Crochet Home Decor Patterns

Do you have a great skill of crocheting or just learning how to crochet, these free crochet home decor patterns will inspire you a lot to try them out with your own hands because these free crochet home decor patterns are not only easy but also interesting and beautiful enough that you would not stop your hands without drying them out. From crochet pillows to poufs and crochet blankets to crochet baskets, here are available many other interesting and awesome free crochet home decor patterns to spruce up your home and add a cozy touch to your home interior.

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Alize EZ Pouf Free Crochet Pattern:

Alize Ez Pouf Free Crochet Pattern

The crocheted floor pillow or pouf is the perfect way to add cozy decor to your spaces or floors. This crochet home decor project easily beautifies your home and saves a lot of money that you have to spend on your store-bought decor projects. This free EZ pouf pattern is an easy project to work on, and it works quickly as it uses knit stitches with shapes achieved using simple increases and decreases. The color combination choice depends on your interior decor and creativity. You can place this pouf in your own room or your kid’s room if you wish.


Easy and Fast Hand Crochet Pouf Pattern:

Easy and Fast Hand Crochet Pouf Pattern

Here is another crochet floor pouf that will add cozy decor to your place and give your space an elegant touch. This is a perfect crochet beginners-friendly project because it works up quickly, and you do not have to use hooks or needles to knit this pouf. As its name is, it is totally handmade crocheted pouf, and believe me, you will have so much fun while crocheting this pouf. This pattern uses two strands of Cascade Mondo working in a round pattern. First, this twisted jumbo yarn, and Second, the Mondo is about twice as big as a super bulky yarn.


Fireside Melody Cushion – Free Crochet Pattern:

Fireside Melody Cushion

Enjoy this festive season by adding this cozy and elegant cushion to your home decor and snuggle with this cushion by holding a hot cup of cocoa in your hand and reading a book or novel. This Melody Cushion will add an extra touch of comfort and coziness to your space; even you can use it as a perfect throw cushion for the couch or bed. Its oversized design makes it different as well as an artistic home accessory for any room. It can also be used as a great housewarming and a heartwarming gift idea or seasonal festivals. It is easy and quick to work up a perfect project for all, from experts to newcomers.


Beach Blanket Tunisian Free Crochet Pattern:

Beach Blanket Tunisian

This Better Together Beach Blanket Tunisian Crochet Pattern is such a beautiful and amazing project not only for your indoor use and decor but also you can use it for your outgoing picnics or beachside parties. It’s a versatile fabric that would be great for picnics or poolside. It uses washable and durable yarn, and Tunisian stitches make it more enjoyable and easier to make even you would be able to crochet this blanket while watching your favorite TV shows.


Basketweave Basket Free Crochet Pattern:

Basketweave Basket

These tiny basketweave baskets patterns will be great for your tiny plants or succulents to add cozy decor to them as well as your spaces too. These baskets have straightforward stitches and beautiful colors that will make this pattern easy for you and beautify your spaces, too, at the same time. This pattern uses Lion Brand Yarns Vanna’s Choice that makes this project more interesting and adorable. You can use these plant cozies or baskets for your home decoration and work perfectly as a great gift idea.


Star Shaped Flower – Free Crochet Pattern:

Star Shaped Flower – Free Crochet Pattern

Are you looking for some easy and quick-to-do crochet projects that you could add to your home decor? If your answer is yes, then these star-shaped flowers free crochet patterns will be perfect for you. These simple 5-petal star-shaped flowers will work great as buntings, can be a beautiful Christmas decoration, or as can be adorned Christmas presents with it, as well as these will go great as appliques. In short, it all depends on your imaginations and choose to use them and choose the colors according to your own taste or according to the seasonal or festive decor. Go to its link to find its all basic to ending instructions and details easily.


Cup sweaters Free Crochet Pattern:

Cup sweaters

Cozy up to your kitchen decor by crocheting these unusual and elegant sweaters for your cups. These are very nice and amazing crochet gadgets that will also work great as a housewarming gift too. Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift idea, any other seasonal festivals, or looking to add winter decor to your own home, these cup cozy patterns will be perfect for both purposes. They work up quickly and can be made more than one just within few hours. The other great part of these cup cozies is that you would be able to use all of your leftover yarn or wool from your old sweaters too. Button loops on the upper and lower edge also add great interest and detail to these crochet cup cozy patterns. Have fun and enjoy this pattern by following the link given below.


Crochet Farmhouse Chunky Blanket:

Crochet Farmhouse Chunky Blanket

This is such a beautiful and elegant blanket that will surely add a farmhouse look to your home. It has such lovely color shades that make this blanket more interesting and stunning. The great part of this blanket is its making and procedure of this design. It has used the join-as-you-go (JOG) method using the King Cole Magnum chunky yarn and trusty basic reversible granny square pattern to complete this mind-blowing blanket. The color combination is the main part and main quality of this blanket, but you can do this if you want to change these colors. Get the complete tutorial and instructions by following the link shown below.


