DIY Barn Door Ideas To Make Your Home Gorgeous

Are you looking for some cheap and creative ways to beautify your home without spending a tone of fortune? Then read this post carefully, because in this post I am going to show you some creative and cheap DIY barn door ideas to make your home gorgeous. It is possible that you have never thought about to add DIY barn doors to your home but they look amazing. DIY barn door looks beautiful and according to many crafty bloggers, it is a big source to save your money. Not only money but also you can save some space in your rooms and add a nice amount of characters. And you should not worry about the material and wood that you would have to use this project. Because any kind of wood can be used to create DIY barn doors.

DIY Barn Door Ideas To Make Your Home Gorgeous:

You can build a DIY barn door anywhere where you want to build. It will go perfectly on everywhere. Even if you want to add it on the outside then it will work perfectly there too because DIY barn doors are unique and versatile. Moreover, they are light and created with the wheels and in sliding designs, so they are easy to move.  DIY barn doors are fun to add décor to your home in any style. Whether your style is cottage, industrial, rustic or French country, a DIY barn door style will be perfect for you.

So, let’s be inspired by these DIY barn door ideas that I have rounded up from the internet for you. I hope you will find at least one or more than one ideas from the following list. Please scroll down to take a glance at the list given below and dive in fun. For more instructions and details, the original links are given below to each idea. Where you can click and get the information on your favorite idea.

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DIY Pallet Barn Door:

DIY Pallet Barn Door

This barn door is so much fun project and inexpensive than other DIY barn door ideas. It is made up of pallets and pallets are always easy to find and easy to work with. So, if you want to create a budget-friendly barn then you should follow this tutorial and get inspired by this amazing DIY Pallet barn door.


DIY Crawl Space Barn Door:

DIY Crawl Space Barn Door

If you have crawl space in your home and want to bring in use in creative and useful then you will not go wrong with this stunning and crafty barn door. This will not only become a good storage space but also made up a beautiful coverage of that awkward area of your home just by adding this little barn door. Just follow the link to get the complete tutorial.


Sliding Screen Door:

Sliding Screen Door

If you have a screen door that is always walk through then this barn door idea will be great for you. It opens outside the home and it could easily be slid back and forth.  It is made up with a barn door track that is purchased from the thrift store on a very low budget. It’s mean its really easy to make and budget-friendly too.


Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet:

Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet

This Sliding Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet is a really creative and interesting way to display your stuff. Not only display but also hide unwanted stuff behind the barn door. Build this functional barn door bathroom cabinet to bring a crafty touch to your home.


DIY Sliding Barn Door:

DIY Sliding Barn Door

If you really want a sliding door for your pantry side then you should follow this tutorial immediately. It really a traditional sliding barn door which is transformed by an old door. You would not believe how amazing it works after getting its final results.


DIY Farmhouse Sliding Barn Door:

DIY Farmhouse Sliding Barn Door

This is another traditional style DIY barn door that will perfect to give your home a farmhouse or rustic look. The most important thing about this door is its magnificent look. So, if you want to add this amazing door and magnificent look to your home then follow the link shown below.


DIY Dutch Barn Door:

DIY Dutch Barn Door

It’s really a genius plan to attach dutch door with a baby stair gate. It will maintain your privacy as well as give your space a modern look. So, the people do not have enough space to add a sliding barn to their home this idea will be perfect for them.


Traditional Barn Door:

Traditional Barn Door

This is a very beautiful and elegant traditional barn door idea that is specially made for the author’s mud room. It can easily be sided and moved here and there. You can use it to any of other areas of your home and can give them a magnificent look without spending a lot of money.


DIY Barn Door Track:

DIY Barn Door Track

I love this idea a lot because of its amazing building structure and beautiful color of the paint. This tutorial has made easy to add this stunning and functional DIY barn door to your home without breaking your bank. So, follow this link to try it out for your own home.


Antique-Style Sliding Barn Door:

Antique-Style Sliding Barn Door

Build up an antique-style sliding barn door and add it to your rooms.  The main part of this plan is that expensive hardware pipes and the casters that help to move this door easily and prevent your wood floors from rubber stains. Sliding bar doors also help to save space that doors often cover when they open inside or outside the room. So, move ahead and click the link given below for further details.


DIY Barn Door and DIY Barn Door Track:

DIY Barn Door and DIY Barn Door Track

Do you want to add barn door at your home but don’t like its price tags? Don’t worry this tutorial make thing easy for you without breaking your bank. Its look so stunning and gorgeous and it seems that it’s really expensive which is not so true. This will give your home a more cozy and welcoming feel. It is made up of pallets and we know that how amazingly pallets work and they create a project for your under budget. So, follow this link to get further details and information about this plan.


Cheap and Easy Barn Door:

Cheap and Easy Barn Door

This DIY barn door will prove really budget-friendly and easy to build even with your own hands. So, if you are on a budget but really want to add barn door to your home then you will not go wrong with this amazing and great big rustic looking barn door.


DIY Barn Door Headboard:

DIY Barn Door Headboard

There is no matter where are you adding your barn door if you don’t have enough space to hang the barn door plan. You can still add this look to your room just by build up DIY barn door headboard. This plan will be perfect for master bedrooms. It will give your room a crafty as well as a rustic look too. So, without wasting your time, move ahead and click the link to follow the complete tutorial.


DIY Barn Door:

DIY Barn Doors

This is another sliding barn door that will really change the whole look of your space. It’s really budget-friendly as it has bought from a junking store and installing hardware is also very easy. In short, this complete project will take a very short time and less money consuming too.


Herringbone Barn Door:

Herringbone Barn Door

Give your barn door a stylish as well as an attitude touch just by adding wood tiles that are made from wood trims.  It’s super easy, super fancy and really elegant project and this time it has made on plywood base that is cut into two same sized pieces. So, guys, this is the best option to add your home a modern and fancy look as well as to go on a budget.


Closet Barn Doors:

Closet Barn Doors

If you are looking for a barn door that you can add to a pantry or closet because it is basically double barn door. This will really add a pretty look and charm to your space and make it it just like a luxurious styled place. So get its complete instructions and measurements just by clicking the link given below.


Sliding Barn Door:

Sliding Barn Door

There is not any other pretty and stylish barn door project than this is. It will add a glam look to your space with its beautiful design and fancy look. I the tutorial, you can find its complete instructions from basic to ending so you can build this plan with your own hands without facing any trouble.


Double Barn Door Plans:

Double Barn Door Plans

If your space like a hallway or a laoundry room needs double door then you will not go wrong with this amazing double barn door plan. It is created amazingly and this tutorial shows you the complete details that how you can hang this door easily.  So, follow the link shown below for further details.



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