21 Lovely DIY Garden Decor Ideas You Will Love

Decorating our homes is a passion and is also an art and fun. Everyone wants that his home should be well decorated managed so that it can become an ideal home. Every apartment of the home should look gorgeous and attractive and it comes to the garden, it is already a place of greenery and flowers of different colors. But if you want to make your garden more attractive and more creative without spending money they should get all of the ideas from this post. I have prepared a collection of 21 lovely DIY garden decor ideas that will really inspire you. And you would love to try them out in your garden.

By using these ideas and ways you can make your garden more charming and attractive without breaking your bank. So let’s take a look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration. Please scroll down to get lovely DIY garden decor ideas.

DIY Garden Decor Ideas

There is a lot of ways which can be used to add some stylish and creative looks in your backyard. You just have to do a little extra effort to get them. The main reason to follow these DIY garden decor ideas is that you can recycle all of your old and spare things, like old tires, broken flower pots, other old, spare and broken pots. All of these things usually present in everyone’s home so you need not spend money on buying some new decoration pieces for your garden. Even you can use rocks to create many different ideas for garden decoration. In short, you can use almost everything which you have in your home and which is spare and old.

Lovely DIY Garden Decor Ideas You Will Love:

So lovely guys! How did you find these DIY garden decor ideas? Did you find them amazing and creative? I have shown you many ideas, which one did you find best? Which one are you going to try in your garden? I liked all of them, what about you? I would love to know your opinions and suggestions. Thanks for reading this article and staying with us. Please stay up to date with us.

Upcycled Frame Planters:

Upcycled Frame Planters

This one of amazing DIY garden decor ideas that will bring beauty and creativity to your garden. If you have an old big picture frame then it good otherwise you can buy it from the thrift store at friendly cost. Make a hole on the one side of the frame and pass through the wire connected to the galvanized pail and to a hook hanging in one of our birch trees. organizedclutter

Wire Teacup Garden Stake:

Wire Teacup Garden Stake

It is a very easy project and perfects to add a bit decor to any garden. This wire teacup and plate is store bought and its price is budget friendly. Click the link to get the full tutorial that how it has been created. But give you the surity, in the end, it will be outstanding DIY garden decorating project. ohmy-creative


Spring Time Tic-Tac-Toe:


Spring Time Tic-Tac-Toe

Don’t give your garden oldy and typical ideas of decor, try this amazing and unique game idea with ladybug Vs Bumble Bee tic-tac-toe. This will make your garden more interesting especially your kids will love this idea and love to play here. chickenscratchny

Painted Rock Garden Markers:

Painted Rock Garden Markers

These painted garden rock markers look amazing and beautiful in a garden. Especially if you use bright and bold colors of paints then they look more attractive and charming. Draw the name of different herbs on them and put them in different places to identify the herbs. craftsbyamanda

Create A Gnome Door:

Create A Gnome Door

Making fairy gardens and fairy doors is a fun and the most popular garden decor idea for both the young and for kids too. Make fake door on the base of the tree that will look real. Add rock wall or other interesting things to make it a real home door. It will be fun as well as a DIY garden decor project. dreamalittlebigger

Repurposed Tire Planter:

You can repurpose old tires for many purposes such as for making a tire planter. Buy a wooden or iron stand from the thrift store to place the tire on it. Fill the tire with soil and grow the plants. It will prove very cheap and easy to build your own planter. image via: thegreenhousediaries

DIY Stone Birdhouse:

It is very easy and beautiful project to beautify your garden and if you use right material then it can last all the year round. You just have to use a study wood house as a base and attach stones with a perfect adhesive for a lasting bond. It is less time consuming and cheap project.

image via: Empress of dirt

Adorable DIY Golf Ball Ladybugs:

These are so beautiful and adorable ladybugs crafted from golf balls. these will add your garden a beautiful and colorful touch and make it more charming and attractive. When you see them just a few far from them the look actually real.

image via Here

Watering Can That Pours Crystals:

What about this wonderful DIY garden decor? Its really amazingly crafted from an old watering can and chandelier beads. When the light from the sun reflects off from the beads it gives brilliant shine which makes it more special and attractive.

image via: Crafts by Amanda

 A ‘U’ Shaped Garden Bed Kit with a Small Gate and Surrounding Fence:

If you really want to have your own a raised garden but could not fulfill this desire due to lack of money then luckily we have got an idea for you. According to this idea and by following this tutorial you could get your own raised garden without spending too much.

image via:: bhg.com

 DIY Fence Can Planter:

There are a lot of ways to repurpose old tin cans and bring them to use. This is an amazing and cheap way to build fence planters by upcycling old tin cans.  Take the old tin cans and remove the lids from them. After it, paint all cans and hang them on the fence.

image via:cieradesign.com

 Garden Thing:

This thing will look really amazing and nice in your garden. Just collect the thin and long stones, glue up them with a round and big stone, after this paint the eyes with waterproof paint. That’s it…

image via: instructables.com

DIY Tire Flower Planter Projects:

DIY Tire Flower Planter Projects

As I already mentioned that old tires can be upcycled for many purposes just like this upcycled tire planter. Take an old tire, paint it with your favorite color paint, tie it with chain and hang it with a tree. Add some flowers of bright colors that will adorn the beauty of your outdoor place.


Insect Hotel by Vintage with Laces:

Insect Hotel by Vintage with Laces

This insect hotel will be the best idea to call the beneficial insects and grow up them in a garden to eat harmful insects which can destroy your veggies and fruits. It totally made from vintage wood things and items, after making this hotel it has been filled with twigs, bamboo, straw, bark, pine cones and a piece of a tree trunk. It will prove very beneficial for your gardening.


Creative Container:

creative container


An old toolbox and vintage cart can be transformed into amazing planters. Its very smart idea to grow plants and move them easily one place to another.

image via::themagicbrushinc

Making Hypertufa Pots:

Make these hypertufa pots from the concrete by filling it in different containers. In this way, you could get reliable but inexpensive pots without spending a lot of time and money.

image via:.33shadesofgreen

Upcycled Herb Garden From Shoe Stretchers:

Upcycled Herb Garden

This is an amazing and brilliant idea to identify your herbs and upcycle your garden. These plant or herb markers are crafted from shoe stretchers after painting and giving them the herb name. It will make your garden more charming and attractive with your creativities.


Gallon Drum Planters:

Recycle an old gallon drum and transform it into the stylish planter. The procedure is very easy and the price is really under your budget.

image via:instructables.com

 Simple Backyard Pond:

Add a bit decor to your garden by making this beautiful tiny water pond. It is really easy and inexpensive way to beautify your garden and add a natural touch to your place.

image via: Waddlee-ah-chat

Upcycled Toy Horse into a Garden Sculpture:

Upcycled Toy Horse

You can transform any of your toy into a garden sculpture. This toy horse is looking adorable and interesting in this garden and increasing its beauty and decor.


DIY Garden Decor Ideas


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