Crochet Checkerboard Lines Blanket:

Checkerboard Lines Blanket

She is another great and heartwarming checkboard lines blanket with its beautiful cool and soft hues. It uses Red Heart Soft yarn, which is very soft to work up and snuggle up. SC, Herringbone Half Double Crochet (HHDC) stitches have been used for this pattern. You can customize its size according to your requirements. This blanket can also be used as a beautiful baby shower gift idea. 


Crochet Basket With Handles Free Crochet Pattern:

Crochet Basket With Handles Free Crochet Pattern

are you thinking about crocheting something amazing that would also be used as a storage solution? Don’t move anywhere because we have a great solution to your problem with this crochet basket with handles. This crochet basket pattern will store your essentials and add great cozy decor to your place. Plus, this will also be perfect to showcase your creativity of storage and your home’s decor. No matter what color shades you will use because there are many color choices to crochet this basket. So go with your favorite colors or color combination according to your interior to spruce up your living spaces. It has worked in the round using the creative use of basic crochet stitches


Crocheting is always fun and special for everyone because you can put your love and affection into things by crocheting. If you are decorating your home with some handmade patterns, it will make more special things for you. That’s why we have brought these free crochet home decor patterns that are perfect for your home. These crochet home decor patterns will also brighten up your home on any special event or occasion like Christmas, Easter, or any birthday. Moreover, you will get many unique and special free crochet home decor patterns to give your home an amazing and fabulous look.

These crochet home decor patterns are best for home decoration, and these will fit with almost any interior design style. No matter what kind of home you have, these crochet home decorating patterns will give an awesome look to your home. In conclusion, you will put your affection and love into your home. Moreover, now you can decorate your home as you want by making these free crochet decor patterns.

Free Crochet Pattern Harvest Button Napkin Ring:

Free Crochet Pattern Harvest Button Napkin Ring

This crochet harvest button napkin ring pattern is one of the easiest ways to add something unique to your home decor. Make this crochet pattern to decorate your table; With the addition of a button on its top, this crochet pattern looks so cute. This super-fast napkin ring pattern is quite easier to make. You’ll need the lion brand wool spun yarn and k sized crochet hook to make this pattern. You can also adjust the size of this pattern according to your needs. Click on the below link to get more information about this pattern.


Jute Crochet Placemats Free Pattern:

Jute Crochet Placemats Free Pattern

Add a rustic and ancient style to your table with this beautiful jute crochet placemats pattern. This crochet placemat pattern gives a fabulous look in the brown color. If you haven’t work on this type of pattern, it really funs to make. You’ll need the jute cord ply and (n/p) sized crochet hook to make this crochet placement pattern. Click on the below link to get more information about this pattern.


Boho Hexagon Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern:

Boho Hexagon Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

This Boho hexagon wall-hanging crochet pattern will be an adorable addition to your home decor. If you are fond of decorating your home with handmade accessories, you will love this pattern. The pink, white, and blue color combination of this pattern gives an awesome look. Just take the cotton worsted weight yarn and (g) sized crochet hook to make this crochet wall hanging pattern. Click on the below link to get more information about this crochet pattern.


Sand And Surf Throw Crochet Pattern:

Sand And Surf Throw Crochet Pattern

Are you fond of afghan patterns? If yes so you will surely love this beautiful crochet sand and surf pattern. This crochet pattern is perfect for adding beach decor to your home. The admirable color combination of this pattern makes it really attractive. The Aran yarn and (J) sized crochet hook needed to make this beautiful crochet throe pattern. Moreover, you can add different colors to this pattern according to your desire. To get more information bout this pattern, click on the below link.


Crochet Succulent Pumpkin Planter:

Crochet Succulent Pumpkin Planter

This cute crochet succulent pumpkin planter looks difficult to make, but it is actually not. This crochet pattern looks amazing in the shape of a pumpkin. It will give an impressive look to your home decor. This crochet project is quite easy and quick to make using lion brand wool yarn and (l) sized crochet hook. You can also get more information about this crochet pattern with a single click on the below link.


Star Shaped Flower Free Crochet Pattern:

Star Shaped Flower Free Crochet Pattern

This crochet star-shaped flower pattern is the best choice to gift to some beloved one. The star-shape usually expresses the signs of joy and happiness. Make this crochet pattern in different colors; it is quite a fun activity. The beginner can also make this crochet pattern, and this pattern will really enhance one’s crocheting skills. In conclusion, you can make this star-shaped pattern in your desired size; your pattern’s size will depend on the yarn and crochet hook’s thickness. Moreover, to get more information about this pattern, click on the below link.


