shoes, clothes, and bags as you want.

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DIY Closet Organizer Plans For 5′ to 8′ Closet:

Some easy woodworks can turn easily into beautiful home decor. Try this beautiful DIY closet organizer plan for  5 to 8 closets. It will be a fascinating addition to your bedroom decor. Only simple plywood, wood screws, wood edgebanding, and pan heads make this beautiful DIY craft. In this DIY closet idea, you will adjust the size of any block according to your needs. This DIY idea helps you organize your clothes, shoes, and each of the daily useable things. Make this craft to add easiness to your daily routine.

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Diy Closet Organization:


If you are some person to organize each and everything in the desired place and never bear the undisciplined approach, try this DIY closet organization. It will help you manage your daily used products in an excellent way without any interruption. This DIY closet organization will provide a boutique-like appearance to your wardrobe and will save you precious time from getting wasted. Make this beautiful-looking DIY closet for your home; it will be very helpful for you.

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Everything should have to be available in the fixed place it will give a disciplined approach to your life and if you have lesser space then surely this idea is remarkable to cover all of your wearings. You will not have to search a lot to find your desired things; manage each and everything in proper symmetry by following this adorable DIY idea.

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As you have a vast range of clothes like outfits, shoes, and many more of your personal use. You will surely need a lot of space to keep those things in symmetry. But if you did not have much space, then try this very useful DIY craft. Make some drawers and hangings to keep your favorite things in the desired place; in this regard, this craft will be helpful for you.

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Clothes Closet Organizing: No-Slip Hangers:

Clothes Closet Organizing No Slip Hangers

If you are getting irritated from your slippery hangers and face difficulty hanging your clothes into the closet, try this noo slip hanger closet organization. It will be the best solution to your problem. You need to take the hangers and the pipe cleaners in your desired favorite color. Put the pipe cleaner on the tip of the hanger and curve it, now wrap it round and round, and your hanger gets completed. It will be a very useful craft and has been made in just 2,3 minutes.

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Clothes Closet LED Lighting Comparison:

Clothes Closet LED Lighting Comparison

Everyone tries to decorate its wardrobe in good manners because our all favorite clothes are present there as you know that lightning adds a lot to any decor. So try this beautiful closet-led lightning idea to beautify your closet; once you made it, you will surely admire this idea. Just take the 100 watts led bulb and hang it upside down to give an awesome look to your wardrobe.

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