25 Interesting Ideas to Make Easy Christmas Crafts

Christmas is a very special holiday when we love to decorate our homes and like to create some fun. It is when we gather together with our family and friends. Lights and decorations are considered the most important part of this occasion. We love to decorate our homes with trees, wreaths, stocking hung on the mental and with presents. But besides of all of them, you can create so many other crafts for your home and exchange it with your friends. But it does not mean you have to spend a lot of money on creating and making of these crafts and they are also easy to make. Keeping in mind the importance of easy Christmas crafts I have made the collection of 25 interesting ideas to make easy  Christmas crafts for your inspiration.

I have made a gallery of them, so let’s have a look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration. I hope you will like all of them very much and will love to try them out on this Christmas. So, please scroll down to get ideas on 25 interesting ideas to make easy Christmas crafts.

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Interesting Ideas To Make Easy Christmas Crafts:

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There is no specific rule to make crafts and DIY projects. You can take any stuff and can make the new thing after reshaping and recycling it. You just have to make some imaginations and ideas in your mind and have to start work on them and that’s it. You can make door wreath and trees more charming and beautiful by adding some ornaments, ribbons, gift wraps or with any other stuff. You can also decorate your dinner table with easy Christmas crafts and elements. You can also bring in use all textile pieces, spare buttons, laces and cardboard papers. So you would not find any difficulty to create easy Christmas crafts and they all will be under your budget too.


Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments:

How cool it is to make home decorations with handmade DIY crafts? One of the easiest DIY cinnamon stick tree ornament is available for you here. This DIY ornament is super easy and quick to make, just take the required material and make this ornament by following some simple instructions. You’ll need the cinnamon sticks, Canadian pine garland, assorted buttons, glue gun, wire cutters, twine or hemp cord,  and ruler to make this beautiful ornament in just a few minutes. To get more information about this DIY craft click on the below link.


Tea Light Snowman Ornaments:

Usually, everyone loves the snowman, some make them with snow, some with crochet yarns and here you will get information about how to make this beautiful tealight snowman ornament. This is a very simple and easy craft, you just need the battery-operated tea lights, a black sharpie, red ribbon, red pipe cleaners, red pom-poms, black felt, orange sharpie, and the glue gun to make it. Take one tealight and make dots on it by using the bold black marker to give it the expressions of a snowman. Then cut the red pipe liner and wrap it around the tealight. Now make decorations upon it according to your desire. To get more information about this craft click on the below link.


Candy Cane Reindeer:

Make this sweet and beautiful candy cane reindeer for Christmas. The children will really love this and it also will be a fascinating addition to your Christmas tree decor. The full-size candy canes, brown pipe cleaner, googly eyes, mini red pom-poms, glue gun, red, and white thin ribbon will be needed to make this sweet and beautiful craft. To get more information about making this craft click on the below link.


DIY Pine Cone Ornaments:

Turn the simple pine cones into a beautiful DIY pine cone ornament by using some simple material. Make this cute DIY pine cone ornament for your home, it will be a beautiful and rustic addition to your home decor. Just take the wired ribbon, jute twine, scissors, wire cutters, hot glue gun pine branch stems, and pine cones to make this beautiful Christmas ornament. To get further information about this DIY ornament pattern, click on the below link.


No-Sew Sock Snowman Craft:

Are you looking to give a cute and beautiful handmade gift to your friend? In this case, this no-sew sock snowman craft will be the perfect choice for you. This Christmas craft is very easy to make by using the white sock, rice, rubber bands, colorful buttons, ribbons, glue gun markers or paint and orange pom-poms. Just follow some simple steps and make this Christmas ornament for your home decor. Click on the below link to get more information about this amazing craft.



Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornaments:

Make this awesome yarn wrapped Christmas tree ornaments pattern in green color that will give a fabulous look to your Christmas tree. This ornament pattern looks more beautiful with the colorful beads on it. It is a very easy craft, just take the green yarn, pom poms in various sizes and colors, glitter pom-poms, cardboard, scissors, and white school glue to make this awesome looking craft. You can also visit the given below link to get more information about making this beautiful ornament.


Handmade Star Wire Ornament:

You will surely love to make this beautiful wired star ornament for your home decor because of their unique structure it looks really amazing.  No one can imagine make stars with wires but it looks so nice. First of all, make the pattern of the star on the page, now put that paper on a thick cardboard sheet and make the holes by using a drill on the corners of the star.  Fix the steel nails in the holes and start wrapping the wire around the nails to make the structure like a star. Make the stars in different colored wires and decorate your homes. Click on the below link to get more information about this craft.


Let it Snow – Scrabble Tile Ornament:

Making crafts with scrabble tiles is quite fun. It gives an awesome look when hang on the wall. Make this let it snow scrabble tile ornament for your home, it will refresh the memories of snowfall in your mind every time when you’ll see it. Just take the scrabble tiles that spell “let it snow”, snow-tex snow texture paint, ribbon or twine, paper plate, felt, and white craft glue and make this interesting craft for you. Click on the below link to get more information about this craft.


