Gorgeous Free Crochet Rug Patterns

Adding a rug to your place is a perfect way to add a quick and instant décor to your home. And when it comes to crochet rug patterns, then they are funky, fun, and fabulous and a quick way to freshen up your space. The best thing about crochet rug patterns is that you can crochet a rug according and match to your interior of the room. A colorful crochet rug makes a dull and boring floor beautiful and charming. It is also the best way to cover-up scratch or stains on the floor and gives your room a lovely finishing touch by these crochet rug patterns. A crocheted rug gives a warm look and makes your space attractive even your coldest place will spice up with these crochet rug patterns.

Gorgeous Crochet Rug Patterns – Free Patterns:

So, if you were wandering for some inspirational crochet rug patterns, then you are in the right place. Because DIY home decorz.com presents some of the best and easy crochet rug patterns for your inspiration.  All of these patterns are lovely, easy, and quick to make. Even if your beginner, then you can also try all of them and enhance your crochet skills. So, find a free crochet rug pattern that you like a lot and want to try that out. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is. You just have to pick up your crocheting hooks and bring out your inner crochet skills. Of course, these crochet rug patterns will help you out to learn the basic stitches and patterns.

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Because I have brought this list with links to each so you may get the full tutorial and instructions for basic stitches and patterns. Not only this, if you are thinking about to gift someone, then a crochet rug can be a perfect housewarming gift.  So, let’s have a look at the following list and draw some inspiration. I hope you will find all of these patterns lovely and love to try them out at your own home.

Stylish Outdoor Free Crochet Rug Pattern:

Stylish Outdoor Mat Free Crochet Pattern

This simple yet elegant outdoor crochet rug is perfect to say welcome to your visitors in a different yet lovely way. This is crocheted with nylon yarn that is mostly used to make purses, totes, and dog leashes. But use it to make home accessory is a wonderful and genius idea.


Daisies Free Crochet Rug Pattern:

Carpet Daisies Free Crochet Pattern

This rectangular floral crochet rug pattern is so lovely and stunning and a genius idea to give your room a colorful and floral touch. The pattern is shown in the picture, so look at it carefully and try to crochet it on your own.


Heart Crochet Rug Pattern:

Heart Rug Crochet Pattern

What about this pretty and adorable crochet heart rug pattern? This rug is so beautiful and attractive that it will make your space charming without spending a lot. So, if you want to add a floral decor to your room, then this rug will work correctly. Moreover, it will be an excellent gift for someone your special.


 Quadra Rectangular Free Crochet Rug Pattern:

Quadra Rectangular Free Crochet Rug Pattern

This Quadra Rectangular Free Crochet Rug Pattern is adorable and perfect for adding a colorful decor to your room. You can crochet in various colors that match your interior.


Sea Turtle Crochet Rug Pattern:

Sea Turtle Rug

This sea turtle crochet rug pattern will be perfect for adding a great decor addition to your children’s room. It’s adorable and fantastic and looks seriously amazing. You can crochet it in different colors or match it with your interior color scheme.


Upcycled Crochet Rug Pattern:

Upcycled Crochet Rug

Upcycling is always great because it teaches you how you can reuse the old and useless thing. This upcycled crochet rug pattern is crafted with handmade fabric and embellished with embroidery. You can crochet many rugs or how many fabric you have and embellish them in various ways. These will add your home a crafty as well as a housewarming touch.


Fallen Arrows Crochet Rug Pattern:

Fallen Arrows Rug

This arrow design crochet rug pattern is modern, and the color combination is so beautiful and cheerful. So if you want to crochet those projects that are useful as well as beautiful, then this one will be one of them.


Textures Crochet Rug Pattern:

Textures Rug

Do you want to make a soft, squishy, adorable, and textured crochet rug? If yes, then pick this idea and beautify your room’s floor with this beautiful handmade crochet rug. This multi-textured rug is a fantastic idea to add your floor to a beautiful color combination. You can choose any other color of your own choice.


Outdoor Crochet Rug Pattern:

Crochet Outdoor Rug

What about this colorful and cheerful play crochet rug pattern? This is a fun and cool idea to beckon somebody even in warmer days. You can put it in your indoor or outdoor to add some beauty to that place.


Bee’s Knees Crochet Rug Pattern:

Bee’s Knees Crochet Rug

Crochet a super soft and squishy covering mat for your floor. Add some bright colors to it to make it attractive and lovely. This will cover your floor’s stains as well as add beauty to this place.


Shocking Mandala Crochet Rug Pattern:

Shocking Mandala Rug

Mandalas are very popular nowadays, so choose a bright color mandala pattern to crochet a rug pattern for your dull area and beautify it with your handmade work. This is really bulky and super soft, so move ahead and pick up the crocheting hooks to decorate your home with your addition.


Little Waves Free Crochet Rug Pattern:

Little Waves Crochet Rug

Give your children’s room an ocean theme and crochet these small waves crochet rug pattern to beautify their bedroom. Ocean-inspired colors have been used for this rug, so if you want to bring some change in this rug so you can change the colors according to your own choice.


