15 Mind Blowing Mosaic Projects For Your Indoor And Outdoor

Do you want to decorate your home in some different style? If yes then this post will be very beneficial for you. Because I am going to show you an amazing art that is called mosaic. Mosaic is an art that is being very popular among the people and by this art you can beautify your home and garden very easily. It is very interesting beautiful art that is made from small pieces of various things such as glass, plastic, pebbles, broken CDs, tiles, metals and some other things. The different colors of all of these things make this art unique and attractive. Mosaic projects are endless such as you can put mosaic on your table top, vase, on the floor, to decorate walls or photo frames and anything else. It will really beautify everything and increase its grace.

mosaic projects

In this way, you will not have to throw out your broken items and can decorate your old and boring stuff. Mosaic will give all of your old stuff a new and shiny look that will attract to everyone. Even you can dress up your old furniture and make a new piece to beautify your home or garden. So, my dear friends, I have collected 15 mind blowing mosaic projects that will amaze you. I have presented a gallery of 15 mosaic projects for your inspiration. Here you will find from garden chair to mosaic Mason jar and from tabletop to mirror frame. All of these things will really inspire you and the best thing about this project you would not have to spend a little money to beautify and decorate your home.

So, let’s have a look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration. I hope you will love all of these ideas and would like to try them out your own home. So, bring some creativity in your home’s decoration with these beautiful mosaic projects.

15 Mind Blowing Mosaic Projects For Your Indoor And Outdoor:

Make a mosaic home address plate:

If you want to make your entryway creative as well as gorgeous then this mosaic project is perfect for it. It’s really simple and easy to make a project that will grab the attention of your visitors. You can use any broken glass, plates or any other colorful broken tiles for this project. It will amazingly beautify your curb appeal.

Make a mosaic home address plate

Tutorial/Source: black nd decker

Mosaic projects for any type of backsplash idea:

As I have already mentioned that mosaic projects are endless in designs and styles. You can give a nice and gorgeous look to your kitchen by some mosaic projects. For this purpose, you can buy tiles of different colors and sizes or can use broken china glasses to make a mosaic in your kitchen. And of course, you have to need a little extra effort to make a mosaic in the backsplash.

Mosaic projects for any type of backsplash idea

Tutorial/Source: ana-white

Make your bedside table amazing with mosaic projects:

If you have an old chair then turn it into a bedside table with this lovely mosaic idea. You can more beautify this bedside table with pasting small pieces of broken china glasses, china plates, and stones of different colors. In this way, you can get a very beautiful nightstand at the cheapest cost and very short time.

Make your bedside table amazing with mosaic projects

Tutorial/Source: amazing interior design

Upcycled CD’s birdbath in mosaic style:

Don’t throw out your old CDs because they can be turned into many versatile and creative items. In this picture, I have shown you DIY mosaic birdbath that has been made from old CDs. Even you would not have to buy a base to create this birdbath you can take any old plate as a base. It is a cheap yet beautiful idea to attracts the birds.

Upcycled CD's birdbath in mosaic style

Tutorial/Source: mean dm DIY

Mosaic plant pots:

Make your front porch more beautiful and attractive with these mosaic plant holders. It is a really easy project that will improve the beauty of your front porch or any other place. By this project, you can display even your broken glasses and china pots. I really liked this idea, what about you?

Mosaic plant pots

Tutorial/Source: Ken Arry

DIY jar lid mosaic cocktail coasters:

This is an amazing idea to upcycled old things and gives them a new life. I have shown you a jar lid cocktail coasters decorated with mosaic. This is a wonderful idea to make trash to treasure. You just have to need jar’s lids that have not cost anything. the results will be really amazing when it finished. You can also give them to your family or friends as a gift.

DIY jar lid mosaic cocktail coasters

Tutorial/Source: running with sisters

DIY eggshells mosaic photo frame:

This is a wonderful idea to make your own mosaic photo frame. You would not have to take any other photo frame for this purpose because you can make a photo frame by a cardboard. After making a cardboard photo frame you can beautify it with mosaic colorful eggshells. You can take any acrylic paint in any color you want to take. It is really a cheap and easy idea to get beautiful photo frame.

DIY eggshells mosaic photo frame

Tutorial/Source: Instructables

Turn a mason jar into mosaic craft:

You can turn any old or ordinary empty jar into beautiful mosaic jar crafts. You can use this mosaic jar to display flowers or anything else you want to show. Mosaic art will not only make this useless jar useful but also make it more beautiful and graceful.

Turn a mason jar into mosaic craft

Tutorial/Source: Mason jar crafts love

DIY mosaic flower mirror frame idea:

You can turn an ordinary mirror into a glorious and shiny mirror that will enhance the beauty of your room and make it brighter. It is so easy and lovable project. You just have to choose that mirror which can support your tiles and grout. It will not take the too much time to create and not spend much money. It is a really attractive idea of the mosaic framed mirror to brighten up your room.

DIY mosaic flower mirror frame idea

Tutorial/Source: home-dzine

Upcycled wheel mosaic flower pot:

What about this graceful and unbelievable idea of upcycled wheel mosaic flower pot? is it amazing? I love this project with mosaics. It will increase the beauty of your porch or garden. As I always appreciate to do repurposing so don’t throw out all of your old things because you can make many new things by upcycling them.

Upcycled wheel mosaic flower pot

Tutorial/Source: detallespaipai

Make your patio table amazing with mosaic projects:

Make your ordinary patio table beautiful with this mosaic tiles tabletop. It will increase the beauty of your patio and make it gorgeous. You can use an old coffee table or old patio table for this purpose after repurposing them. Old tables can be made new after painting in different colors and then you can add tiles to give a mosaic look.

Make your patio table amazing with mosaic projects

Tutorial/Source: centsationalgirl

Make a sea glass mosaic Mason jar luminary:

Mason jars always have been popular due to their versatile and functional uses but when you add mosaics onto them they look more incredible and amazing. You can easily paste sea glass and seashells. You can use tea lights to give a wonderful glow to your patio.

Make a sea glass mosaic Mason jar luminary

Tutorial/Source: the country chic cottage

Mosaic serving tray:

You can turn a simple and boring serving tray into a beautiful mosaic serving tray that will give your yard a coastal feel. You can use beach stones or glass of different colors if you don’t have beach stones on your hands.

Mosaic serving tray

Tutorial/Source: Sanda nd sisal

An amazing mosaic sea glass tabletop:

If you want to make a creative tabletop for your patio or your indoor then this mosaic sea glass tabletop is perfect for that. You can use sea glasses for this purpose but if you don’t have sea glasses then you can take similar glasses of different colors. It will make your patio and indoor beautiful as well as creative.

An amazing mosaic sea glass tabletop

Tutorial/Source: instructable

DIY glass stones mosaic vase tutorial:

This is another example of decorating your home with mosaic projects. As this is summer, so everyone likes to decorate his home with flowers and if flower holder or vase is decorated mosaics then it looks gorgeous and attractive. This DIY glass stones mosaic vase will brighten up your space and grab the attention of others.

DIY glass stones mosaic vase tutorial

Tutorial/Source: craftionary

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