Crochet Plant Holder Pattern:

Crochet Plant Holder Pattern

The crochet plant holder pattern really enhances the beautification of any plant. Whatever the plant you have will look awesome if surrounded by this plant holder pattern. In conclusion, the color of this plant holder pattern really attracts the viewers towards itself. You just require the Bernat home dec yarn and (h) sized crochet hook to make this crochet blanket pattern. Moreover,  To get more information about this crochet pattern, click on the below link.


When it comes to home décor, tiny and small handmade things and items can change your home’s look. And when it comes to handmade crafts for home décor, then free crochet home décor patterns come first in our minds. Now your home will show off your talent and craze for crochet hooks. It also has become a big trend in the crochet and DIY world to beautify and decorate a home with free crochet home décor patterns. I love this fashion trend because I also have many crochet projects for home décor in my surroundings. That’s why I have collected many interesting and housewarming-free crochet home décor patterns for your inspiration.

All of these are gorgeous, cozy, and so soft too. Plus, this is a great way to incorporate colors and texture into your home, lacking personality. So if you are looking for some cheap, easy to make interesting DIY crochet decor ideas to make your home gorgeous, this post will prove very beneficial because all of these patterns and projects can be completed within a week or less. So, you will not have to spend a lot of time and money to beautify your home. Give your crochet talent a new way and increase the beauty of your home with your crochet hooks.

Free Crochet Home Decor Patterns:

Here will find crochet Afghans, rugs, pillows, cush, ions, and more interesting crochet projects for a housewarming. All of these patterns are mentioned with links where you can click and get compltutorialsrial and instructions. I just hope that you will love all of these patterns and ideas a lot and love to try them out with your own hands. Please scroll down and take a look at the following list. Have some fun!

Velvet Circle Pillow – Free Crochet Home Decor:

Velvet Circle Pillow

Velvet yarn is one of those yarn types that you really want to snuggle with them and never want tosh with anyone. So, this pillow is not too much fun to crochet, but also it will make a huge statement in your home’s look and make it really elegant and crafty. This Sandy Cream neutral-colored velvet pillow is so much and as easy to crochet; it works up so much quicker. So you would not have to wait to add elegant crochet decor to your home.


Super Chunky Crochet Pillow – Free Crochet Pattern:

Chunky Crochet Pillow

This round super chunky crochet pillow is a quick and super easy free crochet home decor project that beginners easily trysily. It is crocheted with extra bulky yarn and with great and lovely crochet stitches that will give your home a trendy as well as a fantastic boho touch. You can add this lovely and elegant light purple colored pillow for your living room’s couches, for your bedroom, and even for your kid’s room to add a bit as well as fun decor to them.


Charlotte’s Dream Pattern:

Charlotte’s Dream Pattern

This beautiful and multi-colored crochet blanket is crocheted in 12 different colors that add a pop of colors to your place. It is basically created by joining squares that are crocheted separately. So, pick up your crochet hooks and get started to crochet this colorful blanket to make your home spring-ready.


Winter Mix Crochet Blanket:

Winter Mix Crochet Blanket

Suppose you have some leftover yarns in your stash; this pro willwillempty and bring it to use perfectly. This beautifully crocheted has four different colors to make beautiful color texture, and it has different stitch patterns. Cream-colored pom poms are giving it a complete as well as perfect touch.


Crochet Boho Color Block Blanket:

Crochet Boho Color Block Blanket

This boho-colored block-free crochet blanket is perfect for giving your home a stunning as well as colorful touch. Especially if you have nude or neutral colored interior or furnishing, you can buy yarns of different colors of your own choice to give it a personal touch, or if you have leftover yarn, it will go budget-friendly.


Crochet Floral Bouquet:

Crochet Floral Bouquet

Who does not like flowers and doesn’t want to add them to his home to increase the place’s beauty? These crochet flower patterns will be perfect for adding a quick and perfect decor to your home on valentine’s day. If you plan to decorate your home for this special day, don’t forget to add them to live long, even for the year around.


Crochet Crafty Boho Rug:

Crochet Crafty Boho Rug

This crafty boho rug is perfect for adding a bit and a cozy decor to your nude floors. This is crocheted three strands of yarn simultaneously, making it chunky and durable. The round design is really in trend these days, and it makes it easier to crochet this rug and give it a finishing touch when you want to finish it.


Crochet Holly Jolly Christmas Tree Skirt – Free Pattern:

Crochet Holly Jolly Christmas Tree Skirt - Free Pattern

No doubt the holiday season brings really fun and interesting activities with itself such as Christmas. Christmas makes crafters and crocheters hectic because they make presents and crafts for their beloved ones. So, if you are one of them and love last-minute craft, then Crochet Holly Jolly Christmas Tree Skirt is perfect for adding a lovely as well as colorful touch to your home this Christmas.


Beach House Crochet Washcloth – Free Crochet Pattern:

Crochet Washcloth

Summer is right around the corner. So, pick up your crochet hooks and get started to crochet this beach house washcloth. We all know that crochet washcloths are a perfect and easy way to add a bit of decor to the kitchen and home.


