22 Free Crochet Mandala Patterns

Crochet Mandala patterns are trendy and hot right now, and they look beautiful and attractive too. Mandala a round shape pattern and have much importance in the world of crochet art. You can use this pattern for many purposes, such as we can use this pattern to crochet rugs, pillows, cushions, pot holders, blankets, and home décor accessories.

And the best thing about this pattern is that it’s easy to crochet and quick to make. Moreover, mandalas are a round shape pattern, so it also presents many things of life and symbols of many religions around the globe. In short, it is a lovely, attractive, and eye-catching pattern in crochet art. That’s the reason I have rounded up the most beautiful and stunning free crochet mandala patterns for your inspiration.

Crochet Mandala Patterns – Free Patterns:

All of these crochet mandala patterns are superb eye-popping and interesting that will keep you beyond the mandalas meanings near to you. You will be proud of crochet mandala patterns after finishing them and to gain an outstanding project made from your own hands.so, if you want some inspirational ideas and patterns to get start crochet mandala patterns, then it will be a big surprise for you to have a look at the following list because I have brought so many interesting yet different patterns from each other in color combination, design, and pattern.

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So, pick any one or more than one of them to add them to make a part of your home décor projects or make other accessories to beautify your life. Here you will find from wall décor to rugs and pot holders to many different free crochet mandala patterns that will inspire to try them out with your own hands. So, let’s have a look at the following list and draw some inspiration. I hope you will love all of them and love to try them out with your own hands and crocheting hooks. So, please scroll down and have some fun!

Bobbly Flower Free Crochet Mandala Pattern:

Bobbly Flower Mandala

This beautiful free crochet mandala pattern is inspired by Bobbly flowers that can be done quickly and easily. It will work correctly as a hot pad/ trivet and also can be used as a rug or even a blanket after joining these crochet mandala patterns. Cotton yarn will work well for this project, but you can use any other kind of thread.


Quick & Easy Free Crochet Mandala Pattern:

Mandala Crochet Pattern

This is another Free crochet mandala pattern that you could complete quickly and easily. Use cream, magenta, and light blue color to complete this beautiful crochet mandala rug pattern and beautify your floor.


King Protea Crochet Mandala Pattern:

King Protea Mandala

Use the pop of colors to complete this king protea crochet mandala pattern. This is an impressive and beautiful drip and drape design that can be used for different and many purposes.


Magic Spike Crochet Mandala Pattern:

Magic Spike Mandala

This magic spike crochet mandala pattern is fun and is finished results are fabulous. You can use this crochet mandala pattern to create dishcloth, potholder, lightweight trivets and heavyweight doilies, and even facecloths. You can use any color of yarn according to the weather and assure you that it will look great in every color.


Shocking Crochet Mandala Rug Pattern:

Shocking Mandala Rug

This bright color shocking crochet mandala pattern will be perfect for making a rug. The basic stitches and patterns are so easy, so you will not find any difficulty in completing this project.


Dahlia Crochet Mandala Pattern:

Dahlia Mandala Pattern

Dahlia crochet mandala patterns are trendy nowadays, and they also look very fabulous and stunning. You can use this pattern to create a rug, a potholder, dishcloth, coaster, or for any other purpose.


Granny Free Crochet Mandala Pattern:

Granny Mandala

This granny Free crochet mandala pattern is enjoyable to make and looks gorgeous due t its pop of colors. It is stunning and can be used for various purposes.


Sophie’s Free Crochet Mandala Pattern:

Sophie’s Mandala

Sophie’s crochet mandala pattern is unique, and perhaps you will take a long time to complete this project. But it is admitted the thing that the finished project will be fabulous and gorgeous.


Sophies Free Crochet Mandala Large Drops Paris Pattern:

Sophies Mandala Large Drops Paris

This is the same pattern as Sophie’s free crochet mandala patterns, which is shown above. Just the color combination has changed so you can choose any pattern according to your own choice and taste.


Free Crochet Mandala Wheel Pattern:

Mandala Wheel

This wheel crochet mandala pattern is gorgeous and easy and fun to complete. The color combination is beautiful and impressive, so you can use this pattern to create tablemats or tablecloths where this will increase your home decor.


Rainbow Crochet Mandala – Free Crochet Pattern:

Rainbow Mandala

What about these rainbow crochet mandala patterns? These are fabulous and will work well as coasters or dishcloths. You can choose the color combination according to your own choice.


Free Crochet Mandala Patterns:

Crochet Mandala Pattern

This Crochet mandala pattern is so easy and fun and can be used as coasters.  You can create these coasters for your own or give a gift to your beloved ones.


