Awesome And Mind-Blowing Free Crochet Home Decor Patterns

Do you have a great skill of crocheting or just learning how to crochet, these free crochet home decor patterns will inspire you a lot to try them out with your own hands because these free crochet home decor patterns are not only easy but also interesting and beautiful enough that you would not stop your hands without trying them out. From crochet pillows to poufs and crochet blankets to crochet baskets, here are available many other interesting and awesome free crochet home decor patterns to spruce up your home and add a cozy touch to your home interior.

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Alize Ez Pouf Free Crochet Pattern:

Alize Ez Pouf Free Crochet Pattern

The crocheted floor pillow or pouf is the perfect way to add a cozy decor to your spaces or floors. This type of crochet home decor projects easily beautify your home as well as save a lot of money that you have to spend on your store-bought decor projects. This free easy EZ pouf pattern is an easy project to work and it works quickly as it uses knit stitches with shaping achieved using simple increases and decreases. The color combination choice depends on your interior decor and creativity. You can place this pouf in your own room or in your kid’s room if you wish. Just follow the link to get the complete tutorial and information about this pattern.


Easy and Fast Hand Crochet Pouf Pattern:

Easy and Fast Hand Crochet Pouf Pattern

Here is another floor pouf that will not only add a cozy decor to your place but also give your space an elegant touch. This is a perfect crochet beginners-friendly project because it works up quickly and you do not have to use hooks or needles to knit this pouf. As its name is, it is totally handmade crocheted pouf, and believe me, you will have so much fun while crocheting this pouf. This pattern uses two strands of Cascade Mondo working in a round pattern. First, this twisted jumbo yarn and Second, the Mondo is about twice as big as a super bulky yarn. Go to the link to follow the complete pattern.


Fireside Melody Cushion – Free Crochet Pattern:

Fireside Melody Cushion

Enjoy this festive season by adding this cozy and elegant cushion to your home decor and snuggle with this cushion by holding a hot cup of cocoa in your hand and reading a book or novel. This Melody Cushion will add an extra touch of comfort and coziness to your space, even you can use it as a perfect throw cushion for the couch or bed. Its oversized design makes it different as well as an artistic home accessory for any room. It can also be used as a great housewarming as well as a heartwarming gift idea or any of the seasonal festivals. It is easy and quick to work up a project that is perfect for all from experts to newcomers.


Beach Blanket Tunisian Free Crochet Pattern:

Beach Blanket Tunisian

This Better Together Beach Blanket Tunisian Crochet Pattern is such a beautiful and amazing project not only for your indoor use and decor but also you can use it for your outgoing picnics or beachside parties. It’s a versatile fabric that would be great for picnics or poolside and it uses washable and durable yarn and Tunisian stitches make it more enjoyable and easier to make even you would be able to crochet this blanket while you are watching your favorite TV shows.


Basketweave Basket Free Crochet Pattern:

Basketweave Basket

These tiny basketweave baskets pattern will be great for your tiny plants or succulents to add cozy decor to them as well as your spaces too. These baskets have very simple stitches and beautiful colors that will make this pattern easy for you and beautify your spaces too at the same time. This pattern uses Lion Brand Yarns Vanna’s Choice that makes this project more interesting and adorable. you cannot only use these plants cozies or basket for your home decoration but also they will work perfectly as a great gifting idea.


Star Shaped Flower – Free Crochet Pattern:

Star Shaped Flower – Free Crochet Pattern

Are you looking for some easy and quick to make crochet projects that you ould add to your home decor? If your answer is yes then these str shaped flowers free crochet patterns will be perfect for you. These simple 5-petal star-shaped flowers will work greatly as buntings, can be a beautiful Christmas decoration, or as can be adorned Christmas presents with it, as well as these will go great as appliques. In short, it all depends on your imaginations and choose to use them and choose the colors according to your own taste or according to the seasonal or festive decor. Go its link to find its all basic to ending instructions and details easily.


Cup sweaters Free Crochet Pattern:

Cup sweaters

Cozy up to your kitchen decor by crocheting these unusual and elegant sweaters for your cups. These are very nice and amazing crochet gadgets that will also work greatly as a housewarming gift too. Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift idea, any other seasonal festivals or looking to add a winter decor to your own home, these cup cozy patterns will be perfect or both purposes. They work up quickly and can be made more than one just within few hours. The other great part of these cup cozies is that you would be able to use all of your leftover yarn or wool from your old sweaters too. Button loops on the upper and lower edge are also adding a great interest and detail to these crochet cup cozy patterns. Have fun and enjoy this pattern by following the link given below.


Crochet Farmhouse Chunky Blanket:

Crochet Farmhouse Chunky Blanket

This is such a beautiful and elegant blanket that will surely add a farmhouse look to your home. It has such lovely color shades that make this blanket more interesting and stunning. The great part of this blanket is its making and procedure of this design. It has used the join-as-you-go (JOG) method using the King Cole Magnum chunky yarn as well as trusty basic reversible granny square pattern to complete this mind-blowing blanket. The color combination is the main part and main quality of this blanket but if you want to change these colors then you are free to do this. Get the complete tutorial and instructions by following the link shown below.


Crochet Checkerboard Lines Blanket:

Checkerboard Lines Blanket

Her is another great and heartwarming checkboard lines blanket with its beautiful cool and soft hues. It uses Red Heart Soft yarn which is very soft to work up as well to snuggle up. SC, Herringbone Half Double Crochet (HHDC) stitches have been used for this pattern. You can customize its size according to your requirements. This blanket can also be used as a beautiful baby shower gift idea. 


Crochet Basket With Handles Free Crochet Pattern:

Crochet Basket With Handles Free Crochet Pattern

are you thinking about to crochet something amazing that would also be used as a storage solution? Don’t move anywhere because here we have a great solution to your problem with this crochet basket with handles. This crochet basket will not only store your essentials but also add great cozy decor to your place. Plus, this will also be perfect to showcase your creativity of storage as well as the decor of your home. No matter what color shades you are going to use because there are a lot of color choices to crochet this basket. So go with your favorite colors or color combination according to your interior to spruce up your living spaces. It has worked in the round using the creative use of basic crochet stitches



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