These fall crochet patterns will give you many inspirations to beautify your home and your wearing accessories because there are many fun things to do with the arrival of the fall season. This season gives us an amazing chance and opportunity to brighten up our life, including homes. Because fall is the season of bright and bold colors, so we can make our homes more cheerful and decorative by using these bright and vivid colors. Moreover, the people who think that the fall is the season to stay in their homes and just sit in front of the fire pits are wrong. Because here we will show you many amazing and fun things to do instead of sitting leisurely in front of the fire pits. Here we are going to introduce you to some amazing and superb fall crochet patterns for home decor.

Fall Crochet Patterns – Free Patterns For Home Décor:

Yes, crochet patterns, because crocheting art has not been limited to clothing or other fall accessories, it has been broader its range. You can crochet a lot of fun crafts and things to brighten up your home and make it more beautiful. So, if you are searching for some amazing and fabulous handmade ideas to dress up your home, then read this post carefully. In this way, you will not only dress up your home but also save a lot of fortune because it is a really inexpensive way to decorate your home. There are many iconic symbols of the autumn and fall season you can crochet and place in your home. Such as crochet pumpkins, gourds, fall leaves as coasters and buntings, oak leaf patterns, and so more.

This list is filled with many uses as well as beautiful fall crochet patterns for home décor. I hope you will love all of these stunning ideas and tutorials a lot to make your home craandland at the same time. So, let’s take a look at the following list and draw some inspiration. The link with each pattern has been shown under the tutorials, where you can click and get complete instructions. So let’s started and have fun!


Free Crochet Fall For Me Cardigan Pattern

Free Crochet Feels Like Fall Shawl Pattern

Crochet Fall Leaf Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Fall Guys Amigurumi Pattern

Free Crochet Tunisian Fall Pumpkins Pattern

Crochet Fall Guys Character Pattern

Fall Crochet Patterns For Home Decor 1


Fall Crochet Succulent Pumpkin Planter:

Crochet Pumpkin Planter


Amigurumi Candle Fall Crochet Patterns:

Amigurumi Candle


Zipper Pouch Fall Crochet Patterns:

Pouch Crochet Pattern


Fall Crochet Ridged Pumpkins:

Crochet Ridged Pumpkins


Candle Cozies Fall Crochet Patterns:

Crochet Candle Cozies


Fall Crochet Coasters Pattern:

Crochet Coaster Pattern


Bumpy Scrubby Dishcloth Fall Crochet Patterns:

Bumpy Scrubby Dishcloth


Fall Maple Leaves Free Crochet Pattern:

Fall Leaves Crochet Pattern


Fall Crochet Star Pillow:

Crochet Star Pillow


Crocheted Fall Wreath Pattern:

crocheted fall wreath


Fall Crochet Planet Earth Pillow Pattern:

Crochet Planet Earth Pillow


Fall Crochet Mantel Pattern:

Fall Crochet Mantel


Everyone wants a beautifully and well-decorative home, whether you will renovate your home, shifting home, or just thinking about a new decorative way to beautify your home. There are many DIY home décor ways from which you can add a beautiful and crafty touch to your home. But crochet home decor patterns and ideas are the most popular and a great way to decorate your home nowadays because crochet home decor patterns add a style and charm to your home and make it more attractive and beautiful.

Moreover, as crochet home decor patterns are long-lasting, you would not have to worry these crochet home decor projects will destroy as time passes; you could see these decorations as long as you want. In this way, you could save a lot of money instead of buying new decorative gadgets again and again from the shop. Moreover, you would add a personal touch to your home décor, and you will feel proud to have a beautifully decorated home with your own hands. Not only this, but also free crochet home decor patterns can be a perfect and excellent housewarming gift for your friends, colleagues, and of course, your beloved ones.

Easy Free Crochet Home Decor Patterns:

Free Crochet Sunflowers For Decor Pattern

Free Crochet Charlotte’s Web Plant Hanger Pattern

 Crochet Hanging Plant Basket Pattern

Free Crochet Modern Kitchen Towel Topper Pattern

Free Crochet Fancy Cake Cover Pattern

 Crochet Hot Hibiscus Tea Cozy Pattern

Crochet Home Decor Free Patterns 1


So, if you were wandering for some inserting and fantastic free crochet home decor patterns that can inspire you, then stop walking because we have brought some inspirational and exciting free crochet home decor. These patterns are so easy that even if you are a beginner can also try them out. But if you already have master hands in crocheting, then it will be the icing on the cake, and you will not find any difficulty in completing any of these free crochet home decor patterns. So, let’s have a look at the following list and draw some inspiration. I hope you will love all of them and love to try them out with your crocheting hooks. So, please scroll down and have fun!

Crochet Gerbera Daisy Wreath:

Crochet Gerbera Daisy Wreath

This beautiful bright color Crochet Gerbera Daisy Wreath is a wonderful and great idea to keep the spring blooming flowers for a long time on your door. As with the passing of spring, the daisy, tulips, and daffodils lost their beauty, so it would be a perfect idea to crochet something that would last a bit longer than those flowers.