Daisy Centre Crochet Mandala Patterns:

Daisy Centre Mandala Pattern

These daisy center crochet mandala patterns look gorgeous, and they are bursts of inspirational colors. Use these patterns according to your purpose and hit the trend of mandalas.


Unique Crochet Mandala Patterns:

Crochet Mandala Tutorial

These crochet mandala patterns are so much fun and also comfortable. You can create them quickly and use them for various purposes. All of them are unique, and each of them is different from others.


Bright Colourful Rainbow Mae Crochet Mandala Pattern:

Bright Colourful Rainbow Mae Mandala

This crochet mandala pattern is excellent and perfect for beginners. This boho style mandala is an ideal combination of bright and attractive colors. And it has been crocheted with puff stitches.


Do you know how we can make crochet mandala patterns? If your answer is no, then don’t you worry this index of Crochet Mandala Patterns will prove very helpful for you. You will find here some latest designs of free crochet mandala patterns. Every pattern has a relevant link, so click the link and grab complete information about that pattern that you want to make. You can use these below mandala patterns for many purposes, such as for your comfort as well as for the decoration of your home too. A crochet mandala has many usesit can be used as a coaster or a doily, as a seat cover or a pillowcase or even as hanging wall art. Since they’re worked out from the center, they can be customized to fit your needs, big or small, like you can customize the size of these patterns.

If you want to rearrange the decoration of your own home with some free crochet mandala patterns, then this post of Crochet Mandala Patterns is only for you and perfect for making. So scroll down and watch many latest and new designs of mandala patterns.

Free Crochet Mandala Sampler Throw Pattern:

Mandala Sampler Throw Crochet Pattern

The hexagonal shape can make a thing more adorable. If you want to make something with the hexagonal and mandala shape, then this one Mandala Sampler Throw Crochet Pattern is an example of a mandala or hexagonal stitch. You can make this cute throw pattern by using RED HEART Super Saver and crochet stitches. You can use this crochet mandala pattern when you want to gain some warmness and coziness in the chiller days as well as it will give a stylish look to your home. Click below for more information.


Fringed Crochet Mandala Pillow Pattern:

Fringed Mandala Pillow

Pillows play an important role in the decoration of the home as well as in the beauty of the bedroom. If you want to make some crochet pillow pattern for your comfort as well as for the decoration, then try to make this one Fringed Mandala Pillow pattern. The addition of fringes and usage of some soft colors make this pattern more stable and eye-catching. Click below for more and complete information about the yarn and stitches that are used in this pattern.


Circular Fall Crochet Mandala Pattern Throw:

Circular Fall Mandala Throw

A simple, easy, and quick mandala pattern that made with RED HEART  Love yarn. This is one of the most elegant-looking mandala patterns that are easy to make. The color shades of this Circular Fall Mandala Throw are so pretty and make it more adorable. You can use this throw pattern as a gift in the fall season for your friends. This throw is a small-sized blanket; therefore, you can use it as a shawl. Click below!


Magic Water Lily Crochet Mandala Pattern:

Magic Water Lily Mandala Crochet Pattern

Crochet Mandalas are gorgeous; there’s no challenging that. In them, you can add so much personality, creativity, and even hope. If you want to make a mandala pattern for the decoration of your home, then this Magic Water Lily Mandala Crochet Pattern is an attractive option. You can use this mandala pattern for your table cover as well as for other purposes. If you want to make this pattern, then click below for more and complete information about this pattern.


Peace Out Crochet Mandala Free Pattern:

Peace Out Mandala Free Crochet Pattern

Mandala comes from the Sanskrit meaning circle. They can be used for decoration or pillow covers. If you are agreed on this statement, then make this Peace Out Mandala Free Crochet Pattern. And use it for your purposes as well as for the embellishment of your home. The basic needs for this pattern are any basic yarn and some crochet stitches. Click below for more and complete information about this project.


Summer Crochet Mandala Free Pattern:

Summer Mandala Free Crochet Pattern

If you want to make a cute and elegant mandala pattern by using some bold and bright colors, then make this Summer Mandala Free Crochet Pattern. This sweet and stunning mandala pattern by using Scheepjes Cotton 8 yarn and some crochet stitches. If you have no idea how to use this mandala pattern, then click below in the link and read full information. Click below!


Spoke Crochet Mandala Free Pattern:

Spoke Mandala Free Crochet Pattern

This Spoke crochet Mandala Free Pattern would prove useful and best for your home decoration. This is a perfect and excellent mandala pattern that uses bold and bright colors. If you are interested in making this pattern, then you can use those colors which will be matched with your home interior. Click below for more and complete information about the yarn and stitches that are used in this gorgeous mandala pattern.


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