Crochet Floor Pouf – All Free Patterns

There are thousands of home cozy décor projects that you can crochet with your crochet hooks. These chunky and cozy crochet floor pouf free patterns are a great way to add a bit décor to any place of your home. They do not only add decor to your home but also give your feet a relax and cozy feel. Crochet the pouf is really functional and they are an amazing way to put your feet up and sit comfortably on couch, sofa or on the bed.

Plus, they are easy enough that even beginners can try them with your crochet hooks without facing any trouble. You can crochet floor pouf in any color of your own choice and can add a color texture to your space that really suits your personality as well as your home interior. They are so comfy and they can be even used as stack formation in a corner of your room. Moreover, they really fit any space that is idealized as short and the other best thing is that they are easy to moveable and carry from one place to another.

Crochet Floor Pouf – All Free Patterns:

In short, it’s the perfect piece to give your feet relaxation after a long work day. They will fit floors of any type especially if you have timber floors then they will work great to absorb some the drumminess of the room. Plus, if you are planning to add a piece of texture to your kids’ room then crochet floor pouf free pattern will also work there perfectly. It would not be wrong to say that the crochet floor pouf patterns are so much functional and their versatility is unlimited.

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That’s why I have compiled a big list of crochet floor pouf free patterns to add a pop of colors and bit charm to your home without spending a lot of money. This list is filled with a lot of beautiful and gorgeous pouf patterns that will really blow your mind and you would love to try them out with your own hands. Scroll down and see what amazing ideas are waiting for you.

Free Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern:

Free Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern

This is really quick to make and easy crochet project that will really increase the decor of your place. Especially if you have crochet abilities and crocheted a hat before then you definitely can crochet this floor pouf. The stitches are very easy that is used for this project and often these stitches use a beginner. So, this crochet floor pouf pattern can be crocheted by beginners too. Check out the link given below to get further details.

Free Crochet Mosaic Floor Pouf:

Free Crochet Mosaic Floor Pouf

First of all, this pattern is written in American Standard Terms which works in a seamless round. It uses two yarns to achieve the mosaic effect. First, you will have to need chunky #5 yarn that will be the base color of this pattern. And the other Bernat Maker Home Dec and different colored yarn to complete this beautiful crochet pouf pattern. It will really increase the grace of your place and make it functional and so decorative.

Floor Pillow Pouf Ottoman Free Crochet Pattern:

Floor Pillow Pouf Ottoman Free Crochet Pattern

Recycling and repurposing are always great and too much fun and you can make so great and innovative things by them like this ottoman. This floor pillow pouf is crocheted with T-shirt yarn which will be required almost 200 yards. You can make this yarn from any useless shirt and learn how to make your own t-shirt yarn there is a video available. Believe me, its too much fun to make this crochet pouf to add a cozy decor to your home.

Free Crochet Floor Pouf:

Free Crochet Floor Pouf

What about this so cute and comfy crochet floor pouf patter? It’s really amazing and it is available in PDF pattern and video tutorial for a fun textured floor pouf! It is chunky pouf that uses 1 strand of Sugar Bush Yarns Glaze and 1 strand Bernat Softee Chunky using a 9mm crochet hook. Make it add a quick grace to your home.

The Sampler Pouf Free Crochet Pattern:

The Sampler Pouf Free Crochet Pattern

To make this crocheted pouf you will have to need six crocheted squares and some filling. No doubt, if you good in crocheting then it will prove not difficult for you to get exact results. There is not any limitation of color combination. So, you can choose any color according to the interior. To get its complete tutorial click the link given below.

Free Crochet Knitted Floor Pouf:

Free Crochet Knitted Floor Pouf

Do you love knitting but don’t want to go with any color combination? If yes then this cozy, beautiful and elegant idea that is more than a blanket will be perfect for you. This knit pouf is so soft and easy to make. It is crocheted in round shape that you can kick when you want to have fun. For further details, you can click the link shown below.

Free Crochet Foolproof Floor Pouf:

Free Crochet Foolproof Floor Pouf

This elegant pouf is crocheted with “Kartopu Home Decor” yarn from Hobium Yarns, which make it gorgeous. And it uses double crochet stitch that’s why its work very speedily and easily. Although It’s tight enough to make this durable floor pouf but, believe me, you would not have to spend much time to finish it if you are good in crocheting.

