25 DIY Charging Station Ideas Cheap And Easy

It is the era of technology and mechanism, electronic devices and machines are common nowadays. Everyone has held these electric devices in his hands and his home too. Where these electronic devices are doing real magic with their fantastic functions. But there is a common problem for all of them, we have to plug them into chargers to keep using those devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets and so many other electronic devices. And this thing becomes the cause of cord clutter everywhere, especially on the tabletops. It decreases the home décor and makes it less beautiful. So, do you want an idea which keep your things tidy up and you may charge your electronic devices? Then get ready, because here we are presenting Cheap and easy DIY charging station ideas to keep your home well organized.

DIY Charging Station Ideas

25 Cheap And Easy DIY Charging Station Ideas:

All of these DIY charging station ideas are simple, easy and unique that would work great as well as beautify your space.it does no matter how many phones and devices do you have at your home. You put together all of your chargeable devices to charge without spreading wires and cords. It will make your space well organized and uncluttered. The only thing is important is that your DIY charging stations and charging docks should work great.

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For this purpose it is not important to buy plugs or other needy things from the stores, you can recycle the things which are useless and lying at your home. As DIY projects always keep in the budget so these DIY charging station ideas will be budget-friendly and cost-effective too. So, what about to try these DIY charging station ideas at your own home by choosing the idea from the following list? Move ahead and choose your favorite one and enjoy to try to make it at home to getting rid of wire and cord cluttering.

So, please scroll down to have a look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration. I hope you will love all of these ideas and love to try them out at your own home.

Family DIY Charging Station:

As it is always a problem to find your chargers and cables, but this family diy charging station idea will free you from this tension. Make a charging station for the whole family where every member can find the charging cables and can keep other electronic accessories safely. Take a 4 port USB charger and replace your electric power board with this charger. Take a wooden box, with 2-3 partitions in it according to your needs. Make this diy charging station to add a lot o f easiness to your life. Click on the below link to get more information about this idea.


DIY Hidden Cord Charging Station:

DIY Hidden Cord Charging Station



DIY Charging Station For Your Gear:

DIY Charging Station

Make this useful charging station to charge your daily useable electronic accessories and also to hold many other things, which you often needed. This charging station looks awesome and you will love this cause of its useability, you can easily lift this charging station with you anywhere. You just need to buy craftsman three-drawer portable toolbox, surge protector,  and rubber grommets from the store.  Paint your charging box in your desired color according to your desire. To get more information about this craft click on the below link.


DIY Book iPhone Dock Tutorial:

DIY Book iPhone Dock Tutorial


DIY Beside Charging Station:

DIY Beside Charging Station

This diy beside the charging station will be a really useful project for your daily use. Make it in the shape of a rolling drawer, you will surely get a lot of benefit from it. You can keep your phones in it while charging, keep the tv remotes and many other things which you want to downstair while going to bed. Take a wooden box to make this awesome craft. Click on the below link to get more information about this diy project.


DIY USB Grass Charging Station:

USB Grass Charging Station

This diy USB grass charging station looks really funny. It seems that your phone is put aside but it is getting charged. It is smaller in size so you can lift it easily anywhere. Just take the synthetic grass, USB port and a container in your desired size to make this useful charging station. Click on the below link to get more information about this project.



DIY Gorgeous Shoe Box Charging Station:

Box Charging Station

No one can imagine making a charging station with a shoebox but here we will tell you how you can make this fun craft. Make this very beautiful and easy to make charging stations by using the wasted shoe box. Take a shoebox, wrapping paper in your preferred pattern, paper glue, x-acto knife, metal grommets, pencil or pen, and a glue gun to make this charging box. Click on the below link to get more information about this project.


DIY Wooden Box Charging Station:

Wooden Box Charging Station


DIY Multi Small Pockets Wooden Box Charging Station:

DIY Wooden Box Charging Station


DIY Phone Charging Station from Scrap:

DIY Phone Charging Station


DIY Cigar Box Charging Station:

DIY Cigar Box Charging Station


DIY Lego Arcade Machine Phone Charging Station:

DIY Lego Charging Station


DIY Toiletry Kit Charging Station:

DIY Toiletry Kit Charging Station


DIY Tardis Phone Charging Station:

Tardis Phone Charging Station


DIY Cordless Drill Storage Charging Station:

Drill Storage Charging Station


DIY Build A Lamp Combo USB Charger Easy Fun:

Combo USB Charger Easy Fun


DIY Book It Cell Phone Charging Station:

Cell Phone Charging Station


DIY Magazine Rack Turned Charging Station:

Magazine Rack Turned Charging Station


DIY Simple Family Charging Station:

Family Charging Station


DIY Pam’s Before & After Wall-mounted Charging Station:

Wall-mounted Charging Station


DIY Device Charging Station:

DIY Device Charging Station


A Semi-DIY Charging Station:

Semi-DIY Charging Station


DIY Vintage Suitcase Charging Station:

Vintage Suitcase Charging Station


DIY Taking Charge:

DIY Taking Charge


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