Super Chunky Wool Crochet Rug Pattern:

Crochet Super Chunky Wool Rug

This is so simple, yet beautiful wool crochet rug pattern that looks nice and elegant. Although it’s very simple, you have to pay a little more attention to its stitches and pattern. Here three colors have been used, but you can choose according to your own choice.


Pioneer Rug – A Free Crochet Pattern:

Pioneer Rug

This is another simple yet beautiful and superb pioneer crochet rug pattern for your home addition. You can crochet it for your own home or gift it to your beloved one. So, you can also change the color according to your personal choice.


Bubble Gum Bright Accent Crochet Rug Pattern:

Bubble Gum Bright Accent Rug

Crochet this pop of colors bubble gum rug for your bathroom or nursery. This is a perfect combination of bold colors where cream colors are separating each color. So, if you are one of them who likes to add colors to their home like me, then don’t waste your time just pick up the crocheting hooks and get started to the crochet this beautiful crochet rug pattern.


If you have no idea how to use crochet rug patterns for your home decoration then you can grab many and much information about Free Crochet Rug Patterns from this post. You can use these crochet Rug patterns to Define Areas such as you can use these free crochet rugs patterns in your kitchen as well as in many other portions of the home.  You can use crochet rug patterns to define or separate areas, such as seating or dining areas, and foyers. These rug projects are easy to make and use some crochet stitches. The great thing about these free crochet patterns for rugs is that you can make them in any color combination you’d like. These free crochet rug patterns will keep your feet and toe safe from cold when you will walk barefooted in your home.

If you really want to add a bit of glamorous and fancy touch to the decoration of your home with these Free Crochet Rug Patterns then scroll down for more and complete information. These crochet rug patterns will definitely give a new life to the floor of your home. So scroll down!

Natural Stripes Free Crochet Rug Pattern:

Crochet Natural Stripes Rug

f you’re a beginner crocheter and you want to try to make a rug pattern then don’t worry. You can make this Crochet Natural Stripes Rug pattern because this is a beginner-friendly project. The usage of soft colors makes this pattern more adorable and stunning. This gorgeous crochet piece will surely increase the beauty of your floor. This elegant pattern uses RED HEART® “Eco-Cotton™ Blend” yarn and some crochet stitches. The addition of fringes at the borders of this rug makes it splendid. Click below!


Crochet Checkerboard Rug Pattern:

Crochet Checkerboard Rug

If you’re a fan of mindless crochet patterns, then you’re going to love this Crochet Checkerboard Rug. You can make this fabulous pattern by using RED HEART® “Eco-Cotton™ Blend yarn and some crochet stitches. Use this rug in your bathroom or kitchen for decorative comfort and style. The usage of blue and white colors makes this pattern cuter and nicer. The one amazing thing about this pattern, that it will take not too much time to make this pattern.


Crochet A Bath Rug With Rope:

Crochet A Bath Rug With Rope

This cute and stunning Crochet Bath Rug Pattern With Rope is perfect to make when you want to make a good and valuable rug for the front door of your bathroom. This elegant piece uses the white color that makes it more adorable. The main advantage of this crochet rug that you can walk barefooted on this cute rug. If you really want to make this pattern then click below in the link and grab complete information about this pattern.


Beautiful Crochet Heart Rug Free Pattern:

Beautiful Crochet Heart Rug Free Pattern

Your drawing room and hallway will look so much better when you layout this easy Beautiful Heart Crochet Rug Free Pattern. This one gorgeous piece of the rug uses red and white colors that make this pattern more adorable and eye-catching. You can use this fabulous rug pattern for a long time in your home. If you really want to make this rug then click below in the link for complete information about this pattern.


Crochet Plush Plus Rug Pattern:

Crochet Plush Plus Rug

If you need a simple rug for your bathroom, this Plush Plus crochet Rug pattern is the best project for you.  The usage of white and blue colors make this pattern cuter and nicer. This gorgeous crochet rug pattern will definitely prove good for your bathroom. Easy to crochet, this project can be made by using yarn of two different colors and you can use this rug in almost any room in your home. Click below for complete information about stitches that used in this pattern.


Simple Crochet Mug Rug Free Pattern:

Simple Crochet Mug Rug Free Pattern

This super bright and bold Simple Crochet Mug Rug Free Pattern would be great for kid’s rooms and playrooms as well as you can use this all over the home wherever you want. Bright summer colors and size 3 yarn, Drops Safran in color 16 (black), color 10 (yellow), color 7 (gray), and color 55 (cerise), see pattern notes for yarn alternative make this Rug come alive, and it’s a great way to welcome guests to your home. This elegant pattern will be perfect for beginners because they can learn the basics of crochet stitches by this pattern. Click below!


Quick And Easy Crochet Rug Pattern:

Quick And Easy Crochet Rug Pattern

Want to make a crochet rug pattern that will brighten up your home then try to make this Quick And Easy Crochet Rug Pattern. It will definitely provide a new life to the floor of your home. You can layout this in your front door. It will surely increase the decoration of your home. This elegant pattern uses Bernat Maker Big: 1 skein (66 yds) each of deep teal (C1), ivory (C2), and turquoise (C3). Or any jumbo (#7) yarn, 198 yds, and series of crochet stitches. Click below for more and complete information!


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