15 Incredible DIY Mirror Frame Ideas To Make Your Home Creative

The mirror is the most important part of the home interior and any home cannot be completed without having at least one mirror. They are very functional and enlarge your space. And the first thing we see after leaving the bed is a mirror. They play durable role first they are visual as well as beautify your wall or space. Mirrors can be found in a lot of colors, sizes, and designs. You can buy very beautiful and versatile mirrors from the market. But of course, you have to spend much money on purchasing them. But if you have an art in your hands then you would not purchase them. You can make a beautiful and charming mirror by your own hands. There are many DIY mirror frame ideas that can beautify your mirror and make decorative.

diy mirror frame ideas


The art of making a DIY mirror frame is being very popular among the people. This is a very simple and easy art and almost can be finished in a very short time. Decorative DIY mirror frame enhances the charm of your space and makes it more attractive. You can use almost every stuff to decorate your DIY mirror frame that can increase the beauty of the mirror. Such as spoons, wood sticks, old CDs, old wooden frames, pallets, rope and so many other things can be used to create a DIY mirror frame. You just have to let the imaginations grow up in your mind and then act upon them. The finishing result will be very amazed.

So, after a long searching on the web, I have collected 15 incredible DIY mirror frame ideas to make your home creative. I have prepared a gallery of them for your inspiration. So let’s have a look at the following gallery and draw some inspiration. I hope you will love all of these ideas very much and would love to try them out at your own home to make it more creative and attractive.

15 Incredible DIY Mirror Frame Ideas To Make Your Home Creative:

A tray turned round DIY mirror frame idea:

This round mirror frame just right above a cabinet is looking really amazing. This tray mirror frame has been made from the wood that has been bought from the IKEA. It is not the cheapest mirror frame that buys from the market but you would not have to spend much money on it. I love this beautiful and amazing idea of DIY mirror frame that can beautify your wall surprisingly.

A tray turned round DIY mirror frame idea

Tutorial From: I heart organizing

Anthropologie-starburst inspired DIY mirror frame:

Sometimes you want to add some shimmer in your mirror frame that can make your room awesome. But for this, you have not to spend a lot on purchasing a shiny mirror frame from the market. Infect you can do it by using very simple supplies like styrofoam and wire. It is a very easy and quick made project that will enhance the charm of your room or home.

Anthropologie-starburst inspired DIY mirror frame

Tutorial From: Megan from Biltsy

DIY mirror frame with marbles:

I have already mentioned that you can beautify your mirror with various decorative items. Here I have shown you the mirror decorated with marble stones that are looking very nice. If you want some glam and shine in your space then this mirror with a natural accent will add so much beauty and charm in your room.

DIY mirror frame with marbles

Tutorial From:muchasideascreativas

Diy golden sun mirror frame:

You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to prepare this beautiful mirror. To prepare this mirror frame you just have to need bamboo skewers instead of bamboo sticks. You just have to cut the sticks of equal sizes and paste them on the behind the mirror with glue. This golden sun mirror frame will look really amazing in your dining room or any other room of your home.

Diy golden sun mirror frame

Tutorial From: accrodeco

A wood slices DIY mirror frame idea:

This DIY mirror frame is decorated with wood slices all around the mirror. These plywood wood slices placed with glue in a pattern. It’s really easy and cheap project even kids and teenagers can create it.

A wood slices DIY mirror frame idea

Tutorial From: that my letter

Pencils mirror frame idea:

This mirror is decorated with many colorful but same pencils. This project may take a long time to create the ending result will really please you. This mirror will look stunning in your dining room and enhance its beauty.

Pencils mirror frame idea

Tutorial From:ayudaadecorar


Seashell Decorative DIY mirror frame:

Have you a collection of seashells? If yes then bring it in use to beautify ad decorate your mirror frame to make it creative as well as stunning. This oval shaped mirror frame is looking really amazing and it seems that you are living near the beach or a river. You can also use round or circular mirrors for this project.

Seashell Decorative DIY mirror frame

Tutorial From: seashells

Zebra print DIY mirror frame:

It does not matter which kind of material you take to decorate your mirror frame. You should always focus on one thing that which stuff will beautify the mirror. This mirror frame is decorated with zebra print fabric that is looking very nice and beautiful. Moreover, it is very easy and cheap project and you will not have to pay money on it but a little time.

Zebra print DIY mirror frame

Tutorial From: Justa Girl blog

Colorful floral mirror frame:

This beautiful mirror is embellished with plaster flowers that are looking so attractive and charming. The light bulbs increase its beauty when they went on. If you set this mirror on your vanity table then it will be perfect and make your vanity room awesome.

Colorful floral mirror frame

Tutorial From:: familycircle.com

A rope DIY mirror frame:

Rope wrapped mirror looks really gorgeous and stunning and you do not have to do much effort to create it. For this project, you just have to need a round wooden frame, rope, and glue to fix and wrap the rope onto the wooden frame of the mirror. It is also not a very expensive project that can enhance the charm of your dining room easily.

A rope DIY mirror frame

Tutorial From: finding silver lining

A DIY driftwood mirror frame:

Driftwood is a lovely object that is being used for many home decor purposes. And if you love it too then using it to create a mirror frame is one of the best ideas of use it. You just have to take a foam wreath that should be wrapped with rope, glue and driftwood sticks. All of these items will make your mirror stunning and creative that will beautify your wall.

A DIY driftwood mirror frame

Tutorial From: Crafts by Courtney

DIY plastic spoon mirror frame:

Do you want to make an expensive design mirror frame but in spend low cost? Then use this stunning idea of plastic spoon mirror frame. After placing the plastic spoons, spray the paint of different colors to make it more attractive and charming. I am sure you will love this idea after finishing it.

DIY plastic spoon mirror frame

Tutorial From: Indulgy

Pallet planks DIY mirror frame:

As pallets can be used again and again after recycling them for many DIY purposes, so, you can beautify your mirror with them also. This pallet planks mirror is looking really nice in this basement just front of the door. To enhance the beauty of this place candles and lamp have been placed on the table.

Pallet planks DIY mirror frame

Tutorial From:.lindevegen

DIY mirror frame with fabric and wool:

To make these beautiful mirror frames you have to need fabric and wool. For the firs, you have to wrap the wool threads but for this, of course, you have to consume the time. But the second is easy and quick made project. For that, you just have to cut the fabric into strips and then wrap all the stripes all around the square frame of the mirror and that it. They are simple yet look so elegant when you hang them on the wall.

DIY mirror frame with fabric and wool

Tutorial From: la dulce Lavie.wordpress

Egg Carton Flower DIY mirror frame:

Do you that this mirror has been embellished flowers made from egg cartons? But it’s true, you can make a bunch of flowers by egg cartons to make your mirror beautiful. It will beautify your adorn room and make it charming.

Egg Carton Flower DIY mirror frame

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