DIY Bamboo Crafts That Will Make Your Home Beautiful

Do you want to decorate your home in a different style? Then choose a bamboo crafts idea to beautify your home. Bamboo is a natural element that can change a look of your home surprisingly. So, you can say that it is another way to decorate your home with a natural accent.  It is great and lightweight so it’s easy to put or decorate it anywhere. Moreover, it is very strong and popular due to its incredibility and renewable features. By adding some imaginations, it is becoming very popular for home decorations.

Baboo Crafts

Not only for your indoor décor but also outdoor decorations can be made amazing by using bamboo poles. They are very suitable for all types of outdoor decorations. Making DIY bamboo crafts are very easy and cheap that you would not have to spend a lot of money to beautify your home. Everyone can make bamboo crafts easily and everything can be made by it. So, making the bamboo crafts possibilities are endless, you just have to take bamboo or bamboo sticks and start to make bamboo crafts. This is a wonderful material that inserts smoothly into any interior design and furniture.

It also gives a neutral presence and a fragile appeal. You can make anything from it from flower vase to bench and bed and to make things from it are also easy because it’s very flexible and strong. That’s all the reasons, I have prepared an amazing collection of DIY bamboo crafts that will surprisingly make your home beautiful.

All of these craft ideas are very interesting and beautiful. You can make them in a short time and easily without spending a lot. Some of them are time-consuming but some can be done in a short time period. So, let’s have look at the following gallery to draw some inspiration. I hope you will find all of them lovely and would love to try them out at your own home. So, please scroll down to get ideas on DIY bamboo crafts.

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DIY Bamboo Crafts That Will Surprisingly Make Your Home Beautiful:


A Sunburst Mirror Frame Made From Bamboo:

You have seen a lot of sunburst mirror frames but you have to admit that this one is best than all of them. This mirror frame is very easy to build and you would not have to spend both a lot of money and time on preparing it. You just have to cut the bamboo pole into slices and then paste them on all around the mirror and your mirror with the bamboo frame is ready.

Bamboo crafts

Photo via: domestically-speaking

DIY Bamboo Blanket Ladder:

This is very chic and easy diy project that has been made from bamboo. This bamboo ladder is so cheap that you would have to pay just about $20. You can decorate this bamboo ladder in any room of your home and it will beautify any blank wall.

Bamboo crafts

Photo via: ehow

Make A Beautiful Centerpiece With Bamboo:

Do you want to say welcome to the spring in any different style? If yes, then this idea will be perfect for that because it not only cheap but also easy to make and of course the used material ‘bamboo’ is different. You can make many bamboo crafts but this is best for the spring and to beautify your home.

Bamboo crafts

Make Your Home Beautiful With Bamboo Poles:

You cannot only use bamboo for some crafts but also they can be used as decorative pieces. Bamboo poles look unique and modern element to decorate your home. They give your room a different and stylish look in a cheap way. You just have to buy the dry bamboo poles and cut them as required, then put them where you want.

Bamboo crafts
Photo via: minimalist

 DIY Bamboo Napkin Rings:

Make your dining table elegant with these diy bamboo napkin rings that will enhance the charm of your dining table’s decoration. They are really easy to make and too much inexpensive. You just have to cut the bamboo poles into small pieces and pass out the napkins through out of them.

Bamboo crafts

Photo via: Martha Stewart

DIY Bamboo Wax Candles:

Have some fun with these beautiful wax candles made from the bamboo length. The procedure is so easy and time-saving. You would not have consumed much effort on preparing it. It will give your space a romantic as well as an elegant look.

Bamboo crafts
Photo via: Martha Stewart

An Outdoor Bamboo Swing:

You can make an excellent outdoor swing from the bamboo sticks. It is fun and enjoyable to have a bamboo swing in your garden or patio. For this amazing project, you just have to take bamboo and rope. You will not have to pay a lot on preparing it.

Bamboo crafts
Photo via: Instructables

An Amazing Outdoor Shower Bamboo:

Who loves to have fun and shower in a natural beauty this idea will be perfect for them. This is an amazing idea to use bamboo in a perfect and right place. So, enjoy the shower in a natural and fresh environment with a natural accent.

Bamboo crafts
Photo via: up cycle art

Easy And Cheap Bamboo Planters:

Of course, there is a lot of ideas to make diy planters for your garden but making planters with bamboo is very cheap and natural way. This idea also shows the simplicity but elegance.

Bamboo crafts
Photo via: craft organic

Make A Garden Fence With Rope And Bamboo:

Direct your path with this interesting and amazing idea by using bamboo and rope. So, make your landscape stunning by using this natural accent.

Bamboo crafts
Photo via: pampas2palms

Bamboo Garden Bench:

This is a beautiful and charming diy bamboo garden bench that can enhance your place and almost fit to any type of garden. It is not very difficult to create this bamboo bench but a little extra time-consuming.

Bamboo crafts

Make A Garden fence With Bamboo Bites:

You can separate your flower beds from the lawn by using this bamboo bites fence. It is not too difficult to build this fence but looks so elegant.

Bamboo crafts

Build An Outdoor Bamboo Fountain:

This is an awesome use of bamboo that makes your outdoor space elegant and charming. You can build this water feature anywhere but if you build it in your balcony then it will your space more charming and attractive.

Bamboo crafts

DIY Bamboo Wind Chime:

This is a lovely wind chime that has been made from bamboo stocks. It gives a beautiful sound when it moves with the wind. It is very easy and cheap and the best thing about this project you would not have to use power tools to prepare it.

Bamboo crafts
Photo via: bo peeps bonnets

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