Crochet Heart Hexagon Pillow:

Crochet Heart Hexagon Pillow

This hexagon crochet pillow would be a great addition to any of your home’s rooms. This will beautify that place and make it more charming. You can crochet it for your home decor as well as to gift it to someone your special.


Crochet Speech Bubble Coasters:

Crochet Speech Bubble Coasters

Coasters always play an important role in adding a bit and quit decor to your home. So, crochet this coaster and add a little but great addition to your crochet home decor projects. It would also be a wonderful gift for any upcoming event for your beloved ones.


Crochet Hanging Planter:

Crochet Hanging Planter

Macrame plant hangers beautify your home as well as save your space too. There is a lot of ways to upcycle things and bring them into use. So, crochet this macrame plant hanger to beautify your home and add a personal touch to your home decor.


Crochet Hanging Basket:

Crochet Hanging Basket You can crochet this hanging basket for many useful purposes. Such as putting your cloth pins in your wardrobe, cosmetics items, out your jewelry, and more like these tiny things. You can also increase and decrease its size by adding more SC stitches. It will help you out to make your home well-organized and clutter-free.


Cherry Blossoms Crochet Pattern:

Cherry Blossoms Crochet Pattern

If you are thinking about making your home spring ready, then pick this great idea.  Just crochet these easy and quick-to-make cherry blossom flower patterns and enjoy this spring freely because these flowers will long last than real cherry blossom flowers and make your home well decorative for a long time.


Driftwood and Crochet Sailboats:

Driftwood and Crochet Sailboats

What about these driftwood and crochet sailboats? These are amazing and beautiful that would work perfectly to add a bit of decor to your home for summer inspiration decor ideas and activities. This is one of the cheapest ideas to decor your home.


Crochet Cactus:

Crochet Cactus

Crochet this cactus without fearing that it will die. It would be a great addition to your home decor and a perfect way to greenery to your home. You can also crochet it to gift it to your sister or friend.


Free Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern:

Free Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern

Crochet floor pouf is trendy nowadays, and it seems everywhere these days. This is easy and quick to crochet and looks pretty as crochet home decor patterns.


Simple Crochet Pillow Pattern:

Simple Crochet Pillow Pattern

Crochet pillows are trendy these days, so why not crochet a pillow with your own hands instead of buying it from the store? It is a perfect way to add a quick and easy bit of decor to your home and save money.


Flower Medallion Stool Cover:

Flower Medallion Stool Cover

If you are thinking about bringing style to your home, then don’t go to the stores. Crochet this flower medallion stool cover and add some fun to your home. You can crochet colorful stool covers to bring the change into your space or room.


Pretty as a Picture Frame:

Pretty as a Picture Frame - crochet home decor

These crochet photo frames are a perfect way and style to disp of your friend’s family’s photo smiley.  These frames will perfectly add crochet home decor patterns to your place and beautify it. These will also a perfect birthday or any other day gift for your beloved ones.


Crochet Covered Sea Stones:

Crochet Covered Sea Stones - crochet home decor

What about this beautiful but easy way to crochet covers for smooth stones? It is a perfect way to give your home a sea-inspired look in a different and your style.


Crochet Stool Cover:

Crochet Stool Cover - crochet home decor

This s another colorful and charming crochet stool cover to add a bit of decor to your home. It will bring a nice change to your space and cover the stains or stubborn dots on the tabletop.


Summer Sherbet Crochet Planter:

Summer Sherbet Crochet Planter - crochet home decor

Bring some joy and fun to your plants with this summer sherbet crochet planter pattern. It’s a wonderful idea to make your home summer-ready and add bright colors to your home. This will grab the attention of everyone and beautify that place.


Crochet Dream Catcher:

Crochet Dream Catcher - crochet home decor

If you are thinking about looking for a dream catcher, then these bright colors and beautiful crochet dream catcher will be perfect according to your search. These will not only catch the bad dreams but also add a bit of decor to your home and make your empty and boring walls beautiful and attractive.


Jute Bobble Basket:

Jute Bobble Basket - crochet home decor

Crochet this pretty jute bubble basket to organize tiny things and put everything in its right place. In this way, you can make your space untidy and add a bit of decor to your home without spending a lot.


Summer Loving Bunting:

Summer Loving Bunting - crochet home decor

What about these summer-loving buntings? Crochet these beautiful, pretty, and cute buntings to beautify your home for summer. It is enjoyable to crochet these buntings and hangs them out in your home to add a bit of decor to your place.


Spring Tulips:

Spring Tulips - crochet home decor

These crochet tulips are a perfect idea to beautify your home and add a bit of decoration to it. These vibrant colored flowers will attract the attention of everyone and will be long-lasting.


