13 Of The Best DIY Ottoman Ideas To Decorate Your Home

Ottoman is one of the must have furniture of our home. It can be used for many purposes such as the center table, coffee table, small footstool, extra seating and even can be used for storage. They can find in versatile colors and designs and they are really practical too. You can easily buy them from the market. But as I love DIY and also love to make furniture by my own hands that are the reasons I have prepared this post for your inspiration.


I have brought 13 of the best DIY ottoman ideas to decorate your home. This post will really inspire you that you won’t have to spend money on buying ottomans. You can make your own ottoman as you want and in that design, you want to make. So, if you want to bring some change to your home and place then look at this collection. It will inspire you that how you can make more comfortable and relaxing ottomans for your home. Many of them are very easy to build and some take a little extra time but each has its own comfort and beauty.

As I also love upcycling, so, you can also upcycle many things that you have at home and are considered useless. I have also shown you many upcycled DIY ottomans that will bring a new life to your old furniture and many other things. Ottoman can be placed at any place and it really enhances the beauty of that place. Here you will find the ottoman for every room and place of your home. You can use any type of fabric for this purpose but the faux leather piece looks so great for your living room.

Even you will find some Ottoman ideas for your outdoor décor and furniture.so, let’s have a glance at the following gallery to draw some inspiration. I hope you will find all of these ideas loveable and budget friendly that will suit your budget. I am sure you will love to try them out at your home and outdoor décor. So, let’s start to have some fun and enjoying this wonderful post.

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13 Of The Best DIY Ottoman Ideas To Decorate Your Home:

DIY rolling ottoman made by pallets:

This is a very charming and modern ottoman that is giving a rustic look. It has rolling wheels which are making it easy to move it from here to there. But if you want to remove them then it would be also easy if you don’t want to make it a rolling ottoman. Its black color enhancing its beauty but you can use any other color or paint which you want to give it. You can also call it a pallet rolling ottoman.


Tutorial/Source: more like home

Build your own DIY ottoman from scratch:

DIY ottoman has fully made from scratch and it is really easy to build. So, won’t have to spend a little money on preparing it and not have to spend a much time to build it. The floral fabric is giving it a nice and decent look and making it more elegant. It will really increase the beauty of your space and make it charming. It is also matching with the color of this sofa so, it is a perfect combination for your room.


Tutorial/Source: do it yourself divas

An old electrical spool ottoman:

No anyone can think that this ottoman has mad from an old electrical spool. But it’s true! don’t throw the spool of an electrical wire. Recycle it and give it a new shape and new life. It is really an amazing idea to build an ottoman by your own hands and in an inexpensive way.


Tutorial/Source: infarrantlycreative

Make bookshelves under your ottoman:

This is a wonderful idea to build bookshelves combined with an ottoman. It has a big storage in a stylish way and it looks that you would have to spend much money on preparing it. But it’s not reality, you can totally build it yourself in a small fortune. It will give your room an elegant look and make it more charming.


Tutorial/Source: bhg.com

DIY structured pouf ottoman:

It’s really a nice pouf that can be used as a footstool. It is very comfortable as well as adorable for your room or for any place you want to put it. It’s not very difficult to build it and also not have to spend much money on preparing it. Look at the tutorial below and follow the steps to build this incredible pouf shape ottoman.


Tutorial/Source: making nice in the midwest

Amazing faux leather ottoman:

This gorgeous and elegant ottoman has made from faux leather. Its color is enhancing its beauty and making it more charming and adorable. It’s really easy to sew it, you just have to cut the faux leather in two equal rectangular shapes and turn them into a square shape. Fill it with foam that you easily have or you want to fill. And in the last close it with the sewing zip. It will make your room an elegant and gorgeous.


Tutorial/Source: lovely indeed

Easy to sew DIY ottomans:

These are incredibly amazing ottomans that are made in just around $10 each. These ottomans are made from fabric that is stacked together with sewing. These are filled with foam and have circular shapes. You would not have to sew it a lot, you just have to sew it a bit. It is really an easy but comfortable ottoman.


Tutorial/Source: domestic adventure

DIY storage ottoman made from old crate:

If you love repurposing as I then you will definitely love this idea. You can make this wonderful ottoman by turning your old crates into it. It also has a big storage under it where you can put you many useless things which you want to hide. To get this wonderful ottoman idea you just have to clean the crate and top it with something padded. It is also giving a rustic look so, if you want a rustic charm in your home then this idea is perfect for it.


Tutorial/Source: rescued design

DIY round shabby chic ottomans:

This is a no sew shabby chic ottoman that will make your space awesome. The structure of this has been made from a scratch pine board and round tabletop. It also has casters to easily move here from there. You just have to fill it with foam and no need to sew. It can be compared with any high rate furniture piece after its finishing. It will make your room glamorous and elegant.


Tutorial/Source: in my own style

DIY bright color ottoman:

This is a very trendy and classy ottoman that has no sewing required. The colors of it are making it more attractive but you just have to keep in mind its basic structure. Because any kind of fabric can be used for the top and display it. So, it’s not necessary to follow these color combinations. So, make your home trendy and classy with this bright color ottoman totally made by your own hands.


Tutorial/Source: bhg

Make your ottoman from an old coffee table:

Repurposing is great and I love it very much, so I have shown you another example of repurposing. Give your old coffee table a new life and new shape and turn it into an ottoman. It is very comfortable and its height is easily reachable. It will make your room look complete and perfect. So, move ahead and make your home creative as well as beautiful at the same time with this amazing idea.


Tutorial/Source: newly wedges

Salvaged spool plaits ottoman:

This is another example of salvaged spool plaits ottoman.  You can make this lovely piece from the electrical spool and can give them a nice round ottoman shape. You can easily get the electrical spool from the electrical shop. This piece will really increase the beauty of your home and make it more charming.


Tutorial/Source: design sponge

DIY utility bucket ottoman:

Can you imagine that this lovely ottoman is made from utility bucket? Yes, this unbelievable pouf has made from a bucket that usually uses for bringing luggage from the market. You can get this bucket from the market easily if you don’t have on your hands. It has made from a very easy procedure and you just have to take a little bit foam and fabric for this purpose. It will grace up your place and make it charming.


Tutorial/Source: design sponge

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