Free Crochet Pouf Of Many Colors:

Free Crochet Pouf Of Many Colors

It’s so gorgeous and amazing created project by the crafter. IT really has many different but amazing colors that will become the reason a pop of colors to any place. You will be surprised to know that 100 different colors have been used for this pouf. Seriously its amazing and mind-blowing project that can totally change the look of any place.

Jumbo Free Crochet Floor Pouf:

Jumbo Free Crochet Floor Pouf

This super amazing jumbo crochet pouf works up very quickly and easily. But you have to use your hands/arms to crochet the floor pouf instead of a hook. But if you want to use hook then 30.00mm size should work perfectly. It uses jumbo tube yarn that is so cool and elegant. Plus, its size is customizable,e so you can make it larger or smaller too according to your own choice and also personalize it by using different colors of yarn.

Free Crochet Pattern For A Pouffe:

Free Crochet Pattern For A Pouffe

Add these jumbo size poufs to your home decor and make your home more crafty and add a DIY touch to it.  This will really spruce up your home but it’s true that it might take a little bit extra time because but it’s not difficult enough that you could not crochet it with your own hands. You surely can try it with your own hand in different colors according to your choice and interior design.

Free Crochet Pouf Knitting Pattern:

Free Crochet Pouf Knitting Pattern

Want to add a little bit decor about Christmas? If yes then try this pouf this Christmas. It uses crochet Giant Doily Rug and knits Floor Mat. It will really add a cute and amazing decor to your home and beautify it with its charming color. it’s so cute and a cheap and easy way to decorate your home instantly.

Free Easy Crochet Pouf Pattern:

Free Easy Crochet Pouf Pattern

You would not believe how easily this pouf can be crocheted. It’s so much fun to make and play with this footrest. With the excellent formation and using of super bulky Bernat Softee Chunky, it becomes fabulous and gorgeous. You can choose any color of your own choice to complete this project and increase the beauty of your home.

Free Crochet Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Pouf:

Free Crochet Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Pouf

There is not any limit of weather or season to crochet pouf patters. You can create many amazing and fun pouf ven for the holidays like this Halloween crochet pouf. So, add a cozy crochet project and fun and festive Fall/Halloween decor! with this Pumpkin Pouf. This will memorize you this great holiday even after pass it away and all year long.

Free Crochet Sugar High Donut Pouf:

Free Crochet Sugar High Donut Pouf

Can you imagine there is a cuter thing than this donut floor cushion from Twinkie Chan’s Crocheted Abode a la Mode? I am sure there must not be, it’s so much amazing and incredible pattern which is using Lion Brand Hometown yarn. The super bulky yarn has been used for this project. To embellish, this pouf uses different colors that will give it a yummy effect. So, make this pouf to add a delightful touch to your living room, bedroom or even in your kid’s room.

Sweetie Crochet Pouf:

Sweetie Crochet Pouf

What about this very cute baby pouf pattern? It’s such a nice pattern and an elegant piece of crochet project just to add your floor. It will really give your space a cool and colorful touch. The name of this pattern is sweetie pouf that is easy enough even for the beginners. It will be fit for any room of your home and will be fun to play even for the toddlers. Try this one just by following the link below.



Caron Crochet Pouf:

Caron Crochet Pouf

Do you want an easy and trendy crochet pouf pattern? This one will be perfect to add cozy texture to your space. It is  Crocheted in Caron Big Cakes, Tiramisu and used different colors to make it more elegant and you will only need to have 2 skeins of yarn. Make your very own caron crochet pouf with your own crochet hooks by following the link below.


Caron Crochet Alize Ez Pouf:

Caron Crochet Alize Ez Pouf

This super cute and super soft Caron Crochet Alize Ez Pouf is such a wonderful accessory to bring a luxurious look to your space without spending too much. It’s really easy if you know EZ skills, but if don’t then its also good for practice. It is using Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ design that is gorgeous and it worked in knit stitches, with shaping achieved using simple increases and decreases. You can choose the color that suits your personality as well as your interior too.


Crochet Edge Stitch Pouf:

Edge Stitch Crochet Pouf

These easy to crochet puof patterns use bulky and tubular Bernat Maker Big yarn that works up quickly and adds comfort to your place. The color possibilities are endless so you can choose any color that you want. So, add a colorful touch to your home decor by crocheting these Edge Stitch Crochet Pouf patterns with your own hands.


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