Geometric Crochet Pillow:

Geometric Crochet Pillow - crochet home decorThis geometric pillowcase is a perfect idea to add a quick and easy way to decorate your home and bring into use all of those leftover balls of yarns. You can use these vibrant colors or according to your own choice.


Crochet Succulents:

Crochet Succulents - crochet home decor

Bring indoor greenery with these mini succulent plants with a handmade touch. These are gorgeous and charming, so you can crochet them to beautify your home without spending a lot of money and time.


Crochet Plaid Pillow:

Crochet Plaid Pillow


Crochet Hexagon Camera Strap:

Crochet Hexagon Camera Strap


Little Crochet Hoop Mandalas:

Little Crochet Hoop Mandalas


Little Crochet Deco Roses:

Little Crochet Deco Roses


Crochet A Flower Garland:

Crochet A Flower Garland


Crochet Jar Cosy Pattern:

Crochet Jar Cosy Pattern


Summer Sherbet Crochet Planter:

Summer Sherbet Crochet Planter


Spiral Crochet Planter Cover:

Spiral Crochet Planter Cover


Spring Bunny Crochet Planter Cover:

Spring Bunny Crochet Planter Cover


Free Crochet Pouf Pattern:

Free Crochet Pouf Pattern


Easy Crochet Basket Pattern:

Easy Crochet Basket Pattern


Do you want to add a little bit of creativity and personality to your home decor in a different style? If yes, the crochet home decor-free patterns are the best idea to make your home amazing. In this way, you could show off your inner abilities and talent hidden in yourself. Of course, there are so many things that you can crochet for your home decor. You just have to pick up your hooks and grab some yarn in different colors, and that’s it. After all, get started to crochet some of these awesome crochet home décor patterns.

We all know that tiny things can totally change your home’s look and make it more eye-catching and stylish. Its little details bring the biggest change in places like furnishing, painting, and lighting.  We all want to update our homes according to the seasons and occasions, so as winter has started, I think it is the best time to give your home a crochet decor touch.  Adding cozy crocheted details like Afghans, rag rugs, pillows, scrubbies, and much more will give your home a cozy and warm look.

Whether you are going to a new place or want to renovate, these crochet home decor-free patterns will give you many wonderful ideas to add fantastic home accents to your home. Not only for your own home but also you can make these crochet home décor free patterns for your friends as great housewarming gifts.

I have brought a handy and interesting post on crochet home decor-free patterns to hit this season. If you want many special and interesting crochet home decor-free patterns, my lovely guys look at the following list carefully because it contains exciting, unique, and stylish ideas that you will love a lot.

Crochet Farmhouse Christmas Stocking:

Crochet Farmhouse Christmas Stocking

This is a totally Christmas-themed project to make your home decor this Christmas. It is a unique way to add tiny crochet details to your home on different occasions. So, pick up your hooks and start to crochet these interesting Farmhouse Christmas Stocking to spice up your home.


Crochet Cactus Coasters:

Crochet Cactus Coasters

Coasters are always a wonderful and great way to add a little decor to your home. And when it comes to crochet coasters, then it becomes more and more beautiful. It is also a very simple, easy, and really quick way to add a little bit of decor to your home.


Crochet Fireside Throw:

Crochet Fireside Throw

This fireside throw pattern looks so amazing and beautiful and really cozy too. This pattern blanket pattern is so easy; you just have learned its basic stitches, and that’s all. You would need to learn the single stitch and double stitch that will make this stunning afghan.


Crochet Knit Look Pillow:

Crochet Knit Look Pillow

This beautiful pillow is crocheted solely with a slip stitch. You just have to need a hook, some yarn of your own color choice, and of course, a pillow form too. You can add this pillow to your living sofa, on your bed, or where you want and make your home well decorative.


Homemaker Crochet Throw:

Homemaker Crochet Throw

This homemaker crochet throw is the perfect feminine accessory for any couch that needs some snuggles. Modern faux-knit stitch has been used to create this stunning and soft blanket, which will keep you warm even in the heavy snowfall and make your home really beautiful at the same time.


Crochet Mini Stockings Christmas Ornament:

Crochet Christmas Ornament

These stockings are the best gift idea for those who love to hang them on Christmas. These are really cute and always play an important part in Christmas ornaments.


Crochet Mini Basketweave Blanket:

Crochet Mini Basketweave Blanket

It’s a fun woven-looking blanket that needs very little focus to create. It is a yarn eater project, so you need extra yarn to complete this project and add it to your bedroom decor.


Crochet Mrs. Claus:

Crochet Mrs. Claus Crochet amigurumi has been the major trend in the crocheting world for several years. The reason is that kids like them a lot, and you can use them as a decorative item. This crochet Mrs. Clause will really make your kids so happy and your home more decorative and beautiful.