Terra Cotta Pot Snowmen:

This terra cotta snowman pattern looks awesomely cute, make this project you will surely love it. This craft will be an adorable gift to someone special and he/ she will surely admire it. Making of this terra snowman pattern is quite easy. Just take the terra cotta pots, acrylic paint white, black, orange, pink, scrapbook paper, scissors, mod podge or white craft glue, black sharpie marker, pom-poms, old glove or sock, ribbon, instant grab glue to make it. This craft is really interesting, to get more information about making this craft click on the below-given link.


Simple Wine Cork Trees:

How good to make a beautiful decorative craft for Christmas in just 10 minutes? For this purpose here is the DIY wine cork trees idea available for you. All the material needs to make this craft is usually available in every home. You just need the corks, craft glue, pine branches from garland, wire cutters, and drill to make this DIY craft in just a few minutes.  To get more information about this craft you have to follow the below link.

Live Laugh Rowe

Paper Plate Laced Christmas Tree:

Have you ever made a Christmas tree with paper plates? If no, you are really going to love this craft. You’ll need the paper plate, green acrylic paint, paintbrush, scissors, hole punch, ribbon or yarn, tape, stapler, brown cardstock paper or brown foam sheet, star foam sticker, sequins, small poms or embellishments, and glue to make this craft. Firstly, color the plates with green, when the paint got dry make some holes at regular distance intervals and pass the ribbon through them then staple the laces behind the plate. Now repeat the process as many times as you want and make some beautiful projects of it. Click on the below link to get more information.

Heart Crafty Things

Paper Plate Santa Claus:

The beautiful Santa Claus looks cuter when you make it with paper plates. Making this project will really enhance your crafty skills. You can make beautiful projects for your home decor with some simple papers. To make this paper plate Santa Claus you’ll need the paper plate, fresh tone acrylic paint, paintbrush, white cardstock paper, large googly eyes, scissors, Elmer’s early learner’s glue pen and stick. Just cut the different parts and then paste them with hot glue to make this beautiful craft. To get more information about this craft click on the below link.

Heart Crafty Things

Sock Snowmen:

This adorable sock snowman is quite easy to make and also it is an amazing craft to decorate any home. The white snowman with the buttons sewed on its belly neck looks soo cute. The cost to this craft is almost nothing so you can easily make more projects of it for your Christmas. The stripes wrapped around the neck of the snowman really beautify this craft. You can also get more information about making this craft by a single click on the below-given link.

Darkroom and Dearly

Owl Ornaments:

The owl ornaments look so cute when hanging at a wall or a Christmas tree. Make the owl patterns in different personalities and make a whole owl family to hang them at your Christmas tree, it will give an amazing look. Use the wool blend it is so soft and to work with it is quite interesting. You’ll also need the craft scissors, low-temp hot glue gun, pine cone, felt to make this owl pattern. To get more information about making this craft click on the below link.

Lia Griffith

Glitter Acorns:

The shiny appearance of glitters looks really fantastic in any home decor. Make some glitter acorns for your home it will look fabulous in any home decor. To make these glitter acorns firstly brush the bottom of acorns with glue then dip them half in glitter bowl. Make some projects of it and add some beautiful decorations to your home. To get more information about this craft click on the below link.

Sweet Paul

Gilded Glitter Pears:

The gilded glitter pears looks awesome and are really trending nowadays. This project is very quick and easy to make. It is a quite cheap craft, so you can make more projects of it for your home decor. You just need the faux pears, paintbrush,  gold glitter, gold liquid gilding,  to make this craft. Firstly paint the faux pears when paint gets dry dip it in the gold glitter bowl to cover the bottom of it with the glitters. To get more information about this craft, click on the below-given link.

A Night Owl

DIY Wire Hanger Christmas Tree:

As everyone wants to utilize its waste products in a useful manner, here is a diy wire hanger Christmas idea available for you. By using simple hangers and some decorative materials you can make awesome crafts for your home decor. It is a very decent project, you just need the metal hangers, tape, store garlands, Christmas tree lights, and mini ornaments to make this cute craft. To get more information about this craft click on the below link.

One Little Project

Super-Sweet Penguin Feet:

Children really love the penguins and for children, you can make these super sweet penguin feet it will really amuse them. The penguins are so famous in the world because of their walking style, and in this craft, you’ll use a child’s footprint to make this beautiful penguin. Make the footprints on the paper by using excess paint, when the paint dries use the black color and colorful paper strips to decorate your penguin. This craft is so easy to get more information about this craft click on the below link.

House by Hoff

Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments:

Using some simple materials and by following easy steps you can make this adorable scrap ribbon tree ornament for your home decor. This craft made using very inexpensive material that’s why it is a very cheap project. In light and dark-colored ribbons, this craft looks awesome. Only the straight cinnamon sticks, ribbon, hot glue gun, twines scissors are needed to make this beautiful project. To get more information about this craft click on the below-given link.

Fireflies and Mud Pies

So, my lovely guys! How did you find this post on 25 interesting ideas to make easy Christmas crafts? Did you find it amazing? I have shown you many creative ideas to make easy Christmas crafts, which one did you find best? Which one are you going to try this season? I liked all of them, what about you? I would love to get your opinions and suggestions. Thanks for reading this article and staying with us. Please stay up to date with us for your reviews

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