Crochet Santa Claus:

Crochet Santa Claus

Here is another amigurumi of Santa Clause that can be crocheted as same as the Mrs. Clause. You just have to change the look of the face and head of both amigurumi. Hang them in your kid’s room, living room, or where you want, and make your home Christmas ready.


Crochet Kaleidoscope Baby Blanket:

Crochet Kaleidoscope Baby Blanket

If you want to decorate your little one’s nursery, then crochet this beautiful Kaleidoscope Baby Blanket. There are many possibilities and varieties to crochet baby blankets, but I am sure you will appreciate having this one in your beloved one’s room.


Striped Rustic Wash Cloth – Free Crochet Pattern:

Striped Rustic Wash Cloth

The kitchen is the most important department of any home, and every woman wants to make it mess-free. To keep your kitchen clean and mess-free, crochet this little rustic stripped wash-cloth that can be used to wipe dishes as well as shelves too.


Dish Scrubby – Free Crochet Pattern:

Dish Scrubby - Free Crochet Pattern

This crochet scrubby is also very useful and amazing. It is really easy and quick to make and work very greatly. For this project, use only 100% cotton yarn. It is durable and absorbent.


Farmhouse Ripple Throw:

Farmhouse Ripple Throw


Quick Crochet for the Home Review:

Quick Crochet for the Home Review


Crochet Outdoor Rug:

Crochet Outdoor Rug


Custom Crochet Cup Cozies:

Custom Crochet Cup Cozies


Crochet Christmas Lights:

Crochet Christmas Lights


Crochet Hanging Sack Basket:

Crochet Hanging Sack Basket


Easy Crochet Apple:

crochet apple


Crochet Cupcake Pincushion Sewing Kit:

Crochet Cupcake Pincushion


Crochet Cactus Coasters:

Crochet Cactus Coasters


Crochet Bobble Pillow Cover Pattern:

Crochet Bobble Pillow


Zaffre Fringe Crochet Throw Pillow:

Crochet Throw Pillow


Crochet Storage Basket Free Pattern:

Crochet Storage Basket


Crochet Plant Holder:

Crochet Plant Holder


Crochet Shamrock Cozy Pattern:

Crochet Shamrock Cozy Pattern


Are you looking for an interesting and adorable free crochet pattern that becomes the focal point of every eye? If yes, then we are here with some interesting and beautiful free crochet patterns for home and other accessories. All of them are easy to crochet and add a bit of décor to your home and give you a stylish look besides keeping you warm. If you want to crochet a blanket, create a stunning and adorable scarf that makes you look stylish, a cozy pair of mittens, and much more, then you are in the right way. Don’t worry if you are new to crocheting; here are the links with each pattern to learn the basic stitches. Moreover, all of them are so easy; even beginners can try them out. So, you can get started with full confidence to build up your experience.

You can also brow up the next page to get more patterns and tutorials that will help you out to learn more and free crochet patterns. In this way, you can also choose one project which will fit your taste and personality. From home decoration to wearing clothes or accessories, every free crochet pattern is really gorgeous that you never want to leave even one of them.

Free Crochet Cluster Cowl Pattern

Free Crochet Mountain Trail Tweed Poncho Pattern

Crochet Alpine Twist Head Wrap Pattern

Free Crochet Herringbone Socks Pattern

Free Crochet Back In Brugge Beanie Pattern

Crochet Mask Mates Ear Savers Pattern

Free Crochet Pattern For Home Accessories 1


Whether you want to crochet for yourself or for your beloved one to give him a superb gift, all you will find here, so, let’s have a look at the following list and draw some inspiration. I hope you will love all of them a lot and love to try them out at your own home. So, please scroll down and some fun!

Reversible Cozy Jumbo Yarn Pillow Case – Free Crochet Pattern:

Reversible Cozy Jumbo Yarn Pillow Case

What about this reversible, cozy pillowcase? It’s really nice and beautiful that adds a cozy and decorative touch to your couch or bed.


Apache Tears Glittens – Free Crochet Pattern:

Apache Tears Glittens

This winter accessory called apache tears glittens, a fabulous way to get a stylish look and some warmth. The color combination is mind-blowing, and the apache stitch pattern used for this project is also interesting.


Apache Tears Mittens – Free Crochet Pattern:

Apache Tears Mittens

This is another collection of apache tears. These mittens are so cozy and lightweight that they will keep your hands warm and give you an elegant look.


Sturdy Numbered Die with Foam Block – Free Crochet Pattern:

Sturdy Numbered Die with Foam Block

This sturdy numbered die perfect for playing the kids of three years or above. This is just like an actual die but soft enough that it will not harm them.


Small Tissue Pouch – Free Crochet Pattern:

Small Tissue Pouch

Wow, what a beautiful and adorable idea to save and carry tissues anywhere and anytime. This free crochet pattern is superb and so much easy and fast in the making. You can also give this pouch to your kids to go back to school.


DIY Pencil Shaped Pencil Holder Free Crochet Pattern:

Pencil Holder Free Crochet Pattern

What about this so cool and interesting pencil-shaped pencil holder? It’s really such a nice and great way to organize your all pencils and stay clutter-free. You can also give it to your kids to carry to the school in their bag easily.


Crayon Tissue Box Cover Free Crochet Pattern:

Tissue Box Cover Free Crochet Pattern

Crocheted crayon tissue box cover? Yes, it is another beautiful and stunning way to organize your tissues and cover them uniquely and creatively.


Free Crochet Plaid Tree Skirt Pattern:

Free Crochet Plaid Tree Skirt Pattern

This crocheted plaid skirt tree such a nice way to add a bit of decor to your home and make it more impressive and creative. Choose a chunky yarn that will make this project easier.


Free Crochet Solar System CAL Day Nine Pattern:

Free Crochet Solar System CAL Day Nine Pattern

This is a very nice solar system CAL day nine blanket pattern. It just a beautiful and elegant pattern with sun and the focal point of a blanket.


Free Crochet Pattern Flip Flop Keychain:

Crochet Pattern Flip Flop Keychain

These cute and fun flip-flop keychains are so much easy to crochet. You can make them for a summer addition, and their color matching is really interesting.


Free Crochet Air Plant Pot Pattern:

Crochet Air Plant Pot Pattern

Make these air plant pots to beautify your place and add a bit of decor to your home. This free crochet pattern is quite interesting and unique. So, pick up your crocheting hooks and something new like this one pattern.


Free Crochet Striped Coin Purse Pattern:

Crochet Striped Coin Purse

This free crochet pattern is perfect for those who like to carry their cash and card with them. It such a unique and creative way to bring change to your wallet idea.


Crochet Ice Cream Coozie Pattern:

Crochet Ice Cream Coozie Pattern

To keep your ice-cream bottle cozy and not let your finer freeze, crochet this beautiful and interesting crochet ice-cream cozie. It is also a great way to present ice-cream bottles in a well and beautiful manner.


Crochet Pineapple Planter:

Crochet Pineapple Planter

This crochet pineapple planter is really adorable and beautiful. The yellow color is making it more attractive and charming.


Crochet Outdoor Rug Pattern:

Crochet Outdoor Rug

Do you want to give a bright welcome look to your entryway or outdoor way during hot or warmer days? If yes, then this crochet outdoor rug will go perfectly to say a warm welcome to your visitors.


Crochet Desk Mat Pattern:

Crochet Desk Mat

If you want to give your computer table a decorative and creative look, try this stunning crochet desk mat. It’s really easy to crochet and will really beautify your room.


Love Note Crochet Pocket Pillow:

Love Note Crochet Pocket Pillow

Don’t buy any gift from the store; crochet this love note crochet pocket pillow to give it the best valentine’s day gift. I am sure your beloved will sure like it a lot and love to cuddle with it.


Crochet Baby Blanket:

Crochet Baby Blanket

Crochet Unicorn Stripes Baby Blanket:

Crochet Unicorn Stripes Baby Blanket


Crochet Pom Baby Blanket:

Crochet Pom Baby Blanket


Crochet something is such a nice and peaceful way to create something innovative and functional, and there are unlimited fun things that you can try with your crochet needles. Not only for experts but also beginners have a lot of options when they hold crochet hooks for the very first time. From home decorative projects and patterns to wearing accessories and adorable and fun-free crochet patterns.

There is no limit to free crochet patterns that you can create using your own imaginations and this helpful list of free crochet patterns. For beginners, this list will prove the first step of their success in the world of crocheting, and for experts, this will be a great platform to learn modern and advanced stitches. In short, this list has hidden benefits that will really surprise you, and you will get a lot of useful information from it.

Free Crochet Patterns For Everyone:

From crochet throw patterns, crochet blankets, and crochet pillows to crochet basket patterns, you will see many useful and creative free crochet patterns. These crochet patterns and projects are easy to try and can be used all over the years. Plus, you can also crochet them for your beloved ones to give them a housewarming gift that will gain a lot of appreciation for you from others.

And I am sure all of these free crochet patterns will become the focal point of any place. So, don’t waste your time; just grab the yarn in your favorite colors, hold your crochet needles, and et started to crochet any one of these free crochet patterns and projects!

Free Crochet Cropped Pullover Pattern

Crochet Sampler Blues Afghan Pattern

Free Crochet Amigurumi Friends Pattern

Crochet Colorful Polka Dots Baby Blanket Pattern

Free Crochet Hand Warmers Pattern

Free Crochet With Love Pocket Shawl Pattern

Cozy And Charming Crochet Patterns For Your Home 1


Crochet Teal Stripes Baby Blanket:

Crochet Teal Stripes Baby Blanket


Crochet Lines and Dashes Blanket:

Crochet Lines and Dashes Blanket


Free form Fringe Crochet Cushion:

Freeform Fringe Crochet Cushion


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